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Fourth Generation

274. Major J. PRICE92 was born on 21 April 1793.119

Middle initial may be I or J; appears different in nearly every record.
I's and J's are made identically in the various records of Logan County. Sometimes, eventually the rest of the name makes it plain. Most transcribed and abstracted records use "I" even in cases where I know without a doubt that the initial was "J". Given that few names do start with "I", in my opinion most of these should be J's. The middle initial of Major Price is no exception - it is highly likely his name was Major Johnson Price.

Logan Co Tax Rolls:
Major Price first appeared in 1814 with 270 acres on the Gasper River, Harvey [I have other deeds that refer to Harvey's miliary survey - I'm sure this Harvey]. 4 slaves, 3 horses. Wigginton's Co - 1814. Whitsitt's Co - 1815

1820 Logan County Census, he is age 26-45 (he was 27) with probable spouse age 16-26 and two sons under 10. By 1830 he is age 30-40 and so is spouse; two sons age 10-15.

Logan County KY Court Records Book 8 (1822-1827) LDS #0364563
p,127, 5 Oct 1824 Major I Price is named one of the commissioners to settle with William Haden Administrator of Wm Haden Decd.

Logan Co DB Q, p.537 5 Sep 1831 Major J. Price to Daniel S. Dunscomb & Thomas Price of the 2nd part and Eliza G. Price, wife of the 3rd part. For affection. Deed of trust of slaves and furniture for Eliza without hindrance of said Major J. Price. Signed: Major J. Price, Daniel S. Dunscomb, Thomas Price, Eliza G. Price. Wit: David Price, John P. Johnson, Thomas J. Johnson. Proved by David Price & John P. Johnson. Rec. 5 Sep 1831.
[Daniel Dunscomb was Eliza's brother; Thomas Price was Major's brother. David Price was another brother. John P & Thomas J Johnson were Major's nephews, son of his sister Nancy.]

Logan Co DB T, p.125 30 May 1834 Major J. Price to Robert Wilson. $70 Tract formerly owned by John Price Senr dec'd lying on waters of Gasper River. Corner to Joseph Morton; head of a spring; corner to William C. Price, rock on the N side of the road, thence with the road; corner to William Poore. Signed: Major J. Price. Rec. 2 Jun 1834.

The death date given for Major Price in the Price Records is the same as his wife's which is on her grave marker. I think this is highly unlikely.

Major J. PRICE and Elizabeth G. DUNSCOMB were married on 13 September 1814 in Logan County, Kentucky.446,450 Elizabeth G. DUNSCOMB92, daughter of Samuel Bedloe DUNSCOMB and Lucy Caliborne DUVAL, was born on 3 April 1794 in New York, New York.183,439,442 She died on 23 April 1841 at the age of 47 in Logan County, Kentucky.183,439,442
Logan Co DB U; p.313 For love & affection I Daniel S. Dunscomb bear towards my sister Eliza G. Price and for $1. Deliver to M. B. Morton, trustee for use & benefit of said Eliza G. Price, one old Negro man Emanuel, one other old man Phill, and one old woman Sally. Not to be subject to debts or contracts of her husband Major J. Price. To go to her children at her death. Signed: Daniel S. Dunscomb Rec. 4 May 1836

Major J. PRICE and Elizabeth G. DUNSCOMB had the following children:



Mary E. B. PRICE.



James M. PRICE was born on 28 July 1815.451 He died on 13 February 1816 at the age of 0.451



Samuel DuVal Dunscomb PRICE.



John W. PRICE.



Daniel PRICE.