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Fifth Generation

325. Nancy C. HADEN499 was born on 15 October 1801 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.1 She died on 3 April 1890 at the age of 88 in Garfield County, Washington.1

On 27 Feb 1850, Joel Haden, and John & Nancy Harris and their 10 children including a married daughter and her husband, requested division of 24 slaves they held as tenants in common. I believe the slaves had been those of Joel & Nancy Harris's father, Turner Richardson Haden. Haden owned 4/5 of the slaves - apparently he had bought out his other siblings, while the Harris children were entitled to 1/5. There may have been a trust for the Harris children. 28 slaves are listed by name, but as the sheriff reported, one infant had died before the sale, and two had been born. Proceeds from the sale of 26 slaves, sold at public auction on 7 Nov 1850 was $9294.00. John and Nancy asked that a trustee be appointed to take charge of their interest. They had anticipated a partition of the slaves themselves and did not expect to be paid in money. They requested their share of the money be used to purchase slaves for their natural lives and for their children in remainder, as they were "old and infirm".
Petition #21185014, Boone Co Circuit Court; case reference found "Digital Library on American Slavery".

I believe from the above suggestion of 11 children [I believe there were actually 10 plus Martha's husband George Chadwell] and the census, I was able to determine the children of John & Nancy C. Haden Harris.

1850 Census. Boone Co, MO, Hh 838
John H. Harris, age 69, farmer, b. VA
Nancy C. Harris, age 51, b. KY
Martha Chadwell, 30, b. KY
George Chadwell, 30, Carpenter, b. VA
Margarett Chadwell, 4, b. MO
Nancy, 3, b. MO
Mary, 2, b. MO
Joel Harris, 19, Cabinet work, b. KY
Jefferson Harris, 14, b. MO
Woodson Harris, 12, b. MO
William Harris, 10, b. MO
Rebecka Harris, age 20, b. MO
Catharine Harris, age 6, b. MO

On the next page, and living with the family of Thomas A. McCormick, is Nathaniel Harris, age 16, b. MO

I believe John Harris, age 25, living in Boone Co in the household of Stephens Liechman, is probably also a son. He was a farmer, b. KY and he made have had a wife, Lucy A., age 23.

Another probable son is James S. Harris, age 31, farmer, b. KY - also in Boone Co. His wife Elvira, age 26, b. KY. Children, Cephas O. 9, John W. 7, Susan F. 6, James A. 4, Nancy E. 2, and Ann E. age 2 months - all born in Missouri.

1860 Census. Columbia, Boone Co MO, Hh 1329
Nancy C. Harris, age 59, b. KY
Woodson, 24. Cornelia 18.
John B., age 8, Joel B., age 7

1870 Census. Monmouth, Polk Co, Oregon, Hh 211
Mark W. Harris, age 34, Teamster, b. MO
Addie, 21, b. MO
Nancy, age 69, b. KY
Joel Chadwell, age 16, b. MO

In 1880 there was no Garfield Co in Washington - it was created in 1881 from Columbia Co. Columbia had been formed from Walla Walla Co in 1875.
1880 Census. Columbia, WA, Hh 216
Marcus W. Harris, age 44, b. MO, parent b. KY [I believe this is Woodson]
Adilade E., 31, wife, b. MO
Richard O. age 9, son, b. Wash.Ter., parents b. MO [same for all the children]
Cornelia A., 6, dau,
Lavenia L., 4, dau
Bertha R., 1, dau
Nancy C., age 78, mother, b. KY, parents b. VA
Joel Chadwell, age 27, nephew, b. MO, father, b. VA, mother b. MO

Nancy C. HADEN and John H. HARRIS were married on 20 December 1815 in Scott County, Kentucky.1 John H. HARRIS499 died on 11 May 1859 in Boone County, Missouri. He was born in Virginia.

John's parents were Nathaniel Harris and Mary Howard. They were married 17 Mar 1782 in Goochland Co VA. Nathaniel Harris died 1817 in Woodford Co, KY. Mary Howard Harris was born 17 Feb 1769 in Goochland Co VA, died 29 Jun 1837, Woodford, Co KY.

Nancy C. HADEN and John H. HARRIS had the following children:



James S. HARRIS was born in 1819 in Kentucky.



Martha HARRIS was born in 1820 in Kentucky.

Married George Chadwell - they were living with her parents in 1850.



John HARRIS was born in 1825 in Kentucky.



Rebecca HARRIS was born in 1830 in Missouri.



Joel HARRIS was born in 1831 in Missouri.



Nathaniel HARRIS was born in 1834 in Missouri.



Jefferson HARRIS was born in 1836 in Missouri.



Marcus Woodson HARRIS was born in 1838 in Missouri.



William HARRIS was born in 1840 in Missouri.



Catharine HARRIS was born in 1844 in Missouri.