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Third Generation

43. Ann "Nancy" HADEN was born (date unknown).

I believe Ann was closer to the age of Sarah Haden that married Richmond Pearson. Of course Elizabeth Hundley could have been a few years older than indicated and could have been the mother of these girls. Ann was apparently old enough [over 14 or born before 1763] to witness a deed along with Richmond and Sarah Pearson in 1777. She is named in the will of her father Joseph Haden as Ann Wyatt - that was in 1802.

She is said to have married a Francis Wyatt. He is shown in various databases as married to a Nancy Ann Haden [Nancy being the common nickname for Ann, this double name isn't likely], an Elizabeth Hayden, and to Fanny [Frances] Austin in 1799 in Caroline Co VA. A man named Francis Wyatt in Caroline Co did marry Fanny Austin and she later filed for his Revolutionary pension - he died in 1803 and both of their children were also dead when she made application. I believe the marriage of Francis Wyatt to "Elizabeth" arose when the child Elizabeth who had been baptized in Goochland Co VA, failed to appear in her father's will. There is no record of a baptism for Ann and yet she is in the will; she may have been born prior to Rev. Douglas's records. Probably Elizabeth died as a child - she wasn't old enough to marry Francis Wyatt in the mid 1770's when he's supposed to have married Ann Haden, but then I don't believe Ann and Francis Wyatt married quite that early either.

The Francis Wyatt who did marry Ann Haden is said to have died in Montgomery Co KY in 1824, leaving a will that named several children. Some of them later went on to Missouri. Names of his children include William, Douglas, Joseph, Anthony, Haden - all names that would indicate a kinship. The Wyatt researchers give the death of Ann/Nancy Haden Wyatt as about 1820 in Montgomery Co KY. Various census/marriage records indicate the children of Francis and Ann were born from about 1780 - 1805 so the couple likely didn't marry until after 1777 when Anney Haden witnessed a deed for her father.

Ann "Nancy" HADEN and Francis WYATT were married. Francis WYATT died before April 1824 in Montgomery County, Kentucky.

All research on this family has been done through online searches, relying heavily on the work of others, except for the census, marriage and census records I found that do confirm much of the data. The names found among the children of Francis Wyatt and Ann, or Nancy, Haden seem to indicate there is definite reason to believe this marriage is correct and was quite possibly the only marriage for this particular Francis Wyatt. Some seem to believe he was also, or only, married to an Elizabeth Haden.

There were several Francis Wyatts in Virginia/North Carolina, some of similar age. These have been confused with this man. He is sometimes seen as the Francis Wyatt who was in the Revolution from Caroline Co VA but that man died in 1803 and his widow, Frances "Fanny" Austin applied for his pension. They had two children but one died as a child, another died without ever marrying as testified in the application. I believe this Francis Wyatt who was married to Fanny Austin was the son of John Wyatt who had married Elizabeth Ballard Smith as his first wife and lived in Caroline Co VA. But this man who married Ann Haden is often placed in that family.

I did find a single database online that suggested this Francis was the son of a John Wyatt and Nancy Marshall but there was no additional information offered. The name Marshall as a given name does occur in descendants. I found other possible relatives for Francis in the places where his children lived.
A John Wyatt, often designated as "Senr" was in Charette, Montgomery Co MO and later in the same area when it became Warren Co [5 Jan 1833] This man was listed as a Revolutionary soldier, age 81, in 1840. I did find a Pension for him - he was born 16 Jul 1759 in Halifax Co NC and entered the service in Chatham Co NC, moving to Kentucky in 1788 and on to Missouri in 1817 where he remained. He served under Capt Gholson and others as a Ranger in the North Carolina line. He also applied for bounty land in 1855 when he was age 96. No data concerning wife or children was in the file but earlier censuses in Missouri indicate he had both - a Polly Wyatt, age 40, was the only other member of his household in 1850 in Warren Co Missouri - that year John was listed as born in North Carolina, Polly was born in Kentucky and probably a daughter. John Wyatt lived in close proximity to the several of the children of Francis & Ann Wyatt.

The fact that the above John Wyatt entered service in Chatham Co NC may explain why Francis is sometimes shown as having been born in Chatham Co NC - I've nothing else to explain this. It does remove him from the Wyatts in Caroline Co VA.

