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Third Generation

37. Sarah "Sally" HADEN was born about 1758.1

Rowan Co NC DB 10, p.4 26 Oct 1784. William Haden to daughter Sally Merrell for natural effection negro girl Dinah & boy Henry. At her death to be divided among her children. Wit: Tho. Frohock, Dugless Hadin. Proved Nov Court 1784.

A case came before the Supreme Court of Errors and Appeals of Tennessee in January of 1822. Sally Merril & others v. Johnston, Parchment, & others.
In 1784, William Haden, father of complainant Sally, then a married woman & wife of William Merrill, conveyed by deed of gift dated 6 October, to the said Sally for her life, two slaves, Dinah and Harry, and after death the said slaves and the increase of Dinah to Sally's children. [Deed recorded in Rowan Co NC DB 10, p.4]
William Merrill departed from his family, for parts unknown, about ten years ago, before the filing of this bill [Sally was head of household as early as 1810] and has not been heard of since.
The defendants got Milly, daughter of Dinah, without Sally's consent and said Milly while in possession of Johnston had three children, Dinah, Randal & Dicy which he sold to Parchment, except for Dinah. Milly has had another child, age and name unknown. The defendants are in slender and declining circumstance and said Parchment has it in view to move the said slaves out of the state. The complainants want security to deliver up the slaves upon the death of Sally so to be equally divided among her children, the other complainants.
Johnston stated the complainant Sally was his mother-in-law and had intermarried with William Merrill sometime between 1770 and 1780. The negroes, Dinah and Harry, were given by William Haden to his son-in-law upon the marriage, as an advancement. During the Revolutionary war, his father-in-law became indebted and to avoid payment of his debts, the deed of gift of 1784 was made out. He further stated that when he married his wife, Margaret, he was given Milly as an advancement by William Merril, it being a fair proportion of the slave property of his said father-in-law at the time of the marriage in the year 1800. He admits the sale to Parchment.
Parchment, stated that in March, 1815, he purchased Milly, Randal & Dicy from Johnston, believing him to be the true owner; he gave a bond to make title to a tract of land in Lincoln county and consideration for the purchase. The bond is still in the hands of Johnston. As a bona fide purchaser he expects to be protected by the court.
The deed of gift of 1784, satisfactorily proved, must regulate the property in the slaves Dinah and Harry and in Dinah's increase. They were given to complainant Sally Merril during her life and after her death to her children. Her life interest, the husband William Merril had the right to dispose of it and he made a valid dispostion of Milly by giving her to Johnston. This action was good only to the extent of Merril's power - only for and during the life of his wife. Parchment admitted the consideration of his purchase was not paid, only secured to be paid so he does not have title. The bill must be dismissed with costs to complainant Sally, she having no interest in the negroes. But as to the children, the bill must be retained and they must have security that the negroes will not be removed out of this state or that they may be forthcoming upon the expiration of their mother's life estate. They are entitled to equitable relief. Since the value of the slaves is unknown, the court cannot say in what sum the defendants should be bound. Reference is made to the clerk to ascertain their values and report. Decree accordingly.
Reporter: 9 TN 71

Unfortunately the above court case did not list the origin of the lower court., nor did it give the first names of Johnston and Parchment. However, Timothy Merrill, with an older woman in his household, lived in Carroll Co, TN in 1830. The 1830 census of Carroll Co TN did give a few hints of possible names for these men. Timothy Merrill was listed on p.155. Jesse P. Parchment was the only man named Parchment living in Caroll Co at this time - was his middle name Philip? Timothy Merrill was age 50-60 [actually age 52] in 1830 - the other two were aged 40-50.

A Merrill descendant was able to obtain more information on the above court case from the Gordon Browning Museum & Genealogical Library in Carroll Co, TN. I have a copy of one page of the case which names what is obviously the children of William & Sally.
The case was heard in Nashville, the 3rd Monday, 21 Jan 1822.
Timothy Merreill, etc., Complts
Philip Parchment & John S. Johnston & wife, Defendants
On 3 Aug 1815, the following bill of complaint was presented in the Supreme Court of Errors & Appeals for the 4th Judicial Circuit. Complainants were Salley Merrill; Timothy Merrill; Henry Billings & Betsey S., late Betsey S. Merrill; Herod Seat & Jenny his wife, late Jenny Merrill; Douglass Merrill; Peter Cowan and Polly his wife, late Polly Merrill; Samuel Merrill; Peter L. Pritchett & Sensy his life, late Sensy Merrill. Defendants were John S. Johnston and Margaret his wife and Philip Parchment. Sally Merrill was the daughter of William Haden of Rowan Co North Carolina and had married a certain William Merrill.

