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Fifth Generation

429. Nancy F. HADEN92 was born before 1805.262 She died before 1835 at the age of 30.454

Logan County KY Court Records Book 8 (1822-1827) LDS #0364563
p.15 March Term 1823: Wm Haden appointed guardian to Nancy J Haden, she ordered her willingness.
p.154 Mar 7, 1825 Wm Haden is guardian of Nancy Newman late Nancy Haden and seeks settlement.

Logan Co DB Q, p.481 4 May 1831 Josiah Newman & Nancy J his wife of Mississippi to Gideon Childres of Logan Co. $400 for tract alloted to Nancy as one of the heirs of James Haden, dec'd. Adj George McNeely's head right survey, corner to the Shakers, in the Dower line, Emily Haden's line. 200 acres. Another tract of 25 acres of timberland. Signed: Josiah Newman, Nancy J. Newman. Nancy relinquished dower in Madison Co MS; Solomon Higginbotham, Chief Justice. Rec. in Logan Co 6 Jun 1831.
[The deed from the division of the estate of James Haden for Nancy's allotment isn't in the book near the others, dated Sep of 1828. However, it's obvious that Nancy received her share.]

Nancy F. HADEN and Josiah NEWMAN were married on 2 August 1824 in Logan County, Kentucky.262,308,589 Josiah NEWMAN78,590, son of Benjamin NEWMAN and Olive [NEWMAN], was born in 1800 in Mississippi.

1830 Census. Madison Co MS
Josiah Newman: 2m under 5 [James & Benjamin], 1m 20-30. 1f under 5 [Elizabeth], 1f 20-30.

Josiah married second to Elenor E. Temple, 1 Oct 1835. Logan Co Ky Marriages. p.68.

However, Josiah and Nancy were living in Madison Co MS when they sold her inheritance in 1831.

Logan Co DB W, p.8
15 Aug 1838 Josiah Newman and Eleanor E. Newman his wife of Madison Co MS to William M. Haden of Logan Co KY. For $400. All claim in the undivided estate of James Haden, dec'd of Logan Co KY. Interest as divided from a previous conveyance [copy within] made by Wm. M. Haden & Eliza R. Haden to Josiah Newman on 24 Oct 1832.
Signed: Josiah Newman, Eleanor E. Newman. Acknowledged & Eleanor relinquished dower in Madison Co MS on the same day.
Deed enclosed dated 24 Oct 1832 Wm M. Haden & Eliza R. Haden his wife of Madison Co MS to Josiah Newman for $500. All right & title in undivided estate of James Haden, dec'd of Logan Co KY.
Signed: William M. Haden, Eliza N. Haden. Ack.& dower released in Madison Co MS on 2 Dec 1832. Certified as true copy by the Madison Co MS Clerk on 14 Aug 1838.
Filed and recorded in Logan Co KY 10 Sep 1838

Traces of possible father or other kin for Josiah.
Warren Co KY Deeds
DB A; p.262 8 May 1801 James & Nancy Crutcher to Obediah Newman, 478 acres, west fork of middle fork of Bays Creek. Tract granted Crutcher as assignee of Thornton Taylor, VA Continental Line on 18 Oct 1798.
A Simon Newman is found in the early Logan Co Court Records, 1795:
24 Mar 1795 Simon Newman granted writ of adquaddamnum for the condemnation of a mill seat on Muddy River, to meet there 25 April.
25 Aug 1795 Simon Newman registered his stock mark.
Sandi Gorin <>

Is this Josiah?
1850 Census. Carroll Co MS, Southern Division, Hh 294
Josiah Newman, age 50, born Mississippi
James, age 22, born MS.
Mary Newman, age 15, was living in Carroll Co in the household of James and Mary Gillespie, Hh 632. She might be the daughter Mary.

Plat maps in Madison Co MS, show Josiah Newman, as early as 1827. Also Uriah Newman, 1829, Henry Newman, 1829.

Nancy F. HADEN and Josiah NEWMAN had the following children:



James H. NEWMAN1 was born in 1828.



Benjamin NEWMAN1 was born (date unknown).



Elizabeth NEWMAN1 was born (date unknown).



Frances S. NEWMAN1 was born (date unknown).



Mary E. NEWMAN1 was born (date unknown).