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Fourth Generation

260. George Greene HADEN162 was born in 1815 or 1819 in Alabama.426 He died circa 1866 at the age of 51.

George G. Haden was granted a land patent near Robert G. Haden in Macon Co AL dated 12 Aug 1844. However, the families had already gone to Louisiana.

Marriage Record: George G. Haden to Jane E. W. Hewitt, 19 Jul 1843, DeSoto Parish Marriage Book A, 5.
By 1850, George had a different wife. It's possible Jane died early in the marriage, and George married Martha or Ann Taylor who was the mother of his daughter Ann. Then in the 1860 census, George's wife was Mary C. who was apparently the mother of baby Henry and three other children. That would make at least three wives for George. He seems to have been rather unlucky with wives, and since the 2nd and 3rd wives were from Alabama, he must have kept up ties in that state.

The first record of the police jury is dated 5 Jun 1843 ....Captain of patrols for Ward No. 4 was George Haden
The first district court journal opened 2 May 1844 ....Grand Jury included George G. Haden, Robert Haden.

Alabama Marriages, 1809-1920
George G. Haden to Martha A. K. Taylor, 10 Jun 1848, Montgomery, AL

George G. Haden was living in DeSoto Parish LA in 1850. Mary L. Fisher Haden, widow, is there; also her sons Robert, Alexander and Joseph. The George in LA, age 35, has a female, whose name is partially obscured, A___that [could be Martha as he's said to have married a Martha A. Taylor] A. age 21 and Ann E. age 1 born in LA. Both George and lady born in Alabama which would be correct for George. As far as I know Robert Gillespie Haden and family lived in North Carolina, Alabama [Macon Co], Mississippi and then Louisiana. George Haden in DeSoto is a slave-owner as are the other members of the family and he had in his household one Thos. Marr, age 25, as Overseer - the other Haden households also employed overseers.

1850 Census. De Soto Parish, Louisiana, Hh 610
Geo.G. Haden, age 35, planter, b. AL
Martha A., 21, b. AL
Ann E., age 1, b. LA
Thos. Marr, age 25, overseer, b. NC

1860, DeSoto Parish, LA, Household 428:
Geo. G. Haden age 41, planter, Value of Real estate $20,000; Personal prop $65,000., b. AL. Mary C. age 34 b. TN. Anna A. age 11 b. LA, Harry H. age 8 months. This would appear to be a 2nd wife for George. He owned 60 slaves.

George may have died before 1870, because Mary C. Haden and Henry H. were living back in Talladega Co, AL with her parents. There were two younger children - Etta Green, age 8, and William age 4. Henry and Etta born in Louisiana, but William born in Alabama.

George seems to have been the first of the Hadens to move from Alabama. The earliest of the federal land patents is dated 30 Jun 1841 and is to George Green Haden of Alabama. 159.76 acres in the NE qtr of S15, Twp 11, R 13. Land office at Natchitoches.

Note the following is the wrong George Haden - spelling was likely most often Hayden and not part of this family. There is a book in the Birmingham City Library, self-published, that contains the following mis-connection.

The ancestors of Eleanor Thompson Haydon of Birmingham are given as George and Rachel McLoud Haden. She placed her George in the family of Robert G. and Mary Fisher Haden and called him George Sossaman Haden. I believe this was an error. Mrs. Haydon had hired someone to research for her and perhaps they did not have enough information on the Haden family.

George S. Haden:
1840 Census living in Jefferson Co AL.
1850 - Jefferson Co: Geo. S. with Rachel and 4 children.
1860 Census revealed the family had moved to Blount Co AL. There are some very puzzling things about this particular George Haden and he would appear to be a different George, not the son of Robert Gillespie Haden.

I believe that the George "Sossaman" Haden whose descendants are found in Alabama is from an entirely different family and possibly should never have been linked with the North Carolina Hadens, sons of Anthony of Goochland. Certainly he could not have lived in two places at once.

George Greene HADEN and Jane E. W. HEWITT were married on 19 July 1843 in Desoto Parish, Louisiana. Jane E. W. HEWITT was born (date unknown).

