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Fifth Generation

446. William HADEN218 was born on 7 August 1814.300,660

This could be the young male that is in the household of William Haden & Pamelia Blakey in earlier census. But more likely he is a son of Samuel H. Haden.

The marriage was recorded in Logan Co, but also in Warren Co and there the date was 21 Sep 1837.

1840 Logan Co KY. William Haden, 1m 16-26; 1f -5, 1f 16-26. This could be either this William or William F. Haden, but the latter may have already gone to Missouri.

After the courthouse burned in Simpson Co, KY, some deeds were brought in and re-registered. Could one of the witnesses in this deed be this William? If so, this is the only time a middle initial appears.
p.596   13 Dec 1841   Christian & Daniel Huffines to John F. Dunn   $400   97 ¾ acres near Barren Fork of Drakes Crk; beginning at red oak & Spanish oak in Thomas Hammond’s old line on Eastside of Creek with meanders of the old road; with William Low’s line, Low’s Spring Branch.  Christian Huffines, Daniel Huffines, Fanny Huffines.  All sig attested by D. S. Payne & William G. Haden.  A true copy, Attest B. W. Hail, clerk, by J.Q. Shelton, Deputy.  Attested copy re-recorded 2 Oct 1883.

1850, Logan Co KY William Haden, age 36. His wife was listed as Elizabeth J., age 30. [There is a marriage in Logan Co - 11 Sep 1837 - William Haden to Elizabeth J. Proctor.] Oldest child of this couple is Rebecca H. age 10. His other children are named Elizabeth F. age 8, Henry C. age 5, Charles S. age 4, Robert H. age 2.
The birth year of this William would seem to indicate that he was the son of Samuel, as well as the names of some of his children, but other information lists his wife as "Amanda" with no other information known. William also could fit into the family of William Haden & Pamela Blakey of Logan Co. Further research will perhaps solve the mystery of which of the Hadens was his father.

1860, Simpson Co KY, p.347
Household #698: William Haden Jr., age 46, b. KY as were all the rest; Henry C. - 16; Charles S. - 15; Robt H. - 12; Mary C. - 10; William J. - 8; John T. - 4.
[Living next door to Samuel Haden Spencer, his nephew, son of William's sister Nancy]

1870, Simpson Co KY, p. 67
Household 161. William Haden age 55, Farmer, b. KY Amanda E. age 31 [This could be the William who married Elizabeth Proctor in 1837. She wasn't present in 1860. Has William remarried? If so, that would explain two different names for wives.] William J. age 16, James M. age 7, Sarah age 5, Elizabeth Law age 19, Jane Maud/Mand age 9. [This youngest girl with a different surname could be a stepdaughter. No clues to the older girl.].

In the Pilot Knob Cemetery Robert H. Haden 15 Apr 1848 - 4 Jan 1874

1880, Butler Co KY, London,, p.303B
William Haden age 65. Amanda age 42, wife. James, son age 17. Janna [this was Sarah in 1870 - middle name?] age 15, daughter. George 10, Lizzie 6, and Joseph age 1.

William HADEN and Elizabeth J. PROCTOR were married on 11 September 1837 in Logan County, Kentucky.661 Elizabeth J. PROCTOR662,663, daughter of Charles PROCTOR and Elizabeth CLIFFORD, was born in 1820. She died between 1856 and 1860 at the age of 36.

This Elizabeth Proctor is surely the Elizabeth J. Proctor that married a William Haden in 1837 and found with him in the 1850 Census. William was most likely the son of Samuel H. Haden.
In 1850 they had children Rebecca H. age 10, Elizabeth F.age 8, Henry C.age 5, Charles S. age 4, and Robert H. age 2. In 1880, a William Jacob Hayden, age 26 [b. 1854] was living with Jacob Proctor and family and was a nephew. This would seem to tie these families together.

By 1860, Elizabeth was not in William Haden's household; presumably had died. He remarried to Amanda Callis.

William HADEN and Elizabeth J. PROCTOR had the following children:



Rebecca H. HADEN.



Elizabeth F. HADEN.



Henry Clay HADEN was born on 3 June 1844 in Kentucky.660 He died on 25 April 1887 at the age of 42 in Warren County, Kentucky.

