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Seventh Generation

2244. Finis Leroy HUDSON218 was born on 18 February 1889 in Missouri.1023 He died on 20 February 1947 at the age of 58 in Greene County, Missouri.1023

5 Jun 1917 World War I Draft Registration
Finis Leroy Hudson was 28, lived in Clever, Christian Co, MO. Born Stone Co, MO 18 Feb 1889. He was a Railroad Agent, Telegraph Operator for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. He was married
Description: Medium hight, slender build, blue eyes, red hair. Not in good health - nervous disability.

In 1920, Finis Hudson was in Lincoln Twp, Christian Co MO, Hh 62, living on Kennedy Street. He was widowed as his first wife had died in 1919 - they were not married in 1910. Apparently they had no children. Born Mo, father b. NC, mother b. KY. Working as an agent at the Railroad Station

In 1930, Finis Hudson was still living in Christian Co MO. He was age 41, had married again at 33. Born in Missouri; his father born in NC, his mother b. KY. He was an Agent for the railroad. Ethel was 37; she was also born in MO, her parents born in GA. Ethelyne was 3 1/2 and was born in Missouri.

1940 Census. Lincoln Twp, Clever, Christian, MO, Hh 231
Finis L. Hudson, 51 - all born in MO, lived in same house in 1935, Depot Agent, Railraod
Ethel M., wife, 47
Ehtelyne, dau, 13
Mary Lou, dau, 8

Missouri Death Certificate #8713 shows evidence of a horrible death. He died in a farm field, cause of injury unknown [signed by coroner]. He had burns over most of his body; hemorrhage from the nose; contusions of head and neck. Noted "Not suicide". He died about 3 pm on 20 Feb 1947 - no physician in attendance. His residence was Rt. 3, Box 148, Springfield, Greene Co, MO. He was married; wife was Ethel Hudson who was 54 years old. Finis was born 18 Feb 1889 in Missouri and was a farmer. His father was Sidney L. Hudson, b. VA and his mother Sarah M. Haden, b. KY. Ethel was the informant. he was buried at Wise Hill Cemetery, Clever, MO.
Finis Leroy Hudson, born 18 Feb 1889, d. 20 Feb 1947
Ethel Maomi Cobb Hudson, b. 1893, d. 1976
Buried Wise Hill Cemetery, Clever, Christian Co, MO
The first wife of son Finis is also at Wise Hill
Olive M. (Gray) Hudson, b. 7 Dec 1887, d. 5 Sep 1919

Finis Leroy HUDSON and Olive M. GRAY were married. Olive M. GRAY was born on 7 December 1887. She died on 5 September 1919 at the age of 31 in Missouri.

FindAGrave note says that she was the daughter of William and Julia Little Gray and wife of Finis L. Hudson.

In 1900, she was still living at home with her parents, Lincoln Twp, Christian Co, MO, Hh 207
William Gray, b. Jun 1858, age 41, married 20 years, b. NC, parents b. NC
Julia A., wife, b. Feb 1860, age 40, 10 children but only 4 living. Born GA as were her parents
William A., son, b. Jun 1882, 17, b. MO
Willis O., son, b. Dec 1885, 14, b. MO
Olive M. dau, b. Dec 1887, age 12, b. MO
Lester R., son, b. Mar 1893, age 7, b. MO
Living in the house just before - Hh 206 - was the Cobb family of Ethel Naomi Cobb who would be the second wife of Finis Hudson - Ethel was 7 in 1900.

In 1910, they were still in Lincoln Twp, Hh 80
William N. Gray, 50, married 1 time for 32 years, b. NC
Julia A., wife, age 50, 11 children - 5 living, b. GA
William A., son, 26
Willie O, son, 24
Olie M. dau, 22
Lester R., son 17
Velta A., dau, age 9

Finis Leroy HUDSON and Ethel Naomi COBB were married in 1922.218,1023 Ethel Naomi COBB was born in 1893 in Missouri.218 She died in 1976 at the age of 83 in Missouri.

In 1920, Ethel was living in Ozark Twp, Webster Co, MO. She was rooming with a widow, Lorinda B. Hyde. She was age 26, b. MO, father b. NC, mother b. GA. She was teaching in the high school.

1900 Census. Lincoln Twp, Christian Co, MO, Hh 206
Elbert Cobb, b. aug 1843, age 56, married 22 years, b. NC, parents b. NC
Catherine S., wife, b. Jul 1855, age 44, 6 children - 5 are living, b. GA, parents b. GA
William G., son, b. Dec 1878, age 21, b. GA
Joseph L., son, b. Apr 1881, age 19, b. GA
America B., dau, b. Apr 1883, age 17, b. GA
John S., son, b. Aug 1884, age 15, b. Indian Territory
Naomi E., dau, b. Jan 1893, age 7, b. MO
Living next door in Hh 207 was the family of William & Julia Gray and their daughter Olive, first wife of Finis Hudson, was age 12. So his two wives had grown up as next door neighbors.

1910 Census. Lincoln Twp, Christian Co, MO, Hh 134
Elbert L. Cobb, age 66, married 1 time for 24 years. Born NC as were his parents
Sarah C., wife, age 54, married twice, 6 children - 5 are living, b. GA, father b. GA, mother b. NC
Ethel E., dau, age 17
Ramsay Chastain, stepson, 29, b. GA

Finis Leroy HUDSON and Ethel Naomi COBB had the following children:



Ethelyne HUDSON.



Mary Lou HUDSON.