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Fifth Generation

576. Dr. David PATTESON was born on 10 April 1810 in Buckingham County, Virginia. He died on 7 July 1862 at the age of 52.

Siblings are unknown, but there were several marriages in Amherst:
Marriage Records from Amherst, Virginia through 1850
Groom: HENRY C. PATTERSON; Bride: MARY A. DAWSON; Date: 26 Jan 1830
Groom: DAVID PATTERSON; Bride: ELIZABETH CAMM; Date: 18 Dec 1832
Groom: GEORGE [Dr] PATTERSON; Bride: MARY LOUISA COFLAND ; Date: 8 Sep 1846

A brief genealogy written by a grandson, George W. Patteson, in 1955, states that his grandfather was a graduate of medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, circa 1835.

1850 Census. Amherst Co, the Eastern District, VA, Hh 822
David Patteson, age 40, value of real estate $10,000. Occupation - M.D.
Elisabeth, 35
Reuben B. 16, Sally 14, Camm 10, David R. 8, Elizabeth 6. John A. 4, Robert C. 2, Nanie age 1.
Benjamin ?Howel, age 28, Overseer, Ann, age 19, probably his wife.
The slave schedule shows about 50 slaves in his possession.

In 1850, a Sarah A. Patteson of Amherst, held the following slaves, a male age 70, a female age 60, a 22 year-old mulatto female, and a 2-year-old male child. She didn't appear to have been counted in the census itself.

Other Pattesons in Amherst were Wm, age 24, living with the Campbell family; Powhaten, age 22, living with the Johnson family; Jane, age 21, living with an old Wingfield couple. Could they have been younger siblings of Dr. David?

This would seem to be the only David Patterson:
WARWICK / PATTERSON - WARWICK / PATTERSON I'm searching for any info concerning John M. Warwick of Amherst Co.,Virginia, and his freeing of approx. 300 slaves about 1850, purchasing land, building cabins, and providing all support for 1 year, in Logan Co., Ohio, where he moved them in 1851/52. He employed Dr. David Patterson to carry out this project. Two of the slaves names are recorded as Mingo Banks, and Richard Thomas. I am interested in all aspects of this story. Their lives before, during, and after their brief stay in the "Warwick Settlement". Please send reply to:
Jan 19, 1999 - 23:25 - From: - Michael R. Armstrong

1860 Census. Buckingham Co, VA, Hh 58.
David Patteson, age 50. Value of real estate $30,000. Personal property - $50,000.
Eliza. age 45.
Camm, age 21, Law student
D. R. 18, male, Law student
John A. 14. Bettie C. 16. Nannie 9. Hampden W. 7. Cate 5. S. S. Printiss 3. Jessie 8 moths
Sarah S. Patterson, age 80
Robert C., age 11.
Slave schedule shows 53 slaves for David - that would explain the value of his personal property.

Dr. David PATTESON and Elizabeth CAMM were married on 19 December 1832 in Amherst County, Virginia. Elizabeth CAMM was born on 9 March 1815.

1870 Census. James River, Buckingham Co, VA, Hh 137
Elizabeth Patteson, age 54, Farmer. Value of real estate $6500, Value of personal property $1000.
Kate, 15. Prentis, 14.
Lucy Woody, age 10, domestic servant.

I didn't find Elizabeth in 1880.

Elizabeth was the daughter of John Camm and Elizabeth Powell. Elizabeth in turn was the daughter of Thomas Powell and Betsey Thomas, daughter of Cornelius Thomas of Albemarle. John Camm was a son of the Rev. John Camm, President of William & Mary College. He was born 2 Dec 1775, died in 1818.

John Camm, from Wikipedia:
Born in 1718, in Hornsea, Yorkshire, and educated in the school at nearby Beverley, John Camm was admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge, on 16 June 1738, and took his B.A. in early 1742.
He became the minister of Newport Parish, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, in 1745. From 1749 to 1771, he served on the faculty of the College of William and Mary as professor of divinity and was the minister of York-Hampton Parish, York County. He served as the College of William and Mary President from 1772–1777, being succeeded by James Madison.
Camm Hall at the College's campus adjacent to Colonial Williamsburg is named in his honor