I have tried to find Henry in the 1870 and 1880 censuses. He was not yet married in 1870 but I found the family of his future wife in Warren Co KY:
1870 Census. Hadley Precinct, Warren Co KY, Hh 130
Wm P. Waddle, age 43, farmer & tanner, all the family born in KY
Mary D. age 40
Alonzo W. 21; Mary T. 17; Hattie B. 15; Emma 11; Bettie 13; Mattie 9; John G. 7; Edwin J. 5; Georgia, 10/12 or 13/12, and William P. age 1 month.
Mary T. was not with her parents in siblings in 1880 and Henry & Mary T. apparently lost an infant that year. In 1880, it was noted that Georgia was now George H., a son, and age 12. The entry for "Georgia" in 1870 had been marked over, obviously the enumerator confused.

One likely possibility for Henry in 1870 is that he is the Henry Haden that was living with the family of his Uncle Tyree in Simpson Co. He was the right age. And was not with Tyree in previous censuses.

Even searching on given names with approximate birth years has not revealed Henry and family in 1880. Neither have I been able to find Mary T and Hezekiah McGinnis in 1900; yet she is buried Warren Co, 1905. I did find back in 1880, H. S. McGinnis, with his first wife, also in Hadley District, only a short distance from Mary T's parents. McGinnis was household 126, and the Waddle, household 129.
H. S. McGinnis was 29; wife Alice, 30, and their children were Sallie 8, Ivy 7 and Eddie age 1.

Found on

Henry Clay Haden is buried Smith-Waddle Cemetery, Hadley, Warren Co KY. He was born 3 Jun 1844 and died 25 Apr 1887. He was a son of William & Elizabeth J. Haden, First husband of Mary Temple Waddle.

There is also an unnamed infant of Henry and Mary's, born and died 1881.

Mary Temple Waddle is also buried at Smith-Waddle Cemetery - she was the daughter of William P. Waddle [1827-1880] and Mary D. McGinnis [1829-1902]. She married again to Hezekiah S. McGinnis in 1896,.



Charles S. HADEN was born in 1846 in Kentucky.660 He died in 1925 at the age of 79.

Found on
Auburn Cemetery, Logan Co, KY
Charles S. Haden, 1846-1925



Robert H. HADEN was born in 1848 in Kentucky.660 He died on 4 January 1874 at the age of 26 in Simpson County, Kentucky.

In the Pilot Knob Cemetery, Simpson Co - Robert H. Haden 15 Apr 1848 - 4 Jan 1874



Mary C. HADEN was born in 1850 in Kentucky.



William Jacob HADEN218,663 was born in 1853 in Kentucky.663

In 1870, William J. seemed to be the only child of Elizabeth J. Proctor's still living with his father. His father had apparently remarried and had two younger children at this time.

In 1880, William Jacob Haden was living with Jacob & Hestor Proctor and helping out on their farm. He was listed as a nephew, which he would be, as his mother and Jacob were sister and brothers.



John Thomas HADEN was born in 1856 in Kentucky.

Counted twice in 1860 as a four-year-old - once with his widowed father, and once with his grandmother, Elizabeth Proctor.

William HADEN and Amanda E. CALLIS were married between 1860 and 1862.218 Amanda E. CALLIS664, daughter of Elijah CALLIS and Nancy [CALLIS], was born in 1839 in Kentucky.218

Estate of Elijah Callis. Equity Box 95, Case #2477
Petition by Nancy Callis vs. Jacob Proctor, et al, to sell land. Heirs are Nancy [Mary] Callis, widow. E. J., son. Amanda Callis, dau, wife of William Haden, Jr. Sally Ann, dau, wife of F. E. Barrow. Sarah Francis, dau, wife of Christopher C. Law. Rebecca, dec'd daughter, wife of Jacob Proctor. Rebecca left two children, N. J. and E. C. Proctor, Jacob being the guardian. R. A. Callis & James H. Callis named in document but no relationship stated. Filed 11 Feb 1865. Adm. R. A. Callis. Elijah Callis died intestate.

William HADEN and Amanda E. CALLIS had the following children:



James M. HADEN was born in 1863 in Simpson County, Kentucky.218



Sarah HADEN665 was born in 1865 in Simpson County, Kentucky.218

Sarah listed as Janna in the 1880, as age 15. Sarah was age 5 in 1870. Perhaps she had a middle name.



George HADEN was born in 1870 in Kentucky.665



Lizzie HADEN was born in 1874 in Kentucky.665



Joseph HADEN was born in 1879 in Kentucky.665