Inquiry to The Virginia Genealogist, p.155, Vol. 22, 1978
2238 WYATT-HADEN-HAYDEN Want verification of parentage of Francis Wyatt, born ca. 1755, Va. and wife Elizabeth Haden. Married in Virginia ca. 1774 (where?). Was he son of John Wyatt (born 1731, Caroline Co Va., died 1784, Spotsylvania Co, Va.) and Elizabeth Ballard Smith, dau. of Thomas Ballard Smith of Louisa Co, Va.? Served in Revolution from North Carolina; settled in Montgomery Co, KY.; died 3 March 1824. Dr. Dixon A Barr, 104 Bob-O-Link Dr., Richmond, Ky. 40475

I also found this linking linking Frances to a Henry Wyatt:
Wyatt Family Research Notes
by Donald M. Ricks
The William and Mary Quarterly, Ser. 1, Vol. 10, No. 4 (July 1903), p. 261:
Henry4 Wyatt, who was probably a son of Anthony3 Wyatt (son of Capt. Nicholas2 Wyatt), married Mary ---, and had issue Francis Wyatt, born about 1760, who lived in North Carolina and had three sons, Capt. John Wyatt [Perquimans Co.], a soldier of the war of 1812. Anthony and Douglas Wyatt, was a descendant of this Wyatt family. These brothers removed first to Montgomery County, Ky., and afterwards, about 1816, to Missouri. (See Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.)

A note in the Virginia Magazine of History & Biography, Volum 14, No. 3, January 1907, p.308, says that "Captain Nicholas Wyatt was a well known citizen of Charles City County". Capt. Wyatt was named as one of the overseers of the Will of Henry Gerrard, dated 20 Jul 1689, Charles City County.

Also living in Montgomery Co in 1840, Bath Co KY in 1850 and in Montgomery Co KY from 1860-1880 was a Vincent H. Wyatt who was born about 1797 in Virginia - the 1880 census indicates his parents were born in Maryland which may place him as a member of the "other" Wyatts in Virginia or some other Wyatt family. He was in Montgomery Co but not living near sons of Haden Wyatt who were still in the area.

There has also been confusion about which Haden girl Francis married. Some have linked him to Elizabeth Haden, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Hundley Haden, but I believe that child who was baptized in Goochland Co VA most likely died young. Joseph Haden's will does name a daughter as Ann Wyatt in 1802. He did not mention an Elizabeth. A daughter named Elizabeth Ann Haden could also be a possibility, although her siblings did not have middle names.

Many databases suggest a marriage as early as 1774 for Francis Wyatt - either to Ann Haden or Elizabeth Haden but I believe this is also an error. None of the census records I have found on the family indicate children born before 1780. A marriage later in the 1770's would be more realistic compared to the likely age of Ann Haden. Researchers also suggest Ann Haden Wyatt lived until about 1820, making her the mother of all the children attributed to this family.

Francis is said to have a will written in Montgomery Co KY in 1824. He may be in the 1820 Montgomery Co census:
Frank Wyatt: 1m 16-18, 1m 16-26 [probably same young man - son Haden would have been about age 17], 1m over age 45 [himself]; 1f age 16-26 [perhaps the youngest daughter]. There does not appear to be a spouse.

LDS #252360
Montgomery Co KY Wills - Books A-C
BookC, p. 6
Francis Wyatt of Montgomery Co KY weak of body but sound of mind.
First all debts to be paid
2nd to daughter Polly Clyse negro girl Becky until Becky is 45 at which time she is to be free.
To my grandson Franklin Clyce, negro boy Frederick
4th to my daughter Elizabeth, negro boy named Robert provided said daughter will relinquish the deed I made her to boy named Washington which is on record in Montgomery Co Clerks office
5th to youngest son Haden Wyatt, negro woman Phillis and her child Delila; also to son Haden boy named Washington provided my daughter Elizabeth Means should relinq the aforesaid deed of gift. If not, I will to Haden boy Robert
6th my two daughters Sally Fort and Malinda Helms have no more of my estate having heretofore given them their full share
7th to my daughter Nancy Hanks $5 in addition to what I heretofore let her husband Samuel Hanks have.
Also to my son Haden Wyatt, 150 acres of land off my 300a survey whereon I now live including the plantation and premises, being centre of South boundary line and running North to north boundary line. Also to son Haden, two horses one named Robin [Gray] and the other named Jim. Two cows his choice out of my stock. Two beanshare plows and two pair of gear, one bureau and one chest, two tables and sideboard, three kittles - two 10gal and one 16 gal kittle. Six ewes his choice. One bed & furniture, one beadstead and cord.
8th to my two sons Francis and William 150 acres the East end of my 300 a survey to be equally divided between them. My will is that the tract whereon William now lives to be sold and the money equally divided between my five sons: Douglass, John, Anthony, Francis & William.
All my stock not here disposed of to be sold and all the corn and grain except for 60 barrels of corn which I reserve for son Haden
My negro man Moses be hired out for six years and the money to go to the use and benefit of sons Douglass and Anthony
10th 300 arpens of land in Missiouri, part of my Spanish grant of 800 arpens to my sons Douglass and Anthony to be equally divided between the tow
My negro woman Melia be free at my decease.
My man Moses be set at liberty after the six years have expired and my son Haden be appointed guardian for said Moses to see that Justice be done
My Clock to be sold.
My son Haden Wyatt and J. C. Grear, Executors.
11 Feb 1824 Signed: F. Wyatt
Wit: Henry Cooper, Cornelius Weaver, J. C. Grear

