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Fifth Generation

674. Franklin W. HADEN767 was born on 30 December 1811. He died on 30 July 1856 at the age of 44 in Davidson County, North Carolina.

Franklin W. Haden married Aureney Miller, 9 Jun 1835. Willia Coasts, bondsman; Hy. Giles, wit.

Abstracts of Deed Books 30-34 Rowan Co NC 1828-1840
James W. Klutz

#1237 DB 31, p.595
18 Aug 1832 Franklin Haden to Jesse Haden for $1000 during the term of Haden's natural life. 490a on Potts Crk adjacent Godfrey Ratts, Meshack Pinkston, John P. Hodgens, Wilson McCreery ]McCrary], John March & Clement. 12 negroes: John, Simon, David, Solomon, Abraham, Jeffry, young Dick, Allen, Critty, Polly, Phillis, little John. Wit: B. L. bEall, John March Prvd by March Aug Ct 1832

#1263 DB 31, p.627
18 Aug 1832 Jesse Haden, Casper Smith & wife Jane, Meshack Pinkston [would have been in right of his wife Rosanna, appartently deceased], Ira Fitzgerald & wf Nancy S., Charles F. Leopard & wf Lucinda, Wm Pinkston & wf Elizabeth to Franklin Haden for $500. 490a on Potts Crk.
Meshack Pinkson signed for his son Jesse F. Pinkston Wit: B. L. Beall, John March. Prvd by March Aug Ct 1832

#1276 DB 31, p.623
18 Aug 1832 Bill of Sale Jesse Haden to son Franklin for $100 the 12 Negroes listed DB 31, p.595. Wit: B. L. Beall, John March. Prvd by March Aug Ct 1832

#1360 DB 31, p.776
18 Aug 1832 Jesse Haden, Casper & Jane Smith, Meshack Pinkston for son Jesse, Ira & Nancy Fitzgerald. Charles F. & Lucinda Leoppard who did not sign; Franklin W. Haden [signed as “Franklin W. Pinston - obviously an error on the part of the court clerk”] To Elizabeth Pinkston, daughter of Jesse Haden for $500. 229 a N side Yadkin adj Jesse Haden & Ellis. Wit: John March, B. L. Beall, Prvd by Beall Feb Ct 1833

1850 Slave Schedule: Franklin W. had 15 slaves from age 90 to age 1.

LDS #1888288 Loose Paper Estate Files - Davidson Co
Franklin W. Haden 1856 p.826

Aug Term 1856
Petition of Reney Haden, widow. Departed this life 30 Jul 1856. Asks her years support to be laid off.

2nd Mon Aug 1856
Reney Haden files petition for dower lands. Her husband died seized of 498 acres, the home tract on Potts Creek including a mill adj lands of Meshack Pinkston, Step Roberts & other; 172 acres, the Miller tract on Gadsberry Branch of Yadkin adj lands of Andrew Young, James E. Kerr & other, and 7 acres called the little Mill tract, on Potts Crk adj land of Pinkston, Romulus S. Roberts, Rigdon Wadsworth & others.
186 acres laid off home tract

Nov Term 1856 On 30th day of Aug commissioners viewed the estate of Franklin W. Haden dec'd and laid off and allotted to Reney [Aurena] Haden, widow: Crops & furnishings and $100

Sale & Inventory of Franklin W. Haden dec'd no date. Meshack Pinkston, Admr.

Nov Term 1857
Petition of
1. Burgess F. Haden
2. James Hamilton Haden, infant under 21 by his next friend Burgess F. Haden
3. Jesse T. Haden by Guardian Meshack Pinxton
4. Charles A. Haden by guardian Meshack Pinxton
5. Albert Lindsay Haden by guardian Romulus J. Roberts
6. Ellen F. Haden by guardian Romulus J. Roberts
Franklin W. Haden departed this life in this county in July 1856, intestate. Tracts of land in Davidson Co which descended to Petitioners, subject to dower of Reney Haden theirs mother, the widow. Her dower has been assigned.
1. Tract of 490 acres on Potts crk adj Benjamin F. Haden, Nancy Fitzgerald & others in which 188 acres including the dwelling & mill has been assigned, leaving 302 acres to be divided
2. A small tract adj the above 2 3/8 acres
3. The Miller tract of 172 acres adj lands of Andrew Young, James E. Kerr & others
4. Cording machine tract, 7 acres adj the lands of Rigdon Wadsworth, Meshack Pinxton & others - about 2 miles from the Yadkin on Gadberry's Branch
Pray for petition; appoint five disinterested freeholders to make partition except the home tract assigned to Reney Haden. Surveyor also be appointed. George C. Mendenhall, Solicitor for Petitioners

Nov Term 1857
Petition of
1. Reney Haden widow of Franklin W. Haden
2. Burgess F. Haden of full age
3. James Hamilton Haden, infant over 20 years of age by his next friend Burgess F. Haden
4. Jesse T,. Haden and
5. Charles A. Haden by their Guardian Meshack Pinxton
6. Ellen F. Haden and
7. Lindsay Haden by their guardian Romulus S. Roberts
Petitioners are widow and children entitled to his Estate. Meshack Pinxton adm. & settled estate. Slaves to be divided: Lists 18 by name. John Senr, David, Abraham, Dick, Allen, John Jr, Henry,, Isaac, Phillis, Sarah & infant child named Polly, Mary & infant child named Lewis, Amanda, Margaret, Harriet, Patsy, & Jane
John Sr was aged 90 or 100 was allotted to the widow, no value assigned: [the infant Lewis may not have survived since he's not listed]
Abraham-49, Philis-44 & child Jane-4 to Widow
Dave-58, Sarah-17 & child Polly-3 months to Burgess
Dick-42 & Mandy-15 to James Hambleton
John-34 & Patsy-8 to Jesse Thomas
Henry-21 & Harriet-10 to Charles A.
Allen-40 & Margaret-14 to Albert Lindsay
Isaac-13 & Mary-16 to Ellen

