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Fifth Generation

432. Elizabeth H. HADEN was born about 1810.604 She died on 9 July 1840 at the age of 30.454

Attala Register, Attala Co MS
1840. Died: Logan County, KY ....9 July 1840 ....Mrs. Eliza H. Felts, consort of Nathaniel H. Felts of Attala County. Aged: 30 ...Mrd: at 15 years.

Elizabeth H. HADEN and Nathaniel H. FELTS were married in May 1825 in Logan County, Kentucky.262,605 Nathaniel H. FELTS92,253, son of Augustine FELTS and Phebe ROSE, was born on 17 February 1788 in Halifax County, North Carolina.606,607 He died about 1844 at the age of 56 in Kosciusko, Attala County, Mississippi.498,607

Some doubt exists as to the proper ancestry of Nathaniel H. Felts. Most Felts researchers give his father as Archibald Felts who lived in Logan Co, but it appears Archibald had a brother, Augustine, who also moved to Logan Co at a later time and did live near James Haden. The will of Archibald Felts states that he had a son named Nathaniel - the "H" was not present. A Felt researcher has told me that Augustine also had a son and that either in his will or some document of estate settlement, his son was listed as Nathaniel H. Felts - I have not seem this document. Another factor involved is that Nathaniel H. and Elizabeth Haden Felts named a daughter "Augusta". There was also a Nathaniel W. Felts living in Logan Co, perhaps slightly younger than Nathaniel H. Felts - he is often seen as a son of Charles who was a son of Archibald but this seems a bit difficult to work out timewise and there is no indication whatever that Charles ever lived in Logan Co. It seems more likely that Nathaniel W. is the son of Archibald, not this Nathaniel that married Elizabeth H. Haden.

Augustine Felts first appears on the Logan Co tax rolls in 1824. The following year, 1825, there are two Nathaniel Felts, neither with a middle initial. One has land on the Gasper River, the other has only himself and a horse to declare. Nathaniel H. Felts married Elizabeth Haden that year of 1825, and she had inherited land from her deceased father - it was on the Gasper. By 1828, Nathaniel H. is listed twice - for himself on the Gasper River and as Administrator of James Haden,dec'd [his father in law] - and Nathaniel W. with only himself and two horses, no land. In 1830, Nathaniel H. Felts declared tax for himself, as Administrator of James Haden, dec'd, and as agent for Josiah Newman and William M. Haden, two of his brothers-in-law, who were living in Mississippi - the land was that they had inherited from James Haden. This is the last year I noted Nathaniel H. Felts on the tax roll - his family also moved to Mississippi. He paid tax on 416 acres - see Deed Book U, p.233, below - this is the same acreage Nathaniel & Elizabeth sold in 1835.

Logan Co Court Records, Book 8
p.356 Jul Term 1828 Division of the land of James Haden decd Returned. Approved by the Court and ordered to be Recorded. It is further ordered that said commissioners be allowed $14 each. It is further ordered that sd commissioners make deeds of partition according to said division of the said Heirs. (These deeds of conveyance were executed in October, p.392 - "to Harriet Haden and to Wm Haden. One to Mary Haden. One to James Haden. One to Eliza Felts wife of Nathaniel Felts formerly Haden. One to Jefferson Haden. One to Emily Haden. One to Nancy J. Newman wife of Josiah Newman formerly Haden")
Logan Co DB Q
p.131 2 Sep 1828 Jefferson Haden, Nancy J. Newman who intermarried with Josiah Newman formerly Nancy Haden, William Haden, Eliza Felts who intermarried with Nathaniel Felts formerly Eliza Haden, Harriet Haden, Mary Haden and James, heirs of James Haden Dec'd by Saml Wilson, John McCutchin & Joseph Morton commissioners to ELIZA Felts. Bounded by East bank of Gaspers, corner to Ackerman & Wilgis, Wilgis' line, up the river meanders. 150 acres

5 Oct 1829 Nathaniel H. Felts, David Spencer & Robert Woodward were Commissioners to assign the dower of Margaret Perry [widow of Thomas Perry]. WB D, p.251

1830 Census. Logan Co KY
Nathaniel H. Felts: 1m under 5 [Francis], 1m 30-40 [Nathaniel]. 2f under 5 [Emeliza & Mary Catherine], 1f 15-20 [Elizabeth]
Between Rebecca Haden, his mother in law, and Jefferson Haden, his brother in law. Joseph Rogers, another brother in law, was next. Augustine Felts was two doors away.