5 Apr 1824 Will of Francis Wyatt produced in court and proved by oaths of Henry Cooper and Cornelius Weaver, witnesses thereto.
On motion of Haden Wyatt and Jereimal C Grear the Executors named in will who made oath and together with Westly Hensley & Elijah Jinkins their securites, penaly $2000. Certificate granted.

p.30 At the dwelling house of Francis Wyatt dec'd on 7 Apr 1824, appraised the property.
Interesting items from long inventory:
Grey horse called Robin Grey
Sorrel horse 4 years old
Bay colt one year old
Grey horse 14 years old
Bay horse Jim, 12 years old
Bay mare & cold - mare is 20
Cows & calves
27 sheep
39 hogs
One wooden clock in case
Looking glass
Bible, dictionary, arithmetick, life of Washington, 2 small Grammar books
31 Gal of whiskey & barrel
15 gal of whiskey
90 pieces of bacon
Woman Phillis aged 36 - $300
Girl Delila age 6 $182
Boy Robertson age 4 $150
Boy Frederica age 18 months $125
Man Moses age 40 $400
84 #'s of Iron
45 acres of land.
26 Apr 1824 returned and ordered recorded

p.34 Sale of Francis Wyatt, Apr 26, 1824
Purchasers of several item: William Wyatt, Haden Wyatt Rev. John Smith, Daniel Grear, Prestley Wilson, William Clyce, Jeremiah Lewis
[Grear or Orear - impossible to tell…..
Joshua Saunders, James Means
John Miller failing togive security for 45 acres, same was set up the second time and Daniel Orear became the purchases.
Robert Orear purchased part of bacon - William & Haden Wyatt the rest.
Signed: Jer. Orear, Haden Wyatt
Notes were also listed
Accounts in the hands of Executors included:
William Hayden
July Court 1824 - accounts returned to court, examined & ordered recorded.
There was a brother-in-law named William - if his wife was Nancy Haden. No wife was mentioned in his will; obviously deceased at an earlier time.

Other Wyatts who died in Rowan Co during this time period - no relationship known to Francis. Francis had sons named William & John and they are not his sons. Neither named a Francis in their will. Could they have been brothers or uncles?:
Rowan Co NC Will Abstracts, Vol. 1 1753-1805 Books A-F
Jo White Linn, 1970
Vol II 1805-1850 Books G-K
Bound together - separate indexes
Vol. 1, p.72
D:268 William Weyatt Aug 6, 1804; prb 1806. Wife not named. Sons: Cornelius Weyatt. Daug: Lucrecy, Mary, Unity, Ruth. Son Wm Weyatt's son William. Exr: Sons Christopher & William.
Wit: John Stinchcomb,, James Thompson

Vol. 2, p.38
G: 453 John Wiatt, 5 Nov 1815 prob 1816
Wife not named. Sons: Eli, John & James
Grandson, John Wiatt.
William Bean. Allen Wiatt. Silvester Wiatt.
Gradau: Betsey Eston.
Thomas Wiatt, Aazor Parks
Exrs: sons Wm Bean & Thomas Wiatt
Wit: Obed Parrish, David Cox

Ann "Nancy" HADEN and Francis WYATT had the following children:



Nancy WYATT was born about 1780.