Feb Term 1858 division of land
Lot #1 Burgess F. Haden - 171 acres [Fitzgerald, F. Hadens line, Corner of the dower] and 7 acres of Willis Mills Tract
#2 to Jesse T. Haden - 120 acres [Hadens line, dower lot, Roberts corner]
#3 to James -102 acres [Begin Orchard Corner, Steph. Roberts corner]
#4 to Ellen F. Haden 1026 ¼ acres [Mrs. Ratts line, Fitzgeralds line, M. Pinkstons corner]
#5 to Charles A. - 99 ¼ acres [Youngs line, J. W. Hadens coner]
#6 to Albert L. - 77 acres [Youngs line]
Sums to be paid to equalize division.

Franklin W. HADEN and Aurena MILLER were married on 9 June 1835 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Aurena MILLER768 was born on 6 June 1816. She died on 5 November 1872 at the age of 56 in Davidson County, North Carolina.

An article about Jesse Franklin Hadyen which is in Johson's Series of Makers Of America, Vol. 3, p. 282, edited by Leonard Wilson, c. 1917, states that Arena was the daughter of Thomas Miller and Nancy Griswold. After Arena married, her parents moved to Petersburg, Indiana.

1860 Census. Northern Division, Davidson Co NC Hh 922
Arena "Haten", age 43, b. NC
Burges, age 24, carpenter
James, age 23, farm labor
Jessie, age 21, clerking
Charles, age 20, farm labor
Albert, age 13
Ellen, age 13
The Slave Schedule shows Arena with three slaves, a male 51, a female 44, and a 7 year old girl - probably her allotment from her husband's estate. Burgess was listed with six slaves. James had one slave, an 18-year-old mulatto girl. Jesse with a 10-year-old mulatto girl.

1870 Census. Boone Twp, Davidson Co, NC Hh 119
Irena Haden, age 54
Charles, 27, farmer
Albert, 23, miller
Elizabeth Miller, 75, Mulatto, cook

LDS #1888288 Loose Paper Estate Files - Davidson Co
Arena Haden 1872 p.654
[Aurena Haden, widow of Franklin W. Haden]

12 Nov 1872 B. F. Haden signed statement that Arena Haden died without a Will
Entitled as heirs & distributes of Arena Haden:
B. F. Haden, C. A. Haden, Albert L.[Lindsay] Haden - Davidson Co.
Jesse T. Haden, Ellen F. Harris

Bond signed by B. F. Haden, Calvin G. Harris & W D. Meacham

5 Dec 1872 Inventory & List of Sale of personal property of Arena Haden sold by her Administrator B. F. Haden
Purchasers included: Abram Haden, Chas. Haden [bought rifle gun], I. B. Fitzgerald made a lot of purchases. Lindsey Haden - spinning wheel, C. G. Harris - bought violin & dulcimer, gold watch, etc.
Accounts on A. L. Haden, Col. Martin Pinkston, Julie Fitzgerald & others - all marked “very bad”
Sworn to 10th ___ 1873 B. F. Haden

Final Settlement: To be divided among 5 heirs each got 54.07
C. G. Harris, wife Ellen F. Harris, Jesse T. Haden [Retained], Chas. A. Haden, Lindsay Haden, B. F. Haden [retained]
21 Jun 1875
[Son James was deceased and left no heirs.]

Franklin W. HADEN and Aurena MILLER had the following children:



Burgess F. HADEN.



Jesse Thomas HADEN was born in 1839. He died in 1892 at the age of 53.768

Jesse married Mandy Fowler of Indiana.

1850 Census, Davidson Co NC. p.276b; Dwelling 797



James Hamilton HADEN was born on 1 June 1837. He died on 16 December 1868 at the age of 31.

LDS #1888288 Loose Paper Estate Files - Davidson Co
J. H. Haden 1873 1049
James H. Haden, son of Franklin W. & Aurena.

8 Jan 1873 - J. H. Haden died without will. Signed: B. F. Haden
Value of estate is about $50
B. F. Haden, J. T. Haden, Chas. A. Haden, C. G. Harris & wife are heirs & distributes
Bond of $100
Annual Return of 1 Jul 1875 shows balance of $.64 [cents]
Inventory & sale Sold 1 Feb 1873
Bed stead, grain scythe, Violin, pr of Scales, Bureau, chest, 34 #'s of seed cotton
Total $6.07. Account of T. B. & R. L. Beall $100
Returned 7 Apr 1873 B. F. Haden
Final Settlement.10 May 1876
To 5 heirs: $227.29 or $45.45 each
C. G. Harris & wife Ellen
C. A. Haden
Jesse T. Haden
L. Haden, retained
B. F. Haden, retained



Charles A. HADEN was born in 1840. He died in 1897 at the age of 57.

Charles is buried Fitzgerald/Haden Cemetery, Davidson Co NC.



Albert Lindsey HADEN was born in 1848. He died in 1892 at the age of 44.768

1850 Census, Davidson Co NC. p.276b; Dwelling 797



Ellen F. HADEN was born in 1848.

1850 Census, Davidson Co NC. p.276b; Dwelling 797

Ellen's mother's estate file gives her husband's name as Calvin G. Harris.

Davidson Co marriage records: Ellen F. Haden married C. G. Harris, 13 Oct 1869, by J. H. Swicegood, JP, at the home of Arena Haden.