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Fifth Generation

328. Joel Harris HADEN was born on 12 September 1811 in Scott County, Kentucky.1 He died on 1 March 1888 at the age of 76 in Columbia, Boone County, Missouri.1

Sarah and Zerelda Kirtley were sisters and 1st cousins once removed to Joel Harris Haden

On 27 Feb 1850, Joel Haden, and John & Nancy Harris and their 10 children including a married daughter and her husband, requested division of 24 slaves they held as tenants in common. I believe the slaves had been those of Joel & Nancy Harris's father, Turner Richardson Haden. Haden owned 4/5 of the slaves - apparently he had bought out his other siblings, while the Harris children were entitled to 1/5. There may have been a trust for the Harris children. 28 slaves are listed by name, but as the sheriff reported, one infant had died before the sale, and two had been born. Proceeds from the sale of 26 slaves, sold at public auction on 7 Nov 1850 was $9294.00. John and Nancy asked that a trustee be appointed to take charge of their interest. They had anticipated a partition of the slaves themselves and did not expect to be paid in money. They requested their share of the money be used to purchase slaves for their natural lives and for their children in remainder, as they were "old and infirm".
Petition #21185014, Boone Co Circuit Court; case reference found "Digital Library on American Slavery".

1850 Census. Boone Co MO. Hh 983
Joel H. Haden, age 40, Farmer, b. KY
Zerelda, age 30, b. KY
Margaret Haden, 15, b. MO
William Cave, age 46, b. KY
Mary, 45, b. KY
Franklin, 21, student at law, b. MO
Obera, age 7, b. MO.

Found in History of Boone Couty, MO, Ranfre Press, 1882, on Google Books
p.435, Janury 1, 1864 of slaves belonging to the estate of John Shock, dec'd, sold to the highest bidder, before the court house door, in Columbia, by Joel H. Haden and David Shock, executors:
Jane, age 48 to F. T. Russell. Zerrelda, 7, to Henry Shock. Laura, 9, to David Shock. Jim, age 35 to J. H. Haden, Kirt, 16 to Henry Shock. Nat, 13, to Isam Williams. Hannah, 30 and three children, 6, 4, and 1 year, to J. H. Haden.

1860 Census. Columbia Twp, Boone Co MO. Hh 634
Joel H. Haden, age 49, b. KY. Zerelda, age 40, b. KY.
John W. Carter, age 35, b. VA. Margaret 27, b. MO. Sarah 5, Joel 1.
Hugh Brennard, age 40, shoemaker, b. Ireland
Section 20, page 1474, R.S. Mo. 1855, prohibited a slave from going upon the plantation of any person not his master, unless sent there on lawful business. About one year before the civil war, Mr. Joel H. Haden was a farmer living north of Columbia, and the owner of a number of slaves. One Saturday night, his slaves gave a dance and other slaves of the neighborhood were in attendance, the dance continued till the small hours. For having such a gathering, complaint was made to a Columbia justice, and twenty of the negro men were whipped at the John Lang meat market, on the court house square. Each negro received ten lashes, and Buck Lampton, the constable of Columbia township, officiated.

U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918; From NARA microfilm. Division 3, Collection District 4 of Missouri. Year of 1866.
Joel H. Haden of Columbia was taxed $1 on his Carriage.

1870. I found John and Margaret Carter still in Boone Co. Joel was not with them.

1880 Census. Columbia, Boone Co MO. Hh 55
Joel H. Hayden, age 68, b. KY, parents b. VA. Sallie, wife, age 50, b. MO, parents b. KY
William A. Bright, son-in-law, age 28, b. MO, parents b. VA. Sallie F., 22, his wife, b. MO, father b. KY, mother b. MO. Ada, dau, age 4. Zerelda, dau, age 2. Maggie, dau, age 4 months, born in Feb. Sallie was actually a granddaughter, William Bright a grandson-in-law.

Columbia Cemetery, Haden family plot
Joel Harris Haden
Birth: Sep. 12, 1811
Georgetown (Scott County), Scott County, Kentucky, USA
Death: Mar. 1, 1888
Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, USA

Son of Turner Richardson Haden, Sr.
Brother of Turner Richardson Haden, Jr.
Nephew of Rev. Joel Harris Haden, a pioneering preacher in the Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church.

Married Sarah Cave Talbott on August 9, 1832, who died in 1835. Married Zerelda Kirtley on July 4, 1838, who died in 1870. Married Sarah Kirtley on Sept. 28, 1872.