Sarah "Sally" HADEN and William MERRILL were married before 1778.1,13,147 William MERRILL44,148, son of Benjamin MERRILL and Jemima SMITH, was born about 1754 in Jersey Settlement, Rowan County, North Carolina.

Abstracts of Land Entries: Rowan Co NC Dec 1778 - Feb 1795
Dr. A. b. Pruitt, 1987
#2079 Transferred to Joseph Haden, from Jos Haden to Davd Woodson 12 Feb 1779 William Merrill enters 640 a in Rowan on head of Hambys Cr, includes widow Trout and Andrew Garron's improvement
#2080 Claim set up by Jacob Rhodes, 12 Feb 1779 William Merrell enters 200a in Rowan Co on waters of Uharn Crk, borders Jacob Rodes' deeded land, his line, county line, his improvement

Timothy, Peggie & Betsy were all baptized on the same day in 1784 at St. James Northam in Goochland Co VA . Had they returned to Virginia for this purpose? It seems her family and his had been in North Carolina for some years.

William Merrill was in the Rowan Co NC Census in 1790, along with Samuel and Elijah Merill, likely two of his brothers. I did not find them in NC in 1800, nor were they on a Kentucky tax list for that year.

On July 28, 1803, William Merrill and wife Sally and his son, Timothy Merrill, let John Burkhart, all of Rowan County, have eighty-seven acres on Swearing Creek, next to Benjamin Merrill and John Clafer. [I don't have any way of knowing is this entry found in an online database has the date the deed was made, or the date it was proved. The same database stated that William Merrill died Jul 1803, in Alabama. This can't be right since Sally testified that William had deserted the family about 1809 [see her notes]

Article by Billy J. Patterson, Posted by Patricia <> on 16 Oct 2003.
This article seems to be reasonably accurate though no sources are given. Italic notes are my own follow up notes.
Merrell----The Merrells, early Ripley County pioneers, trace their Ancestry back to England. William Merrell (born 1650) came to America in 1680 from Warwickshire. He first settled on Staton Island later moving to Monmouth, then Hopewell,NJ where he died in 1723.
His son ,William Merrell Jr. ( born 1676 in England , died in 1740 at Hopewell), married Penelope Stout Jewell, widow. The Stouts came to America in 1643.

One son was Benjamin Merrell ( Born 1731) He and his wife Jemima Smith moved to Rowan County, NC in the 1740s, where they helped start the Jersey Settlement Baptist Church (still operation south of Lexington, NC. Benjamin was a captain in the local militia, called the Regulators.There was much unrest against the British in this area and the British decided to quell it with force. After the Battle of Alamance,1771, the British hanged Captain Benjamin Merrell and six other Regulators for treason. The family view[ed] the hanging. Four of his sons served as patriots in the America Revolution.

Found in a post to mail list. William Merrill, born 1754; married Salley Haden 13 April 1778; b. 1758, Goochland, VA.

William Merrell (borned 1755-59 ) married Sally Haden (borned 1754). Her ancestry came from Norwick, England. [This is an error.] William served as a drummer in the 1st. Regiment of Rowan County Militia 1775/1776. They had 2 sons, Timothy and Douglas. In 1803 the Merrells migrated to Warren/Simpson County, Ky. William died along the trail or soon after arriving in Kentucky. [The truth here is that William deserted his family. The Court Case in Tennessee, 1822, when Sally tried to recover slaves that were a gift of her father, stated that William Merril had left the family some ten years prior to the filing of the bill and was never seen again. Sally was head of household by 1810.]
Later Sally lived with son Timothy in Carroll County, TN next to John Patterson, who later moved to Ripley Co. Mo.. After Sally's death in the 1830's Timothy moved to Texas.