Kentucky Marriages 1802-1850, online at Ancestry:
Samuel Hanks married Nancy Wiatt, 16 Mar 1802, Mason Co KY

Assuming she was the usual age of about 16-20 when married, I doubt that Nancy was born prior to 1780. She is usually seen as the eldest child - this does seem to be the earliest marriage among the children of Francis & Ann Wyatt.

Online databases state that Samuel was the son of a Peter Hanks, born Anne Arundel Co MD and Elizabeth Wyatt, b. Loudown Co VA. The parents are said to have died in Kentucky - Peter in Montgomery Co KY about 1830 or Gibson Co IN in the the same year. Obviously one of these is wrong for the place of death of Peter Hanks.

I found several Hanks families in Montgomery Co KY in 1810 - Fielding, John, Polly & William were heads of household. Only Polly was still there in 1820. The only Samuel Hanks living in Kentucky in 1820 was in Irvine, Estill County - he and his wife were both age 26-45 which would be approximately correct for Samuel & Nancy. There were seven girls, two boys, which again is feasible. But I have no other information this is the correct family. There were no Hanks at all in Mason Co in 1810-1830.

Living in Gibson Co IN in 1803 was a James F. Hanks & family - he was age 20-30 and had an older woman age 50-60 in his household. There was also a Peter Hanks & family; he was age 30-40 so certainly not the Peter Hanks, father of Samuel though perhaps he could have been a brother. Both men were still in Gibson Co in 1840. I didn't find a Samuel Hanks in either Kentucky or Indiana in 1830 or 1840.

Ten children are seen in databases online for Samuel Hanks & Nancy Wyatt. They were born between 1803 and 1821 or so. Few of the children have further information although I've been able to find traces of two of them in later censuses.
Names given are Castrya, Ackland, Hannibal, Laura, Cordelia, Adella, Minerva, Euphraia, Armina, and Romulus.

The daughter Cordelia was said to be Cordelia Athelston Hanks, born about 1808. She is said to have married John Miller 29 Oct 1829 in Kentucky, but this marriage isn't found in the usual online marriage databases. Cordelia said to have died 1850, Montgomery Co KY. I did find John Miller in the 1850 census in that place with no spouse - there was no Cordelia Miller listed in the mortality schedule for 1850. John Miller was age 45, b. Michigan. Children all born in Kentucky were Jonas age 20, John 19, Wm P. 16, Marshall 13, Anabel 10, Osborn 8, Nancy Jane 6, Arramenta 4, and Arminia age 2. John Miller supposed to have died in Texas on 6 Nov 1863 so I checked the Texas census for 1860 and found in Cedar Hill, Precinct 8, Dallas Co TX, three of the sons. Wm. P. Miller was 24, b. KY and had a one-year-old boy born in Texas. Jno.H. Miller, age 26, b. KY was boarding with the Cope family [they were born in TN]. Marshall Miller, age 22, b. KY was in the household of two small girls - Elizabeth Miller, 2 and Ann, age 6 months, both born in TX. They were at the top of a page - the previous page is missing which would have the rest of this household. So apparently some of Cordelia's family did go to Texas after her death.

There was said to be a son Romulus Hanks. I found him in Marion Co Iowa in 1850. He was age 29, born in KY [about 1821]. Wife Frances, age 24, and Erminta age 2, born in Indiana.

In the Kentucky Marriages database I found a marriage for Castira Hanks to John Hon in Estill Co, 23 Feb 1824. This would seem to confirm that this family was in Estill Co for the 1820 Census. An online database also suggests that the daughter Laura married Moses Hon about 1826 but I did not find that marriage.
A census search of all states for John or Moses Hon in 1850 did not find any results that could be these men. There was a Moses Hon age 48, but he didn't have a wife Laura.



Elizabeth "Betsy" WYATT was born between 1780 and 1790.

Elizabeth Wyatt married James Means on 11 Feb 1813, Montgomery Co KY

1830 Census. Montgomery Co KY Found near Haden Wyatt.
James Means 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 40-50. 1f -5, 2f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 40-50.



Capt John WYATT was born on 11 March 1788. He died in 1865 at the age of 77.

John Wyatt was apparently in the War of 1812 as evidenced by the articles below.

