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Fourth Generation

222. William H. HADEN153,410 was born on 21 September 1799 in Davidson County, North Carolina.1,409 He died in October 1836 at the age of 37 in Davidson County, North Carolina.1,411

Buried Jersey Settlement Church, Lexington, Davidson Co NC.

Davidson WB 1:283 William Haden 28 April 1834 probate Nov 1836
Wife Sibby Haden all my property, real and personal, to raise & school
my children or until my daughter Rebeckah arrives at full age. At that
time my wife is to have 1/3 part of my land to include 100 acres & my
mansion house & buildings to be hers during her life or widowhood. Son
Franklin Haden my rifle gun & shot bag. When my daughter Rebeckah
arrives at full age, then all my land (except that left my wife) is to
be equally divided between my children: Rebeckah, Sarah Jane, Franklin,
William A & James Haden. At the same time all my personal property is
to be equally divided between my wife Sibby & all my children. At the
death of my wife Sibby, the land left her is to be equally divided among
all my children. Exec: James Wiseman. Wit: James Wiseman & Jefferson
Wilson [probably nephew, son of Lucy Haden Wilson]

LDS #1888288 Loose Paper Estate Files - Davidson Co, NC
[I copied only selected papers]

14 Aug 1837 Meshack Pinkston's bond of $3000 to serve as Guardian of Rebecca, Jane, Franklin, William & James, orphan children of Wm Haden. Security: Henderson Wilson, James Ellis.

Charles F. Rough & Others, Petition for Sale of Real Estate.
To Fall Term 1841
Petition of Charles F. Rough and Rebecca his wife, Alfred B. McRary & Sarah Jane his wife and Franklin Haden, William Haden, and James Haden, minors, by their Guardian Meshack Pinxton. William Haden had died about 1834 or 1835; he had two tracts of land on the waters of Swearing Creek, adjoining lands of John Miller, James Ellis, James Wiseman & others. One tract of 108 acres, the other of 186 acres, which by Will was to be divided equally among your petitioners at the death of his widow and when his eldest daughter, your Petitioner Rebecca Hough, reached full age. The widow of William Haden died intestate shortly after her husband, within a year. Rebecca has intermarried with Charles F. Rough. Sarah Jane has intermarried with Alfred B. McRary. Rebecca is now about 20 years of age. Waiting another 12 months to sell the lands would cause injury to all concerned . Said land cannot be divided satisfactorily. It was the intention of the Testator that each of the petitioners should have full benefit of the devise to them as soon as they had need. Sale would promote the interest of all.
Signed by George C. Mendenhall, Solicitor for Petitioners

There was a copy of deed made 4 Oct 1849 between Samuel H. Ferabee and his wife Jane and William P. Moore. For the sum of $247.20, they had sold to Moore, all right title and interest to any part of the proceeds arriving from the sale of any lands due to them as heirs at law of Rebecca Rough.
Signed: S. H. Ferabee and Jane Ferabee.
Jane relinquished her dower rights as well.

Fall Term of Equity Court, 1849
Petition of Charles F. Rough.
At the Fall Term, the heirs of William Haden, deceased, filed for the sale of the real estate of said Haden. Under a decree of the court, the Clerk proceeded to sell and the money was paid into office. The portion due his wife Rebecca was paid and Rough executed a refunding bond to cover the principal of the distrubutive shares. He invested the money. His wife Rebecca is dead and her heirs are Samuel Ferabee and wife Jane, Franklin Haden, William Haden, and James Haden who is still a minor, Meshack Pinkston his guardian.

In the year 1842, Charles Rought received $985 which sum was due his wife as one of the heirs at law of William Haden deceased. Charles Rough executed a bond condidtioned to repay the same into the Clerk's office on or before his death. Rebecca has since died leaving heirs Samuel Ferebee and wife Jane, Franklin, William & James Haden. Samuel Ferebee & wife have conveyed their interest to William Moore; Meshack Pinkston is appointed guardian to James Haden
13 Nov 1849, William Moore, William Haden, Franklin Haden & Meshack Pinston, to Charles Rough for $10 quit claim all right title and interest to the funds drawn from the Clerk's office by Charles Rough in behalf of his said wife.
Signed: W. P. Moore, B. F. Haden, W. H. Haden, M. Pinkston, Senr.

LDS #1888288 Loose Paper Estate Files - Davidson Co
There were actually two files for William - one listed as William Haden died 1839, the other as William H., died 1857 - the second of these held two papers filed many years after the death of William , the one dated 1846, should have been part of his original file. The paper dated 1857 belongs to his son.

To sheriff of Rowan Co. Take bodies of William Locke & Orston Bradshaw. To appear in Court at Davidson Co 2nd Monday Nov to answer Meshack Pinkston guardian of Franklin, James & Wm Haden. $100 15 Sep 1846

William H. HADEN and Sabitha Elizabeth "Sibby" WILSON were married.138 Sabitha Elizabeth "Sibby" WILSON410, daughter of John WILSON and Sarah BOONE, was born on 1 February 1805.409 She died in January 1837 at the age of 31 in Davidson County, North Carolina.412

28 Nov 1836, Sibby Haden sold Henderson Wilson, 39 2/7 acres of land on Potts Creek for $300. It was here from the division of her father's land. Wit: James Wiseman, Jefferson Wilson. Proved in court Feb 1837. The deed did not state her father's name.

She joined the Jersey Baptist Church on 6 Sep 1837, but was marked dec'd on the 1837 roll.

Have also seen that Sibby's name might have been Zibiah. A least one descendant said she Sabertha. Her grave marker has "Sibbee" Haden. She is buried Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery, Lexington, NC.

LDS #1888288 Loose Paper Estate Files - Davidson Co, NC

Sibby Haden 1837 p.1138

Inventory of estate of Sibby Haden dec'd filed May 1837
Note of Land on John Wilson $300
Field of wheat growing
May 9, 1837 Signed: Hn Wilson

Settlement of the Estate of Sibbie Haden dec'd per James Wiseman & Alfred Smith

Henderson Wilson, Administrator of the Estate of Mrs. Sibby Haden dec'd in accounts with same.
Jane 10 1839 Amount of Receipts per Clerk's certificate $300
One lot of wheat sold $12.50
Interest on money $33.60
Total $346.10
There were six payments:
Had paid B. L. Beall, medical bill of $20.25
two bills to Wiseman & Pinston
Bills to John Miller & Thales McDonald
Administrative expenses & Commmission
Balance of estate was $265.00
James Wiseman and Alfred Smith were called on to settle the Estate of Sibby Haden with Henderson Wilson. 10 Jan 1839.

William H. HADEN and Sabitha Elizabeth "Sibby" WILSON had the following children:



Rebecca HADEN.



Sarah Jane HADEN.



Benjamin Franklin HADEN.



William H. HADEN.



James Wilson HADEN.