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Sixth Generation

1019. George Burder HADEN was born on 18 March 1849 in Christian County, Kentucky.220,503 He died on 1 June 1928 at the age of 79 in Missouri.503

George said to have married Caroline Suiter. However, I found him in the 1870 Census in Johnson Co, IL, P.O. Vienna, living next door to his father. He was listed as George "Harden", age 21, born, Illinois. The lady with him was Lucinda, age 20, also born in Illinois; they had married in December. His father also listed as "Harden".

The Illinois marriage database online solved the problem of George's wife's name.
George B. Haden married Lucinda L [or C?]. Suiter, 19 Dec 1869, Johnson Co, IL.

By the way, the daughter of George B. Hayden and Lucinda Caroline Suiter - Maude E. Hayden, married James A. Griffith and I have photos of her with my aunt.
And, the daughter, Lillie May Hayden married James Granville Colley, a son to my direct ancestor.
So we are connected in a way.
Look forward to hearing back from you.

Brinkley Twp, Calloway Co, KY, Hh 167
George B. Haden, age 30, farming, b. KY
Lucinda C., age 29, wife, b. IL
Cintha E., age 9, daughter [all the children were dittoed after Lucinda as born in IL - probably not]
Thomas M., age 8, son
James R., age 5, son
William W., age 3, son
Clara B., age 1, dau

Mag. Dist.4, Graves Co KY
Hh 285
George Haden, b. Mar 1848, age 52, married 31 yr, b. KY, parents b. KY
Lucinda, wife, b. Apr 1850, age 50, 11 children, 10 are living, b. IL, parents b. IL
William, son, b. Dec 1876, age 23, b. KY [as are all the children]
Clare, dau, b. Oct 1878, age 21
Osker, son, b. Aug 1883, age 16
Froney, dau, b. May 1884, age 16
Georgia, dau, b. Jan 1888, age 12
Maud, dau, b. Apr 1890, age 10
Hh 199
"Collier" James, b. Feb 1876, age 24, married 2 years, b. KY, parents b. KY
Lillie, wife, b. Jul 1880, age 19, 1 child, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. IL
Landrum, son, b. Dec 1899, age 5 months

New Concord, Calloway Co KY
Hh 367
Thomas Haden, b. Feb 1873, age 27, married 2 yr, b. IL, father b. VA, mother b. IL
Ina D., wife, b. Jul 1876, age 23, 1 child, b. KY, parents b. KY
Nancy C., dau, b. Dec 1899, age 6 months, b. KY

I can account for 8 of the children - 6 still at home - William, Clare, Oscar, Froney [Safronia?], Georgia & Maud. Lillie & Thomas, married.
After finding the 1880 census - Cintha, b. 1871, and James R., born 1875, can be added - that makes 10 children.
A FamilyTree on Ancestry lists a daughter Dora - that could be the 11th child.

Murray, Calloway Co KY, Hh 51
?Tom B. Hayden, age 31, married 1 time for 12 years. Born KY, father b. VA, mother b. KY, farmer [given name marked over]
Ina D., wife, age 33, has had 5 children, 4 are living, b. KY, parents b. KY
Nancy C. dau, age 10, b. KY
Bula ?E. dau, age 5, b. KY
Dalice, son, age 3, b. KY [Dallas?]
Obera, dau, age 7 months, b. KY
George B., father, age 61, married for 40 years, b. VA, father b. VA, mother B. KY
Lucinda C., mother, age 58, 11 children, 9 are living, b. IL, parents b. IL

Swann, Calloway Co, KY, Hh 42
Oscar T. Haden, age 26, married 3 years, b. KY, parents b. IL
Onie S., wife, age 25, 1 child, b. KY
Roberta C., dau, age 11 months
Maud E., sister, age 19, b. KY, parents b. IL

James G. & Lillie Colley were in Graves Co, KY, Mag. Dist 4, Hh 168
James G. Colley, age 34, married 12 yr, b. KY, parents b. KY
Lillie, wife, age 27, 6 children, 4 are living, b. KY, parents b. IL
Landrum R., son, age 11, b. KY [as are all the children]
Merritt, dau, age 8
Effie, dau, age 6
Lewis B., son, age 4
Hh 162 has this Colley family:
John C. Colley, age 61, married 37 years, b. KY, parents b. KY
Margaret J., wife, age 55, has had 4 children, b. KY, parents b. TN
Thomas N., son, age 14
Arett C., son, age 24, married 4 years
Pearl, dau-in-law, age 20, 2 children
Jennie A., granddau. age 3 [is this Geneva?]
Billie, grandson, age 2

Harris Twp, Ripley Co, MO.
Hh 95
James A. Griffith, age 34, b. KY, farmer
Maud E., wife, age 29, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. IL
George B. Hayden, age 73, b. KY, father b. VA, mother b. unknown

Hh 53
James G. Colley, age 43, b. KY, parents b. KY
Lillie M., wife, age 38, b. KY, father b. ?, mother b. IL
Landrum, son, age 21, b. KY
Merrett E., dau, age 18, b. KY
Effie P., dau, age 16, b. KY
Lewis B., son, age 14, b. KY
Fred T., son, age 7, b. KY

Hh 57
Carl E. [Erette] Colley, 34, b. KY [as was the whole family even the baby]
Pearl, age 29
Geneva 12, Bill 11, Nannie M. [Ann] 9, Dorthy L. 8, Margaret age 5 months
Hobart Andres, brother-in-law, age 21

