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Sixth Generation

1241. Sarah Mildred HADEN was born on 7 January 1840 in Warren County, Kentucky.1023,1024 She died on 12 August 1905 at the age of 65 in Lawrence County, Missouri.

In 1860, Sarah was listed both with her new husband and with her father. I've wondered about her sister Elizabeth - was she also married by 1860? Sarah was age 20 in 1860 - Elizabeth a couple of years older.

1860 Census. Polk Twp, Christian Co MO, p.503, Hh 615
S. L. Hudson, age 22, b. NC. Sarah age 20, b. KY.

1860 Census, found in Christian County, MO (Polk Twp.), P.O. Ozark, Hh 677
Wm F. Haden, 44, b. KY
Mary, 34, b. KY [then the whole family is dittoed as born KY[
Elizabeth 20, Sarah 16, Mary 13, Jno. W. 9. James C. 7, Olive M. 5, Virginia 3, Joseph 1.

Lawrence County Cemetery books:
In the Marionville IOOF cemetery the following entry: 
Hudson, Sidney Leroy    2 Jan 1839     23 Nov 1915          
Sarah M.          7 Jan 1840     12 Aug 1905

Sarah Mildred HADEN and Sydney LeRoy HUDSON were married on 30 September 1858.1023 Sydney LeRoy HUDSON1023,1025 was born on 2 January 1839 in North Carolina.1024 He died on 23 November 1915 at the age of 76 in Lawrence County, Missouri.

1850 Census. Montgomery Co, TN. Hh 1492
Pascal Hudson, age 35, farmer, b. NC
Bethena, 35, b. NC
Henry, 15, b. NC
Sidney, 11, b. NC
Thomas 9, b. TN

1860 Census. Polk Twp, Christian Co MO, p.503, Hh 615
S. L. Hudson, age 22, b. NC. Sarah age 20, b. KY.
Pearce Twp, P.O. Curren, Stone Co MO, Hh 303
Paschal Hudson, age 50, b. NC
Elizabeth, 42, b. NC
Thomas 16, b. TN

1870 Fannin Co TX Census. The Hudsons lived next door to William Haden in Ladonia. The daughters Mary and Laura were listed with them. Sydney born in N C; Sarah b. KY.

Fannin DB S, p.437. W. F. Haden and Mary Jane Haden his wife sold to S. L. Hudson, 20 acres, the north half of a 40 acre tract deeded to me by A. G. Stobaugh assignee of Elbert Early a Bankrupt, it being a part of land given up by said bankrupt of the Thomas Morris survey. 20 Aug 1870. Signed: W. F. Haden, Mary J. Haden. The Hadens proved the deed on the same day.
But perhaps the Hudsons needed the money more than the land - or maybe this was an arrangement to return the land to the Early family.
DB T, p.590 S. L. Hudson and Sarah M. Hudson his wife sold to M. J. B. Early, 20 acres, the north half of 40 acres tract deeded to W. F. Haden by A. G. Stobaugh, assignee of Elbert Early, a bankrupt, part of land given up by bankrupt of Thomas Morris survey.11 Jan 1871. Signed: S. L. Hudson, Sarah M. Hudson. The Hudsons proved on the same day. Rec. Sep 7, 1871.

1880 Fannin Co TX Census, Precinct 4, p. 418, Hh 109
S. L. Hudson, age 41, b. NC as were his parents. S. M. age 40, wife, b. KY. Her father b. KY, mother b. VA
M. E., daughter, age 19; L. E., daughter, age 12; B.J., daughter, age 7; L.M., daughter age 6; L.A., daughter age 2.

By 1900, the family had gone back to Missouri. Found in Buck Prairie Twp of Lawrence Co MO:
Sidney L. Hudson, b. Jan 1839. Age 61. Married 42 years. Born NC as were his parents. Carpenter.
Sarah A. Hudson, b. Jan 1840; age 60. She had 14 children; 5 are living. She was born in KY; her father in KY, her mother in VA.
Alice O., daughter, b. Jan 1881, age 19. Born in Texas.
Finis L., son, b. Feb 1889, age 11. Listed as born in Missouri.

