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Sixth Generation

1106. John Richard HADEN was born on 14 October 1837.10,246,535 He died on 29 July 1913 at the age of 75 in Fluvanna County, Virginia.674

I have seen an alternate birth date of 21 Oct 1837. He did not serve in the Civil War; said to have had a "hemmorage" - I wonder if that might have a hernia instead...

1870 Census. Cunningham Twp, Fluvanna Co VA, Hh 506. Living near his father and brother Socrates.
John R. Haden, age 32. Lucy A. 24. Cora B. 5, Overton L. 3, and Cornelia E. age 1. A Millie B. Haden, 32, was listed in the household but given the next family number.

Millie was John's brother Overton's wife. Overton had died in 1867. She was also a Campbell, quite possibly a sister to Lucy.

1900 Census. Palmyra, Fluvanna Co, VA Hh 25
John R. Haden, b. Oct 1837, age 62, married 38 years. salesman in store
Lou A. C., wife, b. Jul 1844, age 55, Had 3 children, only 1 is living
Lenwwod O., son, b. Jan 1867, age 33, married 10 years, Lawyer
Vara V., dau-in-law, b. Oct 1871, age 28, 4 children, 1 is living [then three are listed!]
Paul B., grandson, b. Apr 1891, age 9
Richard K., grandson, b. June 1896, age 3
Marquerite, granddaughter, b. May 1898, age 2
Ivey W. Rosser, granddaughter, b. May 1896, age 14
Martha Mowry, servant, Black, b. May 1881, age 19

Buried Pleasant Grove House Cemetery, Palmyra, Fluvanna Co, VA

John Richard HADEN and Lucy A. "Lou" CAMPBELL were married on 29 May 1862. Lucy A. "Lou" CAMPBELL535 was born on 8 July 1844 in Virginia.924 She died on 20 February 1904 at the age of 59.

Lou was the daughter of Lewis & Eliza Campbell of Amherst Co VA.

Buried Pleasant Grove House Cemetery, Palmyra, Fluvanna Co, VA
"Wife of John R. Haden Married May 29 1862"
Born: Jul 8, 1844 Died Feb 20, 1904

John Richard HADEN and Lucy A. "Lou" CAMPBELL had the following children:



Cora E. HADEN.



Linwood Overton HADEN.



Cornelia E. HADEN was born in 1869 in Fluvanna County, Virginia.924

Buried Pleasant Grove House Cemetery, Palmyra, Fluvanna co, VA is
Connie Street, b. 18 May 1869, died 25 Dec 1945.
Since her parents are buried in this cemetery, and there quite a large monument to the Streets, I have much suspect this is Cornelia and her husband:
William A. Street was born 22 Feb 1856, died 25 Mar 1917.