When the Wyatts went to Montgomery Co MO, there was another John Wyatt, a generation older, already living there. I suspect he may be a brother to Francis Wyatt as old John applied for his Revolutionary pension and stated he was born in North Carolina and had entered the war from Chatham Co NC. He had come to Missouri in 1817. Since there were two Johns, one was called Senr., the other Jr. - but I believe the younger man who was usually living next to other sons of Francis & Ann Wyatt was actually this John

One message on states that Capt John was born 11 Mar 1788. Died 16 Feb 1865, Warrensburg, Johnson Co MO. Married Attossa Pinckney Sharp.

1830 Charette, Montgomery Co MO On the same page with Anthony & Douglas.
John Wyatt. 2m -5, 1m 10-15, 2m 30-40. 2f -5, 1f 20-30, 1f 30-40
There seem to be two households living together.

1840 Pinckney Twp, Warren Co MO
John Wyatt Jr. 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 30-40, 1m 50-60.
1f -5, 1f 5-10 2f 10-15, 2f 15-20

1850 Warren Co MO, Dist 99
John Wyatt, age 62, b. KY.
Born in Missouri: Catherine 25, Margaret 18, John 16, Lucy 13
Phrazie Ward age 18 [male] also lived in the household.
Next door was
John Dunham age 31 and Harriet age 19, b. MO.

1860 Cream Ridge, Livingston Co MO
J. S. Dunham age 48, Harriet age 22, b. MO and 5 children.
John Wyatt, age 72, b. KY
Wyatt Family Research Notes
by Donald M. Ricks
Henry4 Wyatt, who was probably a son of Anthony3 Wyatt (son of Capt. Nicholas2 Wyatt), married Mary ---, and had issue Francis Wyatt, born about 1760, who lived in North Carolina and had three sons, Capt. John Wyatt [Perquimans Co.], a soldier of the war of 1812. Anthony and Douglas Wyatt, was a descendant of this Wyatt family. These brothers removed first to Montgomery County, Ky., and afterwards, about 1816, to Missouri. (See Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.)
A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri with numerous sketches, anecdotes, adventures, etc.,
relating to Early Days in Missouri. Also the lives of
Daniel Boone and the celebrated Indian chief Black Hawk,
with numerous Biographies and Histories of Primitive institutions
By William S. Bryan and Robert Rose
Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1876
Transcribed by Joanne Scobee Morgan <> SHARP, Thomas Sharp was a native of Ireland, but emigrated to America, and settled first in Pennsylvania, from whence he removed to Washington co., Va. He was married twice, and by his first wife he had John, Thomas, Jr., and Benjamin. By his second wife he had but one child, David, who became a Methodist minister and lived and died in Virginia. Thomas Jr., settled in Ky. Benjamin was a soldier in the Rev. war, and was in Colonel Campbell's command at the battle of King's Mountain. He married HANNAH FULKERSON, of Va., and their children were James F., John D., Polly C., Jacob L., Catharine E., Attosa P., Hannah D., Peter L., Elvira E., Malinda M., Margaret J., and Benjamin F. In 1816 Mr. Sharp removed to Mo. with all his family except John and Malinda, and settled in (now) Warren co., three miles east of Pinckney. When Montgomery co. was organized in 1818, he was appointed clerk of the county and circuit courts, and held the position until the state was admitted into the union. A small log cabin was built in his yard and used as a court house, until the county seat was located at Pinckney, which was named for his daughter, Attosa Pinckney Sharp. Mr. Sharp died at the old homestead in 1843; his wife died two years previous. Their son, James, married CATHARINE NEIL. Polly C., married JERRY H. NEIL. Jacob L. married HARRIET VANCE. After the organization of the state government he bought the offices of County and circuit clerk from a man named LONG, who had been appointed by Gov. McNail. He paid $100 for those offices, and continued to hold them by election until 1865. He was a bald-headed man, and wore his hat on all occasions, including the sitting of the courts, a privilege which all the judges allowed him. While the county seat was located at Lewiston he made a regular practice of taking the prisoners out of the jail and exercising them. He died in 1869. Attosa Sharp married CAPT. JOHN WYATT, a soldier of the war of 1812. Hannah D. married B--TON (BEATON? BESTON?) CALLAHAN. Peter L. married JANE JOHNSON. Elvira married JAMES HUGHES. Catharine E. married CONRAD CARPENTER. Margaret J. married FREDERICK HAMILTON, was was editor of the Columbia, Mo. Patriot. Benjamin F. is a physician and is the only one of the twelve brothers and sisters who is still living. He married MARY H. McGHEE, and resides on his farm near Montgomery City, respected and honored by all who know him. Samuel T. and Benjamin F., sons of Jacob L. Sharp, are well known and prominent citizens of Montgomery co.
extracts from The History of Pettis County, Missouri by Mark A. McGruder - 1919
TRADER, Dr. Charles Bell : Son of Dr. John B. Trader who was born March 6, 1837 and was the son of Moses and Rebecca R. Wells Trader. Dr. John Trader married twice, his first wife being Miss Lucy A. W. Wyatt, daughter of Capt. John Wyatt. In 1867 he married Miss Tillie B. Batterton of Danville, KY. They had seven children: Hattie b. 1868 m. Dr. C.E. Fletcher; Dr. Charles Bell; Arthur Montgomery born 1872; John William b. 1875; George Henry b. 1877; Clara Matilda Hope b. 1879 m. Otto J. Schien; Randolph Foster b. 1882; Emmet Everett b. 1889. Dr. Charles Bell Trader married in 1902 Marian Tuck Batterton, dau of George D. and Hattie Williams Batterton. To this marriage has been born a daughter, Francis Ware Trader.