George Greene HADEN and Martha A. K. TAYLOR were married on 10 June 1848 in Montgomery County, Alabama. Martha A. K. TAYLOR was born in 1829 in Alabama.

George Greene HADEN and Martha A. K. TAYLOR had the following children:



Anna HADEN was born in 1849 in Desoto Parish, Louisiana.

George Greene HADEN and Mary Cunningham SHELLEY were married on 13 January 1859. Mary Cunningham SHELLEY427, daughter of William Parke SHELLEY and Margaret F. ETTER, was born on 18 February 1836 in Tennessee. She died on 6 April 1874 at the age of 38.

I found the story of Mary's family in a letter written by her brother Henry. The letter is posted online and states that it is was found in the Shelley folder at the Austin History Center. The recipient of this letter is not known but it was written in response to an invitation to attend a family reunion of descendants of their aunt, Abigail Woodward, their father's sister. the letter is dated 13 Aug 1887 and sent from Austin, Texas to A. H. Smith, of Lyons, Nebraska..

Here is an excerpt from the letter - there are more details than shown here:

My father, WILLIAM P. SHELLEY (brother of Mrs. Abigail Woodward), was born October 23d, 1801. He was married to Margaret F. Etter, May 25, 1824. To them were born eleven children, as follows:

1st. NATHAN GEORGE , born February 20th, 1825. He was married to his cousin, Sarah F. Shelley, (daughter of Jacob D. Shelley), Nov. 24th, 1854.

2d. ELIZABETH M., was born February 13th, 1827, and died June 18, 1827.

3d. SARAH JANE, was born June 8, 1829; was married to Bolivar Eason , March 2d, 1847.

4th. JAMES ETTER, was born September 2d, 1831; was never married; was colonel of the 10th Alabama (Confederate) Regiment; was killed in battle while commanding his regiment in front of Petersburg, Virginia, on the 22d of June, 1864.

5th. CHARLES MILLER, was born December 25, 1833; was married to Kathleen McConnell, June 15th, 1865. His wife (Kathleen) died at the birth of her daughter, Kathleen (2d), and he (Charles M.) afterwards married his sister-in-law, Olivia McConnell. He was a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army.

6th. MARY CUNNYNGHAM, was born February 18, 1836; was married to George G. Haden, January 13, 1859. There were born to them four children, to-wit: Henry, Etter Green, James, and William Shelley. James died in infancy, the other children are living. Their mother (Mrs. Haden) died April 6th, 1874; her husband had previously died.

7th. WILLIAM E., was born July 20, 1838, and died December 19, 1853.

8th. Henry E. Shelley ,(the writer) was born March 15th, 1841 : was married to Cornelia W. Rice, March 30th , 1870.

9th. HARRIET M., was born July 23, 1843; was married to Jesse G. Wait, April 10, 1873.

10th and 11th. Margaret F. and Martha H. (twins) were born August 17, 1846. Margaret died in February and Martha died in March, 1855 - they were about 8 years old.

My father and mother died in 1874 : Mother, May 20th, and father, October 10th. If mother had lived five days longer, she and father would have celebrated their golden wedding. [places their marriage as 25 May 1824]

George Greene HADEN and Mary Cunningham SHELLEY had the following children:



Henry Horace HADEN.



Etta Greene HADEN was born in 1862 in Desoto Parish, Louisiana.

Etta was with her mother in Talladega Co AL in 1870, but she must have returned to Louisiana. Etta Greene Haden married Stanley B. Foster, 8 Nov 1893, DeSoto Parish, LA.

The family letter spells her name Etter, like her grandmother's maiden name. With the Alabama southern accent, it was likely pronounced "Etta".



James HADEN427 was born circa 1864. He died circa 1864 at the age of 0.

Died in infancy. He is listed in the family letter as the third child, but no dates given.



William HADEN was born in 1866 in Alabama.

The census states that William was born in Alabama; I think it likely he was born following his father's death.