Elizabeth Powell Camm apparently lived to old age.
Sketches and Recollections of Lynchburg by the Oldest Inhabitant, C. H. Wynne, publisher, 1858, p.160-161
The house now occupied by Dr. John Patterson, was, in 1819, the residence of Mr. James Stuart, who married a daughter of Major William Warwick, and the house nearly adjoining the Methodist Church, was, for many years, the residence of Mrs. Nancy Tait, a sister of the late George Whitelocke, of Petersburg; and the house just above the Methodist Church, and at the foot of the hill, was inhabited by Mr. Cullensworth and his sister; Mrs. Martin, who resided there many years with her sons and daughter. These good people were members of the Methodist Church, and their abode was ever open to young visitors from the schools on that street, who would resort thither to amuse themselves with Mrs. Martin's fine swing, or to gaze with wonder and admiration at the wax figures of the "Babes in the Wood," sleeping peacefully in death! " No burial or covering Were given to the pair; But little Robin Redbreast Did cover them with care." All of which affecting particulars were read in those days from a large edition, and were religiously believed. The white house on the cross street, from Dr. Gilmer's to Main street, was (if memory does not deceive), for a brief period, the residence of William and Jane Lynch. It was afterwards the residence of a Mr. Duffy-and it was here that " Duffy's Brewery" was kept. It was afterwards the abode of Green B. Lewellen; and then a man, by the, name of Wilson, kept there an " entertainment" for gentlemen, wagoners and hog-drovers. The house occupied by Dr. Gilmer was also, at one time, the residence of Mrs. ELIZABETH CAMM, of Amherst county. This lady was the wife of Mr. Camm, well-known and esteemed for brilliant talents. She was the mother of Robert Camm, who was also remarkable for his fine talents, and whose early death was much deplored by a large circle of friends. This venerable lady survives, and, at an advanced age, retains all of her faculties in a remarkable degree. She resides on her estate, in the county of Amherst, managing her domestic concerns with great energy. Mrs. Camm is the mother of Mrs. Donald and Mrs. Anderson, of Bedford; Mrs. William Saunders, of Lynchburg; and Mrs. Dr. David Patterson, of Amherst. Mrs. Camm also resided, for a time, in the house opposite; and in the house on the hill now occupied by Mr. Cabaniss.
In 1826, the house occupied by Dr. Gilmer was the residence of Mr. DAVID PATTERSON, of Buckingham. He was a good man, and honest, useful citizen; and was a younger brother of Mr. Alexander Patterson, who was the first to run stages between Lynchburg and Richmond. This latter gentleman was a person of great energy and enterprise; and, at the time he first started his line of stages, the road between the town and the city of Richmond, was almost impassable, and the "Leathern Convenience" only plied once a week between the two places:-the coaches then were very little better than wagons, and the passengers clambered in, by way of the driver's seat, in front. When the stages began to be made comfortable, and to have side-doors, they were considered as most luxurious conveyances: they then made two trips in one week, and, finally, they made tri-weekly trips, which were thought to be the greatest speed, at which public conveyances could arrive. But since the canal and railroad have been in operation, the pleasures of stage-travelling are now scarce known, whilst all those well known and celebrated stopping places-" Upper Patterson's, " " Lower Patterson's, "French's," " Raines' Tavern"-are broken up, and many public houses on the Richmond road untenanted, save by owls and bats

Dr. David PATTESON and Elizabeth CAMM had the following children:



Reuben Blakey PATTESON was born on 4 April 1834. He died on 21 February 1862 at the age of 27 in Tennessee.

Reuben Blakey Patteson, eldest son of David Patteson & Elizabeth Camm married Mildred Mooring of Marshall Co, MS about the commencement of the year 1858.
Found on Reuben B. Patterson married Mildred H. Mooring, 25 Feb 1858, Marshall Co, MS

Graduate of the University of Virginia. Served as assistant surgeon of the 19th Mississippi Regt. He died from exposure at Ft. Donelson. The Bible record says that he died of typhoid fever at Winchester, TN on 21 Feb 1862, age 20 years. The Battle of Ft Donelson took place Feb 11-Feb 16, 1862. Winchester was on the opposite side of the state of Tennessee - perhaps I misread the Bible entry.

1850 Census. Marshall Co, MS, Hh 276
R. B. Patteson, 25, Physician, b. Virginia
Mrs. M. H., 19, b. Miss
Camm, age 1, b. Miss [this must be the grandson that died of typhoid in 1862]

A child, Camm Jr. died soon after his grandfather, also of typhoid - four members of the family died within ten days in July of 1862. Little Cam was age three years, 15 days. The Bible doesn't note that Camm Jr. lived elsewhere.



Sally Donald PATTESON was born on 25 March 1836.

Married Samuel B. Scott of Bedford Co, VA, 18 Nov, probably in 1855.

1860 Census, Amherst Co
S. B. Scott, age 28. Sally D. 23.
Lizzie C. 4. Hugh D. 3. David P. 2. Jane R. age one month

The 1870 census in Amherst states that Scott was Dr. Samuel B. Scott.