Mary "Polly" WYATT was born about 1792.

Mary married William Clyce on 5 Mar 1819 in Montgomery Co KY.

1820 Montgomery Co KY Census
Wm Clice. 1m -10, 1m 10-16, 1m 26-45. 2f -10, 1f 26-45.
It would appear that Mary was a second wife.
He is on the same page with Frank and William Wyatt

1840 Pinckney Twp, Warren Co MO. listed next to John Wyatt Jr.
William Clyce. 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 50-60. 1f 5-10, 1f 40-50.

1850 Warren Co MO, District 99. Still living next to John Wyatt and with Emsley Fourt and family in his household.
William Clyce, age 69, b. KY. Mary age 58, b. KY
William 22, b. MO, Thomas J., 15, b. MO
Caroline Carter, age 20, b. MO



Malinda WYATT was born on 19 December 1794.

Malinda said to have married Andrew Helm on 3 May 1821, Montgomery Co KY. I did not find this marriage. I do not know the source of her birthdate.

I do not know if this can be this couple, but they are about the right age.
1840 Census. Russell Co KY
Andrew Helm. 2m -5, 1m 30-40. 1f -5, 3f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 30-40
Bartholemew and Jacob Helm also lived in Russell Co. I found none of these Helms earlier in 1830.

1850 Census in Montgomery Co KY has the following:
Hh 210
Uriah Holley, age 40, b. VA
Sarah, age 28, b. KY
Mary A. 3 and Ann E. 1
Nancy Helms age 13, and Andrew Helms age 12



Anthony WYATT was born about 1795. He died in 1871 at the age of 76.

Anthony Wyatt married 9 May 1816 in Montgomery Co KY to Mary Smith.
He is said to have died 19 Apr 1871 in Warren Co MO

1830 Census Charette, Montgomery Co MO. Same page with brothers Douglas and John.
Anthony Wyatt. 2m 5-10, 3m 10-15, 2m 30-40. 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 30-40

1840 Census Charette, Warren Co MO
Anthony Wyatt. 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 40-50. 1f 10-15, 1f 40-50.

Anthony & Douglas & John were all in Missouri in 1840. One of them apparently had a son Haden because their brother Haden was still in Kentucky. On the same page with Douglas is:
Haden Wyatt 2m -5, 1m 30-40, 1f 20-30

1850 Warren Co MO
Anthony Wyatt, age 55, b. KY. Mary age 52, b. KY
James 33 b. MO. Nancy J. age 19, b. MO.

1860 Warren Co MO
Francis Wyatt, age 41, b. MO
Franka S. [f], age 5, b. MO
Anthony Wyatt, age 66, b. KY. Mary age 62, b. KY

1870 Warren Co MO
Anthony Wyatt, age 75, b. KY. Mary age 72, b. KY



William WYATT was born between 1795 and 1800.

I have nothing for this son except there was a William Wyatt in the 1820 Montgomery Co KY census. He was on the same page as Frank [Francis?] Wyatt and William Clice who had married his sister Mary "Polly" Wyatt.
William Wyatt was listed with 1 male age 16-26 [b. say 1795-1800], 1 female child under 10 and 1 female who was also age 16-26.