1810 Census. Warren Co KY. p.278. Sarah Merrill 1m 10-16, 1f 16-26, 1f +45. Timothy Merrill, 3m under 10, 1m 26-45, 1f 16-26.

1820 Census. Simpson Co KY, Douglas on p.6, Timothy on p.23. Did not find their mother listed separately nor counted with them.
[Timothy Merrill found in the 1830 Carroll Co TN census with a female age 60-70, presumably his mother, living in the household. He was still there in 1840, but there was no older woman. Timothy, age 72, found in the 1850 Census in Fannin Co TX living with Alexander F. Merrill, grandson. Timothy's son Wiley B. Merrill was head of the adjacent household. Timothy's age did agree with that of his birth record from Virginia. Biographies of two of the sons of Wiley B. were found in "Biographical Souvenir of Texas" which gave a great deal more information about Timothy's family.]
Douglas Merrell ( borned 1787 in North Carolina) married Anna Claypool ( born 1790 in North Carolina). He[r] ancestry came from Philadelphia with William Penn, and can be traced back to King John 1 of England In 1824. They moved to the west bank of Current River, then Wayne Co.(Now Ripley Co.) He was an early" county commissioner' credited with constructing a road from Doniphan to the Pratt Community where they lived.Anna died after 1830. Douglas remarried to Elizabeth Wallis (no issue).
1820, Simpson Co KY. Douglas age 26-45 [he was probably age 33] spouse of same age. 3 boys, 3 girls all under age 10.
1830, Wayne Co MO. Douglas Merrell, age 40-50 [age 43]. 1m age 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1f -5, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20 and 1f age 30-40.
1840, Ripley Co MO. Douglas Merrel, age 50-60 [age 53]. 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15. Would seem his first wife had died between 1830-1840.
1850, Ripley Co MO. Douglass Merrell, age 63, b. NC with Elizabeth age 55, b. KY.
Douglas and Anna's children: Sarah Haden, John Claypool. Lurany, Anna, Nancy Vernetta and Douglas. Sarah married Jacob McCann; John married first Margaret Sandlin,then Sarah Patterson: Lurany married Russell Lowery: Anna married William P Smith: Nancy died young: Douglas died in 1852 and is thought to be buried with his mother in an unmarked grave in the Pratt Cemetery that was on or near Merrell Property.
[This last statement differs from the earlier statement that Timothy went to Texas after the death of his mother, because Timothy and his mother Sarah were living in Carroll Co TN in 1830. Would seem that Sarah Haden Merrill died in Tennessee and never went to Missouri.]

John Claypool Merrell (born 1811 in Kentucky ) married Margaret Sandlin and had Nancy E Merrell who married Daniel Ponder, James Madison Merrell who Married Mary Ponder, and Anna Elizabeth Merrell who Married George Yancy Patterson. After Margaret died in 1835, John C. married Sarah S. Patterson (born 1819 in Tennessee). They had Mary Jane who married John Hart: Douglas Merrell who married Mary Coward: Martha Merrell who married Cameron Moore, then Hillary Morris and third Thomas Spencer. Sarah Merrell who died young: William Haden Merrell Susan Kelly; Mahala Merrell who married John Ferrill Patterson; John C. Merrell died in 1867 and is thought to be buried with his two wives in Pratt Cemetery during the Civil War, troops were camped in and around the cemetery and old grave markers were destroyed
1840, Ripley Co MO Census. John C. Merrel, 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m age 20-30, 2f -5, 1f 5-10, and 1f 15-20. 1st wife apparently deceased.
John C. Merrel found in the 1850 Ripley Co MO Census. age 39, b. KY. Sarah age 36, b. TN. Nancy E. age 18, James M. 16, Anna E. age 14, Mary J. age 11, Dugles H. age 8, Martha 6, Sarah 2, and Wm H. age 6 months.
Mahala Merrell ( born 1854 in Ripley Co) married John Ferrill Patterson ( born 1848 in Ripley co ) He was sheriff of Ripley Co from 1892 to 1896. They had two children. Cornelius Russell and George Rufus Patterson. Cornelius married Eliza J Chaney George ( born 1876 - died 1956) Married Etta May Parish (born 1884,died 1941) Both are buried at Cushing ,Ok. Their youngest child is Billy J. Patterson. Mahala died in 1879 and John in 1913: both are buried in Sugar Tree Grove ( Patterson) Cemetery in Ripley Co.

