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Fourth Generation

157. Sarah "Sally" BLAKEY was born.118

Sarah "Sally" BLAKEY and Price PERKINS were married.1 Price PERKINS383, son of Hardin PERKINS and Sarah PRICE, was born about 1765.384 "Richmond Whig" gave his age at death as "in his 78th year" He died on 14 June 1843 at the age of 78 in Buckingham County, Virginia.384 From Library of Virginia online: Richmond Whig" of Friday, June 30, 1843; Died - Price Perkins of Buckingham County on June 14, in his 78th year leaving a son and daughter. Youngest son. 9th of 10 children.

Buckingham County, Virginia: SURVEYOR'S PLAT BOOK, 1762-1858. Second Edition, 1996. Transcribed & Edited by Eric G. Grundset 1983.
p.7/21 21 Mar 1775 William Flowers. 120 acres head north fork of David's Creek, Charles Patteson and Thomas Blakey neighbors. Surveyed by David Walker, assistant surveyor; transferred to Charles Patteson
p.10/33 5 Apr 1783 David Patteson. 100 acres, north branches Walton's Fork of Slate River; joining Anthony Dibrell, Thomas Blakey & John Terry
[The map included with the book shows that that David's Creek & Walton's Fork are not particularly close to each other. Certainly Thomas was living near Walton's Fork as evidenced by the next entry] p.53/182 [no date] Price Perkins, Lot #2. 515 acres. Shows dwelling house, waters of Walton's Fork. Mrs. Blakey's dower Lot #1 - 515 acres, shows barn & dwelling house. Taylor's Creek, joining lines of David Patteson, Wilson C. Nicholas, Thomas Davis, Anthony Debrell, David Patteson, Price Perkins. Evidently a division.

Sarah "Sally" BLAKEY and Price PERKINS had the following children:



Frances PERKINS383 was born (date unknown). Married Joseph B. Glover



Sarah PERKINS383 was born in 1804.383 She died in 1887 at the age of 83.383 Married John Weems Gantt



Thomas H. PERKINS was born in 1812.383 He died in 1864 at the age of 52.383 Never married