Fronia Etta "Froney" Haden married Clyde Vernon Puryear. She died 1953. [ FamilyTree at]
1920, Harris Twp, Ripley Co, MO, Hh 97
Clyde B. Puryear, 34, b. KY
Fronie E., wife, age 35, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. IL
Robert L. son, age 6, b. KY
Talmage A., son, age 5, b. KY
Chauncy E., son, age 3 years, 4 months, b. KY
Ona L., dau, age 1 year, 3 months, b. MO

Paducah, McCracken, KY
Hh 123
Tom Hayden, age 44, b. KY, parents b. IL
Ina S., wife, age 42
Bulah, dau, age 15
Dallas, son, age 13
Obera, dau, age 10
William, son, age 8
Stanley, son, age 5
Odie, son, age 3
Frances, dau, age 3 months

Harris Twp, Ripley Co, MO, Hh 93
Clyde V. "Pruyear", age 44
Fronie E., wife, age 45
Robert L. 17. Talmage A. 15. Chauncy E. 13. Onalee, age 11.
Clidell M., dau, age 9
George W., son, age 7
Barbarba [prob. supposed to be Barbara], dau, age 3

Actually I received a photo of my aunt Geneva Colley when she was about 18 (about 1925) with two of the Hayden children and with three of the Ray children; and I'm not sure who they belong to. As far as I can read the handwriting on the back of the original photo, the children are listed as: Beulah Hayden, Lola Ray, Sabera Hayden, Ligene Ray, Geneva Colley (my aunt), and Love Ray. Could any of these names sound familiar to you?
This photo was taken in Doniphan, Missouri - Ripley County. The families actually came from Kentucky.
Any information would be appreciated. And thank you for the attached information you emailed.

My answer: Beulah and Obera were daughters of Thomas B. Haden, a son of George B. The Ray children were from Tennessee - children of Thomas O. Ray, found in Harris Twp, Ripley Co MO in 1920 and in Weakley Co, TN in 1910 - Love Ray, son born ca 1898, Larene, daughter, b. 1903, Zola, daughter b. 1905.
Geneva was probably the Jennie A., b. 1907, granddaughter in the home of John C. Colley in Graves Co KY in 1910.

MO Death Certificate #21605. George B. Hayden, died Jun 1st, 1928 in Ripley Co. Father listed as Richard Hayden, mother's maiden name given as Armstrong [that's new!]. Born Mar 18, 1848, Illinois. He was widowed - wife was Caroline. Died of pneumonia. Buried New Hope Cemetery - that's where Clyde & Frona Puryear are buried, too. The informant was Thomas M. Hayden of Paducah, KY. George appears to be the only Haden buried there.

Frona E. Puryear, Death Cert #11057. She died 10 April 1952 of liver cancer. Father listed as George Haden, mother Caroline Suitor. She lived at 205 Young St, Doniphan, Ripley Co MO. Born 30 May 1884 in Graves Co, KY. Clyde Puryear, husband; he was also the informant. Buried New Hope Cemetery on April 11th.
Death Cert #4025. Clyde Vernon Puryear died 31 Jan 1959 in at LeMay Nursing home, St. Louis of a heart attack - but his usual residence listed as Doniphan. Mrs. Elmo Hawkins of St. Louis was informant, probably an employee of the nursing home. Clyde was born 30 Sep 1885, Mayfield, KY. Father & mother unknown. Buried New Hope Cemetery.

James G. Colley, DC #5835. Lived 10 miles south of Doniphan in Harris Township. Died 21 Feb 1950. Widowed. Born 7 Feb 1876, Kentucky. Father - John C. Colley; mother - Jane Williams. R. L. Colley was the informant. James died of pulmonary tuberculosis - had been ill for three years. Buried New Hope Cemetery on Feb 23rd.
Lillie M. Colley, DC #25129. Had lived at Rt. 1, Doniphan for 23 years. Died 23 Mar 1942 of myocarditis. She was born 30 Jul 1880, Graves Co, KY. Father was George Haden, b. Graves Co KY. Mother was Caroline Suiter, born Johnson Co IL. Spouse was James Colley, who was also the informant. She was buried "Good" Hope Cemetery - I'm sure this was actually New Hope Cemetery.

George Burder HADEN and Lucinda Caroline SUITER were married on 19 December 1869 in Johnson County, Illinois. Lucinda Caroline SUITER was born in April 1850 in Illinois. She died between 1910 and 1920 at the age of 60.

George Burder HADEN and Lucinda Caroline SUITER had the following children:



Dora HADEN (private).



Cynthia E. HADEN was born in 1871 in Illinois.



Thomas HADEN was born in February 1873 in Illinois.



James R. HADEN was born in 1875.



William W. HADEN was born in December 1876 in Kentucky.



Clara B. HADEN was born in October 1878 in Kentucky.



Lillie HADEN was born on 30 July 1880 in Graves County, Kentucky. She died on 23 March 1942 at the age of 61 in Ripley County, Missouri.



Oscar HADEN was born in August 1883 in Kentucky.



Frona Etta HADEN was born on 30 May 1884 in Graves County, Kentucky. She died on 10 April 1952 at the age of 67 in Doniphan, Ripley County, Missouri.



Georgia HADEN was born in January 1888 in Kentucky.



Maud E. HADEN was born in April 1890 in Kentucky.