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Fourth Generation

297. Susan MURRELL was born circa 1809 in Virginia.

This is a provisional child for Zachariah and much additional confirmation is need. She's not found anywhere online as part of this family, but I do believe she belongs.
1. She married into the Haden family and there are so many cousin marriages in this family.
2. She lived in Nashville and reasonably near James M. Murrell after she married for a second time and was Susan Sibley.
3. Both James M. and Zachariah Haden Murrell named children "Susan".
4. The name Susan, or Susanna, is a traditional name in the Poore family.
5. In 1810, Stephen Murrell had a female under 10, as well as one age 10-16 - so apparently he did have a daughter of this age
6. James M. Murrell was a brick maker, as was Thomas B. Haden, said to be a son of Susan Murrell and Charles F. Haden.
7. A descendant of Charles F. Haden believes he is descended from Anthony Haden of Goochland/Hanover but does not know how. This provides one relationship - although he may very well have been related in two ways.

1850 Census, South Nashville, Davidson Co, TN, Hh 999
Susan Sybley, age 47 [or 41], b. VA - no property value given
Elizb. Sybley, age 16, b. Tennessee
Thos. Sybley, age 13, b. Tennessee [I believe the enumerator erred and these two teenagers were actually Hadens. No Haden is listed in the Davidson Co census for 1850, and yet Thomas B. Haden should definitely be there. This young man is the right age.]
S. Sybley is listed in the Slave Schedule as owning 1 slave, female age 10.

However, there is this problem to be resolved. There is a marriage in Davidson Co, TN for David P. "Sivly" to a Susan Read, on 26 Feb 1845, married by W. H. Wharton. No other information available. Of course this marriage does not explain the teen-age children in 1850 in Susan Sibley's household. Was Susan perhaps an older sister to Izora Reade. Is it possible that Susan Murrell was married three times - to a Read in between Haden and Sibley?

Susan MURRELL and Dr. Charles F. HADEN were married on 11 March 1830 in Madison County, Alabama. Dr. Charles F. HADEN, son of Robert D. HADEN and Mary H. MILLER, was born (date unknown).
Although I have speculated that Charles belonged to a Jesse Haden - I think it is also quite possible he was a son of Robert D. Haden of Alabama. Robert D. apparently had sons unidentified by name, that appeared in early censuses... That Robert D. Haden was in Madison Co AL where Charles was married is certain.

Charles is said to have been "from" Nashville, although I cannot find that he lived there. Family also said to have lived in Adams and Springfield, TN - both of which are in Robertson Co, TN.
So far the most likely link seems to be in Franklin Co, TN where I found a Jesse Haden in 1820 with a large family.

The 1820 Franklin Co TN census has been partially alphabetized so neighbors cannot be determine. However, Zachariah Haden Murrell was also living in Franklin Co in 1820 - he was a grandson of Zachariah Haden of Goochland. It is remotely possible that Zachariah had a daughter Susan available to be the Susan Murrell who reportedly married Charles F. Haden.

Jesse Haden's household in 1820 [stamped page 33, image 13:
2m under 10, 1m 10-16, 1m 16-18, 1m 16-26 [probably same as the one 16-18], 1m 26-45, and 1m over 45.
1f under 10, 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45, 1f over 45

I know of only two Jesse Hadens that would be over age 45 in 1820 - one of those lived out his life in Rowan Co, NC. The other was a son of Zachariah of Goochland. In some records he is marked as having died fairly young, but I found evidence that his siblings living in Cumberland Co KY had given their brother Jesse power of attorney to pursue inheritance back in Virginia.

Deed Book E, Cumberland Co KY as referenced on
Jacob Robertson & Susannah A. Robertson [nee Haden], power of Attorney to Jesse Haden - Money entitled as heirs of Elizabeth P. Haden [late Elizabeth P. Hopkins, dec'd] ...descended to her from her father, William Hopkins who died in Albemarle Co VA. [no date, but likely early 1820's]

Cumberland Co KY, DB F: Samuel H HADEN, power of atty to father Jesse HAYDEN re deed to Stephen WOODSON for land inherited from mother, Elizabeth HADEN. [no date listed in abstract but other surrounding documents are dated in 1826 - nor does the abstract suggest a residence]

Note: Cumberland Co KY is on the Tennessee line. Franklin Co TN is almost directly south, across the state of TN on the border of Alabama.

It should also be noted that in 1820, in Smith Co, TN, is the only other family that actually spells the name as HADEN in the state, and no recording of a family with the spelling as Hayden:
Joseph Haden, 1820, had 1m under 10, 1m age 16-26. 1f under 10, 2 females 16-26

In 1830, there was a Hayden family noted in Davidson Co, TN - this would be close to the time that Charles & Susan married. However, after pursuing this family theys would seem to be a family from Pennsylvania.
William Hayden was listed as living in the Town of Nashville, but there is not a single tick mark or number for him. Was he away and the neighbors gave his name? Also this census was alphabetized so no help there. However, he had three slaves counted in this census. Was this an estate, and William deceased?
In 1840, there was an Ann M. Haydon: 1m under 5, 1m 20-30, 1f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 20-30, 1f 30-40. No slaves.
An Ann Elizabeth Haydon is noted as marrying Peter Heck, 27 Jan 1852 in Davidson Co.
In 1860, Peter Heck was noted as being age 31, b. Prussia. Anne E. is 26, b. in District of Columbia. They have children Mary E. 7 and William A. 4 ...and living with them is Ann M. Hayden, age 48, born in Pennnsylvania.

Susan MURRELL and Dr. Charles F. HADEN had the following children:



Elizabeth HADEN.



Thomas B. HADEN.

Susan MURRELL and ??? SIBLEY were married. ??? SIBLEY was born (date unknown).