Before 1910, Sydney remarried. The 2nd wife is listed in the 1910 census as Matilda and they had been married one year. Finis was still living at home. Matilda had had 10 children and they were all living. One was in the household listed as a stepdaughter - Grace Keithley, age 18. They were still in Buck Prairie Township, Hh 289.
Sydney L. Hudson, age 71, married 2 times; for 1 year this time, b. NC, parents b. NC, had a fruit farm
Matilda, wife, age 60, married 3 times. b. MO, father b. IN, mother b. KY
Finis, son, 21, b. MO, father b. NC, mother b. KY; telegrapher at the RailRoad Station
Grace Keithley, stepdaughter, 18, b. MO, father b. MO, mother b. MO

Missouri Death Certificate #34124
Sidney Leroy Hudson of Marionville, Lawrence Co, died 23 Nov 1915. He was married. Born 1 Jan 1839, Orange Co NC. He was 76 years 10 mo 23 days at the time of death. He had paralysis of the right side but the cause of the death was paresis of the bowels. His father was Paschal Hudson; his mother Elizabeth Burgess, both born in North Carolina. Finis Hudson of Clever, MO was the informant.

Missouri Death Certificate #15767
Matilda Hudson of Finley Township, Christian Co, MO. Died 18 May 1926 of influenza and pneumonia. She was a widow, born July 1849, age 76 years 10 months at death. She was born in Tennessee and her father's surname was Jackson. Her mother's name unknonw. A. Keithly of Ozark was the informant. She was buried Highlandville on May 20th.

Lawrence County Cemetery books:
In the Marionville IOOF cemetery the following entry: 
Hudson, Sidney Leroy    2 Jan 1839     23 Nov 1915          
Sarah M.          7 Jan 1840     12 Aug 1905

Sarah Mildred HADEN and Sydney LeRoy HUDSON had the following children:



William P. HUDSON was born on 24 December 1859.1023 He died on 13 March 1860 at the age of 0.1023



Mary Elizabeth HUDSON was born on 10 March 1861 in Missouri.1023,1024 She died on 3 December 1932 at the age of 71 in Marionville, Lawrence County, Missouri.

Married Barton Short according to

Barton in 1870:
Pierce Twp, Galena, Stone, MO, Hh 31
Franklin Short, 51, b. TN
Deborarh, 49, b. TN
Margarette, 25, b. TN
Nancy, 22, b. TN
John W., 21, b. MO as were the rest of the children
Barton, 17
Sarah E., 11
Henry, 7
Sarah F., age 2 (possibly a grandchild)

1900 Census. Tonkawa Twp, Kay Co, Oklahoma Territory, Hh 11
Barton Short, b. Sep 1852, 47, married 17 years, b. MO, parents b. TN, Farmer
Mollie, wife, b. Mar 1861, 39, 1 child, b. MO, mother b. NC, father, KY
Theodosa, dau, b. Dec 1883, 16, b. MO

1910 Census. Marionville Ward 3, Lawrence, MO, Hh 276
Barton Short, age 57, married twice, this time at age 28
Mary, wife, married once at 28 - 1 child
Docie Sodowsky, dau, 26, married once for 4 years, 1 child
Carl, grandson, age 1, b. OK



Margaret L. T. HUDSON was born on 8 February 1863.1023 She died on 31 July 1864 at the age of 1 in St. Francois County, Missouri.

There are graves for three children with one marker, Glenda Cemetery, Farmington, St. Francois Co, MO - Children of S. L. and S. M. Hudson:

Margaret T.
Born: 8 Feb 1863
Died: 31 Jul 1864
Thos. H.
Born 23 Feb 1865
Died 22 Apr 1867
Born 16 Mar 1867
Died 20 Aug 1867



Thomas M. HUDSON was born on 23 February 1865.1023 He died on 22 April 1867 at the age of 2 in St. Francois County, Missouri.1023



James H. HUDSON was born on 16 May 1867.1023 [Likely died as infant. Not on 1870 Census.] He died on 20 August 1867 at the age of 0 in St. Francois County, Missouri.



Laura Ellen HUDSON.



Minnie B. HUDSON was born on 18 February 1871.1023,1024 Died as a child. Not in the 1880 Census. She died on 11 August 1872 at the age of 1 in Fannin County, Texas.



Bulah Irene HUDSON was born on 14 January 1873.1023,1024 She died on 8 February 1933 at the age of 60 in Marionville, Lawrence County, Missouri.1023



Lillie M. HUDSON was born on 3 December 1874.1023,1024 She died on 4 October 1880 at the age of 5.1023



Benjamin HUDSON was born on 11 January 1877.1023,1024 Must have died as an infant or small child. Not in the 1880 Census. He died on 2 August 1877 at the age of 0 in Fannin County, Texas.



Lulah A. HUDSON was born on 13 September 1878.1023,1024 She died on 14 July 1880 at the age of 1.1023



Alice Oleta HUDSON.



[Son] HUDSON1023 was born in 1883. He died in 1883 at the age of 0.

[Probably stillborn child or lived only a short while.]



Finis Leroy HUDSON.