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Fourth Generation

166. Catherine B. "Kitty" STOCKTON124,282 was born on 17 October 1789 in Henry County, Virginia.85,282
Descendant reports birthplace as Barren Co KY which didn't yet exist. Ancestral File says born Henry County, Virginia, which seems more likely.

Kitty and Benjamin were 2nd cousins with Anthony Haden as their great-grandfather.
HAIDEN, Benjamin to STOCKTON, Catharine, d/o Robert Sr, 10 Feb 1807; Barren Co Marriages.

Some of the information passed along from Stockton researchers about Catherine has proved to be wrong in light of the divorce case of Catherine Bishop vs. Lowry Bishop filed 12 Jul 1836. The false information was that Kitty married three more times after Benjamin. The Stockton family records show that she died in childbirth possibly about 1822 and also gives her two Hall sons named William and James.

Two Catherine B. Stocktons have been confused. This Catherine married first Benjamin Haden and second Lowry Bishop:
Barren Co Marriages:
Stockton, Catharine to Haiden, Benjamin 10 Feb 1807
Bishop, Laury to Hayden, Kitty 10 Feb 1810

She had only one child, the son Benjamin R. Haden who died unmarried, leaving his will in Barren Co in 1829. Several of the depositions during the divorce case in 1836, point out that she had no children or that she and Lowry Bishop had no children. They did raise three children of her sister's. I believe these to have been children of Prudence Stockton and James Hall and were named Lowry, Catherine & Prudence. The implication is that she was troubled at having no children and Prudence simply placed some of her own with Catherine as infants; the third child was taken at age one week because Prudence died.

One of the marriages often cited for this Catherine is this one:
Stockton, Catharin B. to Hall, John C 29 Oct 1815 Barren Co KY
The divorce case proves without doubt that Catherine was married to Lowry Bishop in 1815. However, the lawsuit of Catherine Garnett vs. her grandmother's estate [Catherine Stockton, widow of Rev. Robert Stockton] reveals that a daughter of Robert Stockton Jr. was named Catherine and SHE had married John Hall by who she had two sons William & James and this Catherine B. Stockton Hall was deceased at the time of the lawsuit in 1828. Quite possibly this is the Catherine that died in childbirth.

When Catherine Bishop filed for divorce 12 Jul 1836, a number of charges were made. Many of the details came out in the depositions filed. Lowry Bishop had two mulatto children that lived in his home. He had a paramour named Caty Crawley by whom he had two children and with whom he had lived at least part time for the past seven years. He was often drunk and profane. Catherine was terrified of him, though she admitted threatening him on one occasion with an unloaded gun and on another with the fire poker. He had come to the marriage with no property; Catherine had land and slaves and had helped him multiply his assests during the marriage. Lowry refused to settled any deed of gift or trust on Catherine so she could live separately. He had ultimately thrown her out of the house. Lowry on the other hand charged Catherine with "incontinent" behavior with other men - these charges were refuted in the depositions. Lowry Bishop related had been seized from his bed in the middle of the night, blindfolded and beaten, and he believed Catherine had been responsible [I would think one of her brothers or perhaps a wronged husband was behind this deed....] He accused Catherine of burning down a cabin in which he intended to place Caty Crawley.
The court ordered Bishop's assets frozen until the divorce case could be heard.
In one of Lowry Bishop's Answers, filed 24 Nov 1837, he described selling lands and slaves to satisfy various debts and states that he is "great afflicted and not able to wait upon himself and shall in all probability remain so". He asked Catherine to return.
On the 2nd day of the March Term of 1838, the suit was abated due to the death of Lowry Bishop.
On 15 Sep 1838, Catherine Bishop sued one Thomas C. Bishop who had been acting as agent for the business that Lowry Bishop could no longer attend to himself. She charged Thomas with collecting large sums of money and selling property which he did not account for. The court found for Catherine.

Another marriage seen for Catherine is one to a Thomas Davidson. I have found no record of such marriage. She was about 47 when the above petition for Divorce was filed in 1836, so she could have married again in her later years. However the marriage to Davidson is quoted as being in 1820 and it is obvious she was married to Lowry Bishop for 1810-1838. It is not likely there were ever any other children.

Catherine B. "Kitty" STOCKTON and Benjamin HADEN were married on 10 February 1807 in Barren County, Kentucky.281,282 Benjamin HADEN, son of WILLIAM HADEN and ANN "NANCY" JOHNSON, was born about 1783.280 He died before February 1810 at the age of 27.252
Court Order Book 2, Logan County KY LDS Microfilm #0364561
Jan 1806
"Benjamin Haden locates 400 acres of land in Logan County beginning at the junction of the dividing line of Logan and Christian County with the....line running east, thence north, thence west, thence to the beginning."

In settlement of negroes of his father's estate, Benjamin is deceased but his share goes to his son Ben.

Logan Co DB Q, p.124
3 Aug 1829. Benjamin, son of Benjamin Haden dec'd, received 115 acres in the settlement of the lands of William Haden, his grandfather. This was Lot #2 in the division.

Catherine B. "Kitty" STOCKTON and Benjamin HADEN had the following children:



Benjamin R. HADEN.

Catherine B. "Kitty" STOCKTON and Lowry BISHOP were married on 10 February 1810 in Barren County, Kentucky.124,282 Lowry BISHOP124,384 died before March 1838 in Barren County, Kentucky.124 Lowery Bishop signed a deed in Jan of 1821, in Logan Co as Guardian to Benjamin R. Haden, her son by Benjamin Haden.

There were no children by Catherine Stockton, but the divorce testimoney reveals he probably had two mulatto children [one about 17 and the other 9 or 10 in 1836/37] and two children by one Caty Crawley with whom he had an ongoing relationship.