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Some Descendants of Nicholas Gentry

The Gentry genealogy is something of a tangle. Some of the early research confused the various Nicholas and James Gentrys and their wives, particularly when they married into the Haggard family, as several of them did. A publication, Journal of Gentry Genealogy, W. M. Gentry, Editor, has attempted to correct the erroneous relationships with good solid data. The journals are available online, updated as new information is discovered, and I recommend them to any Gentry researcher. Trying to correct the plethora of family trees containing the outdated, and wrong, information would be a hopeless task.
I am a direct descendant of Nicholas I, II, and III. And two of my great grandfathers had sisters that married into the Haggard family generations later in Arkansas. What you will find here will be the newer, updated version of the Gentry relationships that apply to my ancestors. I have not attempted to research all the Gentrys and Haggards. I welcome corrections and comments but only if you have an original source, not an online database, for said corrections or comments.

It is also interesting that I have had multiple autosomal DNA matches to Gentry descendants and in some cases we've been able to find our common distant ancestor.

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