Farmer and founder of the Haden Opera House in Columbia on Ninth Street and Broadway. The original Opera House burned and the current Haden Building was erected on the same site.
Columbia Notable Properties:
901 E. Broadway, Haden Building, 1921. On the site of the first Haden Opera House, which burned, Commerce Bank renovated the building in 2009. It was named to the Most Notable Properties List in 2011,

I found a newspaper account from the Columbia Missourian, dated 22 Jan 1982, Two Families Keep Haden House Alive for 150 Years; Kentucky rail-splitter built Boone County landmark. The house was in 1982, a restaurant on U. S. Highway 63, north of Columbia, specializing in home-style cooking and run by the Morris family. The Haden House was 150 years old that year. It was described as a renovated plantation home of classical design with tall arched windows. There was a basement made of solid stone slabs sets side to side. The home's first 120 years involve the Haden family. Jose Harris Haden came with his family from Scott County, KY to the Columbia area in the fall of 1828, along with his widowed mother. Seventeen-year-old Joel got his first job splitting rails at 37 1/2 cents per 100. He rented land near Columbia and was able to build the house in 1831. On 9 Aug 1832, he married a girl from Bourbon Co KY - 19-year-old Sarah Talbott. It's thought he built the house for his new bride. The couple's only child was Margaret, born in December of 1833. Sarah Talbott Haden died in 1835.
On 4 Jul 1838, Haden married Zerelda Kirtley, also a daughter of Kentucky emigrants. The stories vary -either they had no children, a son who died in infancy, or two sons, James W. Haden and Turner R. S. Haden. [The latter is true, but both boys died young.]
Haden was one of the organizers of the Exchange National Bank of Columbia and a director for many years. One of his great-grandsons, Haden Bright, was a banker both in Montana and Columbia. Haden was one of the first subscribers to the University. He built the Haden Opera House in the 1880's on the northeast corner of Ninth and Broadway; it later burned.
Although Haden had slaves, he supported the Union during the Civil War and began paying his slaves wages. There is still a cement slab in back of the house where the slave quarters were. [this might have been the outdoor kitchen instead]
In 1882 when "History of Boone County" was written, Haden's farm was 900 acres and he owned another 600 acres in other locations. He was at the time, age 71, but said not to look over 50.
Zerelda died in 1870 and two years later, Haden married her sister Sarah who was 20 years younger than he.
Haden's daughter Margaret married John W. Carter in 1854 and their daughter Sarah Carter married William Bright of Callaway County and had seven children. One of their children was Haden Bright, banker.
The Haden House has been expanded by wings four times; the main part remains much as it was. When Haden Bright died in 1954, the house was sold to Buck Buchanan who sold the house and the surrounding 8 acres and moved to Florida. The new owners had an unsuccessful restaurant. The house was empty for about a year and was vandalized. Ivor Morris's banker brought the property to his attention and they bought the House four years ago and have made it into a popular restaurant.

Joel Harris HADEN and Sarah Cave TALBOTT were married on 9 August 1832 in Boone County, Missouri.495 Sarah Cave TALBOTT, daughter of Richard TALBOTT and Martha CAVE, was born on 2 April 1813 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.1 She died on 15 May 1835 at the age of 22 in Boone County, Missouri.1

1900 Census. Columbia Twp, Boone Co, MO Hh 93
Joel W. Carter, b. Jun 1860, age 39, married 13 years, b. MO, father b. VA, mother b. MO, farmer
Emma L., wife, b. Aug 1865, age 35, 3 children, b. MO, parents b. MO
Nelle M., dau, b. Oct 1887, age 12, b. MO
Margaret E., dau, b. Jun 1889, age 10, b. MO
Frances M., dau, b. Jul 1891, age 8, b. MO
Sarah Hayden, G-Mother, b. Mar 1831, age 69, widow, had 1 children, none living, b. MO

Sarah Cave Talbott Haden
Birth: Apr. 2, 1813
Bourbon County
Kentucky, USA
Death: May 15, 1835
Boone County
Missouri, USA
*First wife of Joel Harris Haden, founder of Haden Opera House. Married on August 9, 1832.
Columbia Cemetery
Boone County
Missouri, USA
Plot: Haden Family Plot

Joel Harris HADEN and Sarah Cave TALBOTT had the following children:



Margaret HADEN.

Joel Harris HADEN and Zerelda KIRTLEY were married on 4 July 1838 in Boone County, Missouri.495 Zerelda KIRTLEY, daughter of James KIRTLEY and Mariah CAVE, was born on 1 January 1820.1 She died on 3 November 1870 at the age of 50 in Boone County, Missouri.1

Zerelda is buried Columbia Cemetery, Columbia, Boone Co, MO, with Joel H. Haden.

Joel Harris HADEN and Zerelda KIRTLEY had the following children:



James Walter HADEN was born on 31 May 1839 in Boone County, Missouri.1 He died on 3 November 1842 at the age of 3.1



Turner R. S. HADEN was born on 28 September 1845 in Boone County, Missouri.1 He died on 17 August 1847 at the age of 1.1

Joel Harris HADEN and Sarah KIRTLEY were married on 28 September 1872.1 Sarah KIRTLEY, daughter of James KIRTLEY and Mariah CAVE, was born on 23 February 1831 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.1 She died on 4 November 1916 at the age of 85 in Boone County, Missouri.1

In 1900 Sarah "Hayden" was living in the household of step-grandson Joel W. Carter.