Camm PATTESON was born on 21 February 1840. He died in 1909 at the age of 69.722
Ancestry Civil War Records:
Name: Camm Patteson
Side: Confederate
Regiment State/Origin: Virginia
Regiment Name: 56 Virginia Infantry
Regiment Name Expanded: 56th Regiment, Virginia Infantry
Company: D
Rank In: Captain
Rank Out: Captain
Film Number: M382 roll 42

Fold3 has his service records. Camm enlisted 8 Jul 1861, as a Captain, at the Staunton Shop. His Company was called the "Buckingham Yancey Guards".
He was dropped from the rolls 5 May 1862.
Note dated November 1861, "Received of Capt R. B. Patteson, AQM, 56th Regt, eighteen hundred and ten dollars and eighty six cents ($1810.86) being the pay due by the Confederate Government to my company from 31st August to 31st October. Signed: Camm Patteson, Captain, Co. D., 56th VA Regt"

Camm married Mary Elizabeth Mills of Buckingham Co, 3 Mar 1863.
He served in the Virginia legislature - in the House, 1893-94 and in the Senate 1904-06.

1870 Census. James River, Buckingham, VA, Hh 130
Camm Patteson, 30, Lawyer
Mary E., 27.
W. D. 6, male. Anna M. 4. Mary C. age 1.

Apparently his wife died between 1870 and 1880.
1880 Census. James River, Buckingham, VA, Hh 298
Camm Patteson, 40, Lawyer
Warwick D. 16, son. Anna M. 14, dau. Mary C. 12, dau. Camm H. 9, son. Ella M. dau 6.
Kate, 24, Sister.

1900 Census. James River, Buckingham, VA, Hh 238
Camm Patteson, b. Feb 1840, age 60, widow, Lawyer
Mary C., dau, b. Dec 1868, age 31
Ella F., dau, b. Feb 1874, age 26



David R. PATTESON was born on 15 February 1842. He died in October 1861 at the age of 19 in Richmond City, Virginia.

The Bible states David died of typhoid; the book of genealogical records states he died of camp fever. Said to have served in his brother Camm's unit. On Fold3, his service record shows he was a Sergeant in Co. D, 56th VA Infantry - this was his brother's unit. He enlisted with Camm at the Staunton Shop, 8 Jul 1861. The company muster roll for Sept & Oct, 1861, states "death resulting from typhoid fever". He was due $26.63.



Elizabeth Camm "Bettie" PATTESON was born on 28 February 1844.

Bettie married Benjamin C. Hartsook, 1865. They are in the Richmond, Henrico Co VA census in 1870 and 1880. In 1870, Benjamin was 29, Betty 26, Lizzy age 2.

Their child, Elizabeth is listed in the Bible - her birth is difficult to read but may be 25 Oct 1867. In the 1870 census, she is "Lizzy" age 2.



John Anderson PATTESON was born on 14 February 1846. He died on 11 August 1864 at the age of 18.

John was the third son to die during the Civil War. The Bible states that he died at home, Sycamore Island on 11 Aug 1864 [Sycamore Island is where the Rev. David Patterson is said to have died - had this been the family home all along?] of typhoid contracted in camp. He was a Private, Company K of the 4th Virginia Cavalry.

Card for J. A. Patterson File
Enlisted Jan 22, 1864 - Buckingham Co, Lt. Moss, for 3 years or the War
John Patterson - General Hospital, Charlottesville, VA
Sun Stroke
Admitted May 7, 1864. Discharged Jul 1, 1864
"Probably returned to duty some time ago" - It appears he was instead released to go home to die.

The book of genealogical records states he died from exposure at the Battle of the Wilderness. That Battle was fought May 5-7, 1864.



Robert Camm "Robin" PATTESON was born on 10 July 1848. He died in July 1862 at the age of 14.

Died of the typhoid fever a few days after the death of his father in July of 1862. Said to be 14 years, one month old.



Nannie A. PATTESON was born on 16 November 1850.

Nannie is listed as age 1 in the 1850 census. Born 16 Nov - it's likely she was born in 1849 instead. she married Angus R. B. Hartsook, 28 Aug 1878. They are in Nelson Co in the 1880 census - he was age 23, a physician, and "Anna" gave her age as 24 [she was more like 30....]



Hampton Warwick PATTESON was born on 15 December 1852. He died in July 1862 at the age of 9.

Died of typhoid fever within a few days of his father's death. He was said to be 9 years, 6 months. The genealogical record book states that both Hampton & his brother Robert had died in infancy, but that is an error.






Sergeant Smith Prentiss PATTESON was born on 14 December 1856. He died in 1930 at the age of 74.722

Owner of the family bible - he lived in Richmond and was a lawyer.
Family papers say his private law library was held at T. C. Williams Law School in 1955.

1880 Census. Richmond, Henrico Co VA, Hh 22
Several males living in what was likely an apartment house...
S.S.P. Patterson, age 25, Lawyer. Single.

1900 Census. Richmond City, Virginia, Hh 144
Sergeant S. P. Patteson, lodger, b. 1855, age 45. Lawyer. Single.



Jessie M. PATTESON was born on 27 August 1859.

Probably died young.