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Fifth Generation

865. Thomas B. HADEN was born circa 1836 in Tennessee.

Thomas and Izora were married by Ben Stevens, MB

1860 Census, 7th Ward, Nashville, Davidson Co TN, Hh 501
Susan Sibley, age 51, Real estate $1600, Personal property $1500, b. VA
Thomas Hayden, age 24, Bricklayer, b. Ala [this birthplace curious - did Charles & Susan Haden live in Alabama for a time?]
Izord Hayden, age 18, b. Tenn.
also in the slave schedule for 1860 is:
Susan Sibley, 7th Ward, Nashville with two slaves: a male age 9 and a female, 6.

1870 Census, 7th Ward, Nashville, Davidson Co, TN, Hh 355
T. B. Hayden, age 34, Brick Mason. Property value $4000; personal estate $300. b. TN
Arizola, age 29, Keeping house, b. TN
Chas, age 9
Annie, age 8
Lizzie age 6
Susie age 4
Susan Silsby, age 61, b. Virginia

1880 Census. ED 46, Nashville, Davidson Co, TN, Hh 20
Tom Haden, age 42, b. TN, parents b. VA
Izora, 38 [forgot to right down she was the "Wife"], b. TN, parents b. NC
Charles, 20, son, bookkeeper
Annie, 17, daughter
Lizzie, 15, daughter
Susie, 13, daughter
Elmore, 9, son [Annie, Lizzie, Susie & Elmore all marked "at school"]
Margery, 7, daughter
Thomas, 6, son
Rowena, 11/12, born in July (1879), daughter

Thomas B. HADEN and Izora READE were married on 12 August 1858 in Davidson County, Tennessee. Izora READE was born in 1843 in Tennessee.

Although I cannot be certain, there are no other candidates for Izora in Davidson Co in 1850.
1850 Census, City of Nashville, Davidson Co, TN, Hh 945
M. Reed, age 45, b. NC [male, listed with no occupation]
Mary A. Reed, age 20, born in TN as are all the rest
Thomas, 18
Sintha 19
Solomon G., 16
Easter, age 1
Alfred [probably 10, but hard to rea]
Manerva, 8.
"R" Reed, female age 6 [I think this is probably Izora - the enumerator had no clue how to spell her name. If you say her name outloud, the "r" is fairly prominent. Of course the enumerator also did not write out the father's name. They did transcribe from earlier notes, too, and perhaps couldn't read his original note.]
Gibson, age 5
Note: the arrangement of ages of the children is a bit odd - in most of the other families, the enumerator did list the children in age order. I think it's possible Sintha was the wife of Thomas and Easter probably their child. I believe it's also likely that "M" Reed was a widower.
In 1850, an M. Reed also owned 2 female mulatto slave, age 25

Davidson Co marriages other than Izora's that might possible refer to this family:
Mary Read married Wm Lomax, 28 Jun 1852
Thomas J. Reed married Sally Dougle, 16 Oct 1856
Mary A. Reed married George Seaman, 28 Aug 1858
Minerva Reed married Samuel D. Mangrum, 23 Aug 1860

Thomas B. HADEN and Izora READE had the following children:



Charles HADEN was born in 1860 in Davidson County, Tennessee.



Ann "Annie" HADEN was born in 1863 in Davidson County, Tennessee.



Elizabeth "Lizzie" HADEN was born in 1865 in Davidson County, Tennessee.



Susan "Susie" HADEN was born in 1867 in Davidson County, Tennessee.



Elmore HADEN was born in 1871 in Davidson County, Tennessee.

1900 Census. 17th Civil District, Davidson Co TN [written in margin ?ervey Heights, Suburbs, Nashville], Hh 56
Living with Philip & Julia E. Busby
Phillip R. Busby, b. Jan 1841, age 59, said he was married 40 years, then marked out and 14 written above, b. TN, parents b. VA
Julia E., wife, b. Aug 1856, age 43, married 14 years, 7 children - 6 living, b. TN as were her parents
Lula, daughter [1st wife written in), b. Aug 1877, age 22, b. TN, father b. TN, mother b. KY
Sam P., son, b. Feb 1888, 12
David G., son, b. Dec 1890, age 9
Eugene, son, b. July 1894, 5
John, son [1st husband son written in - no different surname], b. May 1875, age 25, b. TN, both parents b. TN
Elmore Hayden, son-in-law, b. Aug 1870, age 29, not married a year yet
Eunace E., daughter [Step written in, but apparently daughter of Philip's 1st wife], b. Feb 1873, age 27, no children
Note: I believe the enumerator was terribly confused about the relationships in this family. Julia & Phillip Busby had been married 14 years - I believe their children were Sam, David & Eugene and perhaps they had lost one child. Phillip had been married previously and three of his children from that marriage were still living at home - Lula, John and Eunice]



Margery HADEN was born in 1873 in Davidson County, Tennessee.



Thomas HADEN was born in 1874 in Davidson County, Tennessee.



Rowena HADEN was born in July 1879 in Davidson County, Tennessee.