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Third Generation

47. Judith HADEN159 was born on 19 May 1772.1,10,39 She died after 1817 at the age of 45.33

Douglas Register: Joseph Haden & Eliz. Hundley a daughter named Judith born May 19, 1772. Baptized Nov 5, 1772.

Marriage was 3 Nov 1788. Bondsman: Hy Young. Witness: Wm. Alexander

1810 Census. Rowan Co NC
Judith Hughes: 1m 10-16 [John], 1m 16-26 [Richmond]. 4f 10-16 [Sarah, Margaret, Nancy & Elizabeth], 1f 26-45 [Judith]. Seven slaves.

In 1809 Judith was granted 30 acres by NC as #1156 - a strip of land along the bank of the Yadkin River, nearly a mile in length; it was adjacent the original Sarget Hughes property.

10 Jul 1817 Richmond P. & John Hughes sold 313 acres to Jesse A. Pearson for $2200. The sons had reached 21 years and were selling their share of their father's property. This was part of the land Jesse Pearson sold later that year to Peter Hairston, called Coolemee Plantation.

1820 Census. Lincoln Co TN
Judith Hughes was living next door to her son-in-law John S. Price. There were two females, age 16-26 [no doubt Nancy & Elizabeth] and one female over age 45.

Judith HADEN and Sargent HUGHES were married on 3 November 1788 in Rowan County, North Carolina.1,160,161 Sargent HUGHES was born circa 1765. He died about 1803 at the age of 38 in Rowan County, North Carolina.33

Rowan Co NC Tax Lists 1757-1800; Annotated Transcriptions
Jo White Linn 1995; Self-published
1787 List of Capt. Pearson (Davie Co area, Forks of the Yadkin
William Heydon, 1wm 21-50, 3 wf, 4 B 12-60, 5B under 12, over 60
1789 Tax List of Capt Pearson's Co. (area that became Davie Co)
Unity Haydon, widow, 672 acres, 9 B polls
Douglas Haydon Sen: 564 acres, 1 wp 4 bp
Joseph Haydon, Sen: 500 acres, 1 wp 4 bp
Sarjeant Hughes: 1 wp, 2 bp
p.306 Stephen Pearson: 200 a, 1 wp
John Pearson, 300 a, 2 bp
Joseph Pearson: 500a
Richmond Pearson: 3241a, 1wp 13 bp

Abstracts of Deed Books 11-14 of Rowan Co NC 1786-1797
James W. Kluttz 1996
#2466 DB 13, p.848 3 Dec 1794
Wm Giles & wf Mary to Sergeant Hughes for 314# 264 ½ A in forks of Yadkin adj river, Caleb Osborn, McCulloh, and Richmond Pearson. Half of 529a Granville grant to this Grantor, other hald sold to Phillip Williams who had conveyed it to Richmond Pearson. Prvd Feb Ct 1795
[may be his first land purchase…]

1800 Rowan Co NC Census. Sarjent Hughes. 2m -10 [Richmond & John], 1m +45 [Sargent] 3f -10 [Sarah, Margaret, and ??], 1f 16-26 [Judith] 5 slaves

Will dated 24 Nov 1802. Named wife Judeth - she is to remain on the plantation and carry on the farm with the use of the Negroes, horses, personal property. If she remarries she will be allowed an equal proportion of the estate as each child. Some of cattle, horses to be sold to be appropriated to schooling of sons Richmond and John. Real estate to be divided equally between sons. When youngest child arrives at maturity then the whole of personal property to be divided among the daughters and sons. Judeth executrix and Mr. Joseph Pearson, executor. Witness: Hudson Hughes, Kitty Hughes, James McDaniel.
Probate 1803.
Note: Jo White Linn's will abstract also lists Montford Stokes as an executor. Witness James McDaniel signed with his mark. The sorrel mare named Kitty Fisher was to be sold. Slaves belonging to wife were Dick, Sam, Phillis & Sofia.

NOTE: The actual will also provides for Gen. Montford Stokes to have guardianship of Sargent's son John - Stokes is not listed as an executor.

Division of Negroes took place on 25 Nov 1817.
Judith Hughes, widow and Executrix. John Hughes and Richmond Hughes, sons. John S. Price in right of his wife Sarah. Joel Johnston in right of his wife Margaret. Ordered division.
Elizabeth drew Lot #1 - fellow Dick, girl Charity
John S. Hughes [under authority from his brother Richmond from whom he had purchased] - Lot #2 - fellow Ben and girl Maria
John Hughes - Lot #3 - boys Jacob and Alfred
Judith Hughes - Lot #4, woman Sarah and children Andrew & Giles
Joel Johnston - Lot #5, woman Philles, child George
John S. Price - Lot #6, boys Frank & Isaac
Nancy Hughes - Lot #7, woman Sophia & boy child Mathias
Cash payments were also made to equal the lots
Signed by: J. A. Pearson, R. Pearson, Samuel Van Etten, Nicho. W. Gaither, Saml. Jones, R. Pearson, Jr.

Judith HADEN and Sargent HUGHES had the following children:



Richmond Pearson HUGHES.



John S. HUGHES33 served in the military in 1812 at Regt. of Edmund Jones, Lt. Col., 5th Co, Militia NC in War of 1812.

Muster roll of the cavalry detached from the Militia of North Carolina. Regt. of Edmund Jones, Lt. Col., 5th Co. detached from the 7th Brigade. Listed are John Hughes and Richmond Hughes. War of 1812.



Sarah HUGHES44,161 was born (date unknown).

Sally B. Hughes married John S. Price, 10 Oct 1815 in Rowan Co NC. Bondsman was John S. Hughes [her brother]. Witness: Geo. Dunn.

1820 Census. Lincoln Co TN
Judith Hughes was living next door to her son-in-law John S. Price. There were two females, age 16-26 [no doubt Nancy & Elizabeth] and one female over age 45.
John S. Price had 1m under 5, himself age 26-45. 1f under 5, and 1f age 16-26 [presumably Sarah Hughes]



Margaret HUGHES44,161 was born (date unknown).

Married Joel Johnson on 2 Jan 1816, Rowan Co NC. Abraham R. Jones was Bondsman, A. Nesbitt, Witness.



Nancy Cordelia Hayden HUGHES.



Elizabeth HUGHES was born (date unknown).