Logan Co DB Q, p.352 14 Jan 1830. Nathaniel H. Felts & Eliza his wife sold 124 3/2 acres on waters of the Gasper River to David Spence. Conveyed to Felts by deed from James Perry & wife on 11 Apr 1826. Signed: Nat. H. Felts, Eliza H. Felts. JP's Thomas Blakey and Jno Barnett examined Eliza, who relinquished her rights. Rec. 5 Apr 1830.
4 Mar 1834. Logan Co DB S, p.276 Samuel Owens, late deputy for Charles Morehead, late sheriff of Logan Co. sold 266 acres to Nathaniel H. Felts & Jefferson Haden. 21 Dec 1827 was issued a fi fa against Abram B. Morton. Land on Gasper River. Felts & Haden were highest bidders. Proved 3 Mar 1834.

2 Jun 1834 Settlement with the administrators of the estate of James Haden, Nathaniel H. Felts & Robert [sic - undoubtedly the widow Rebecca] Haden. WB e, p.357-364

Logan Co DB U, p.233 13 Oct 1835 Nat H. Felts & Elisa H. Felts of county of Attala and state of Mississippi to William Withers [Weathers] of Logan Co KY. For sum of $800 sell a tract in Logan Co on water of Gasper River. Corner to Ackerman on East bank of the creek; meanders of the Creek. Being tract alloted to Eliza H. Felts in the division of land of James Haden dec'd among his heirs, 150 acres. Also one other tract adjoining and lately occupied by John Ragan, corner to Ackerman & Spencer; corner to Hall & Maben, down the river with its meanders. 266 acres. Total of 416 acres. Signed: Nat H. Felts, Eliza H. Felts. Witness: M. J. Price, Thos. Blakey.

1840 Census. Attala Co MS
Nathaniel Felts 1m -5 [Samuel] 1m 40-50 [Nathaniel]
1f under 5 [???], 2f 5-10 [Nancy & Augusta] 2m 10-15 [Mary Catherine & Emeliza], 1f 20-30 [Elizabeth]

I found this in Madison Co MS, Will Book A. Presumably it is the same man.
p.101  Will of William Armstrong,witnessed by Nat. H. Felts, Wm Riley, Wm Carson 21 Oct 1841

Elizabeth H. HADEN and Nathaniel H. FELTS had the following children:



Francis R. FELTS454 was born (date unknown).

He is mentioned only in this one source - in one of the court cases [filed 1843] dealing with the estate settlement of James and Rebecca Haden. In 1859, an abstract of a petition by Samuel Felts to settle the estate, names a Frances R. [granddaughter] I can only surmise there was a son named Francis who died before the 1859 petition, leaving a child. The 1830 census did show a son and two daughters under the age of 10.



Emeliza FELTS.



Mary Catherine FELTS.



Augusta "Gussie" FELTS.



Nancy Newman FELTS.



[Daughter] FELTS was born about 1837 in Kosciusko, Attala County, Mississippi.607

[There was a daughter under age 5 listed in 1840 census. There was also only a single son, too young to have been the son under 10 in 1830. There is some confusion about a "Francis" in the estate settlements of the grandfather, James Haden - was Francis a son or daughter, or a great-grandchild?]



Samuel S. FELTS1,608 was born on 25 December 1839.111,609 He died on 15 March 1878 at the age of 38.111

Found in the 1850 Census living with older sister Mary C. and her husband Edward Clark in Logan Co KY.