Douglas WYATT was born between 1790 and 1800. He died in 1843 at the age of 53 in Missouri.

Douglas said to have married Elizabeth See - I've not found a marriage. He is said to have died 1843 in Missouri.

1830 Census Charette, Montgomery Co MO. On the same page as Anthony and John Wyatt.
Duglass Wyatt. 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 30-40, 1m 40-50 [probably Douglas, born between 1790-1800] 1f 5-10, 2f 15-20, 1f 40-50

1840 Census. Charette Warren Co MO [Warren Co formed from Montgomery in 1833]
Douglas Wyatt. 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 50-60 [Douglas]. 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30, 1f 50-60

Anthony & Douglas & John were all in Missouri in 1840. One of them apparently had a son Haden because their brother Haden was still in Kentucky. On the same page with Douglas is:
Haden Wyatt 2m -5, 1m 30-40, 1f 20-30

1850 Census. Warren Co MO Hh 148. Between the family of Douglas Wyatt, age 32, b. KY and Haden Wyatt, age 44, b. KY.
Elizabeth Wyatt - apparently the widow of Douglas - age 68, b. VA
Elizabeth Bowls, age 5, and Martha A. Bowls, age 4, both b. Missouri
A Mary Margaret Bowls married Thomas "Bowels" on 11 Aug 1842 in Warren Co.. Perhaps a daughter of Douglas & Elizabeth that is now deceased. These two little girls could be hers. I also believe Douglas & Haden living on either side were likely sons of Douglas & Elizabeth.
Hh 147
Douglas Wyatt, age 32, b. KY. M. F. Wyatt, age 23, b. VA [female]
Children born in MO. M. B. [f] age 3. J. T. [m] age 3. S. [f] age 1 month.

Hh 149
Haden Wyatt, age 44, b. KY. R. F. Wyatt, age 32, b. TN [female]
Children born in MO. W. J. [m] age 12. ?Hannah [f] age 8. T. H. [m] age 5.
E. S. Cooper [f] age 27 b. TN

A listing of children for Douglas & Elizabeth includes Hayden, b. 1806, Francis, b. 1815, Douglas Jr b. 1818. Also Amanda, Joseph & Mary.



Francis WYATT died in 1850 in Missouri.

It is said that the younger Francis died in 1850 in Missouri. I have not been able to find any traces of him. There was a Francis Wyatt in Warren Co MO in 1850 but he was a much younger man, possibly a son of Anthony.



Joseph WYATT was born (date unknown).

No further information on Joseph except that he is said to have died in Franklin Co MO.



Haden WYATT was born on 14 March 1803.

Haden Wyatt married Mary Kirk, 21 Nov 1822, Montgomery Co KY.

1830 Census Montgomery Co KY
Haden Wyatt 2m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30, 1f 20-30

1840 Census Montgomery Co KY
Hayden Wyatt 1m -5, 2m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 30-40
1f 5-10, 1f 30-40

1850 Census Montgomery Co KY
Haden Wyatt, age 47, b. KY. Mary age 47.
John 24, Luther 20, Julia A. 18, James F. 16, Lemuel 13, Benj. F. 10 and Joseph D. age 7.

Other children were Andrew Jackson, b. in 1823, Francis Marshall b. 1825.

Son John Sinclair Wyatt kept a Bible and the births of the children are recorded. It states that Mary Kirk Wyatt died on 22 Aug 1852. Apparently Haden's death was not recorded in the Bible, but he is not found after the 1850 census.

Sons John, A. J. and Benjamin continued to live in Montgomery Co KY.



Sarah "Sally" WYATT was born in 1810.

One source suggested Sarah had married someone named Fort. I did not find that name, nor did I find a marriage, but I believe Sarah married Emsley Fourt.

1840, Charette, Warren Co MO
Emsley Fourt. 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 30-40. 1f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 20-30

1850, Warren Co MO, District 99. Living in the household of William Clyce and Mary [Sarah's sister] is:
Emsley Fourt, age 41, b. KY
S. N. Fourt, age 40 b. KY [female]
Children born in MO: John W. age 17, Mary 15, Nancy 11, W. A. 13, Sarah A. 9, Martha 7, and Emsley 5.

Sarah may be older than indicated. Or she might even be a daughter of Capt John Wyatt. The span of the births of the children seems to be too many years for all of them to have been born to Ann Haden Wyatt.