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...One of my distant cousins has done the most work on our line and we have a dead end at Peter Pritchett supposedly born in 1793 in France. Died in Pensacola, Fl in 1834 from Yellow Fever. He was married to Seana Merrill, daughter of William Merrill and Sarah "Sally" Haden. William Merrill was the son of Benjamin Merrill, the revolutionary war hero. Seana was born in Rowan County (abt. 1799 and died in Pensacola in 1853) and there is a good deal of information on the Merrills and Hadens. We have not been able to establish the connection to the Pritchetts in the Beaufort area but feel that may be where Peter Pritchett is originally from.

Sarah "Sally" HADEN and William MERRILL had the following children:



Timothy MERRILL.



Margaret Haden "Peggie" MERRILL was born on 4 February 1780 in Goochland County, Virginia.149 She was baptized on 27 November 1784 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.

Margaret married John S. Johnston in 1800, revealed in the Court case of Jan 1822.



Betsy Smith MERRILL was born on 25 September 1782 in Goochland County, Virginia.149 She was baptized on 27 November 1784 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.

The court case of 1822 cites that Betsy was married to Henry Billings sometime prior to 1815.

There was a Henry Billings living in Henderson Co TN in 1830 - I don't know if this is possibly the family or not. The apparent spouse was age was age 40-50. In 1830, Betsy would have been 48. The family was still there in 1840 and had aged appropriately. They were not present in 1850.

1850 Census. Black River Twp, Lawrence Co, AR, Hh 313
Michael Billings, 48
Nickey, 25 (second wife - Micca Tennessee Cole)
Children of first wife Amelia Miller: Benjamin Z., 14. Margaret, 6. Lafayette, 10
James, 1
Elizabeth, 67
Mahala, age 3
1850 Census. Jefferson Twp, Jackson Co, AR, Hh 16
William M. Billings, 44, b. KY
Mary, 25, b. NC
Elizabeth, 67, b. VA

Their is a baptism, Old Lutheran or Pilgrim Church, Lexington, Davidson Co, NC (then Rowan Co), Michael Billing, 20 Mar 1803, Parents were Heinrich & Elisabeth Billing.

A tree at FamilySearch has a marriage date of 4 Apr 1802 in Wilson Co, TN.
Children are Michael (1803-1859. William M. (1806-1860). Noah P. (1808-1841). MercyAnne, b. 1810. Mary, b. 1813. Elizabeth, b. 1819. Mahala, (1821-1872)

William M. Billings, married Mary Ann Cochran, 10 Oct 1849, Jackson Co, AR. He was dead before 1860.
1860 Census. Jefferson Twp, Jackson, AR, Hh 1368
Mary Billings, 36, b. SC
William, 9. Elizabeth 7. Henry 4. Mary, 2. All born in AR



Jenny MERRILL was born (date unknown).

Jenny was married to Herod Seat sometime prior to the court case of August, 1815.



Douglas MERRILL.



Mary "Polly" MERRILL.



Samuel MERRILL was born (date unknown).

Samuel was named in the Court Case, 1815 - nothing else known about him.



Seana "Sensy" MERRILL was born about 1800 in North Carolina.

Sensy was married to Peter L. Pritchett prior to August 1815.

1830 Census. Escambia, Florida
Peter L. Prichett: 2m under 5, 1m 10-15, 3m bet 30-40. 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 20-30 [Seana]

1840 Census. Escambia, FL. West of Escambia River
Seni Pritchett: 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1f -5, 1f 20-30, 1f 40-50 [Seana]

1850 Census. City of Pensacola, Escambia Co, FL, p.122, Hh 6
Jesse Pritchett, age 34, Brick Maker, b. Kentucky
Harriett, age 23, b. Ohio [probably his wife]
Ageline, age 1, b. Florida
Seana, age 50, b. North Carolina
Seana, age 16, born Florida [probably youngest female in 1840]
James B., age 26, Sailor, b. Louisiana
Julia Vance, age 29, female, Black, b. Virginia