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Second Generation

2. ENOCH GARNER2,3,4,5 was born on 10 June 1780 in North Carolina.2,6 He served in the military in 1813 at Capt Absalom Van Metre's Company, Ohio Militia in War of 1812. He died on 4 January 1850 at the age of 69 in Delaware County, Indiana.3,6

The connection is often made that a Henry Garner, whose wife was Nancy [perhaps Nancy Poole], was the father of Enoch, Vincent, Job, Nancy, etc. of Indiana. That may be, but he has artificially been placed with several Henry Garners whose wives were Nancy where he does not fit. Genealogies online regarding Henry Garner & Nancy Poole reveals that Henry was close to the same age as Enoch and could not have been his father. He seems to be the Henry Garner, with wife Nancy who died in 1848, Pickens Co, SC. What is curious is that there are many Vincents in this Henry's family. It is quite possible Enoch and siblings fit somewhere else and were cousins of Henry Garner & Nancy Poole of SC - they aren't children of Henry Garner & Nancy Poole.

One Henry Garner said to have lived in Hardin Co, TN, where he died about 1836 - he was born in North Carolina and applied for his Revolutionary pension which was rejected [see or Heritage Quest]. A court case in Hardin Co TN to sell his land for the benefit of his nine heirs in 1851, conclusively shows that particular Henry Garner was not the father of these Garners in Indiana.

Enoch Garner was married by John Shockly, J.P. Recorded Marriage Book 1, p.92., Highland Co, Ohio

1820 Census. Wayne Co IN. Enoch, Henry, Job, an older widow Nancy, and Labam "Gardner" found. Henry, Nancy, and Job all near each other, p.265
Enoch on p.193: 2 males under 10, 1m age 26-45. 1 females under 10. No mark for an older female but the census spans a crease in the page about where a mark would have been made for a female age 26-45. By 1820, Enoch and Elizabeth had 4 children - two sons Edom & George, and two daughters, Rachel & Nancy.

Delaware Co Historical Alliance in Muncie, IN, sent pamphlet of "Our Heroic Dead". Enoch Garner is listed as a veteran of the War of 1812.

20 Apr 1825. Land Patent, Certificate #5874.
Enoch Garner of Wayne Co, IN. The East half of the NW 1/4, Section 25, Township 18 N, Range 12 East. 80 acres.
Stamped Patent Record Imperfect. See New Patent, 1151762, 22 Apr 1955.

1830 Census. Wayne Co IN, Perry Twp. p.124
Enoch Garner. 1m -5 [Vincent], 1m 5-10, [Jacob] 1m 10-15 [Edom?], 1m 40-50 [Enoch]; 1f -5 [Lydia], 1f 5-10 [Sarah], 2f 10-15 Nancy & Rachel], 1f 30-40 [Elizabeth]
Enumerated next door was another Vincent Garner, age 30-40, likely Enoch's brother.

HISTORY OF DELAWARE CO INDIANA; Frank D. Haimbaugh; 1924; Vol. 1, p.112
"for several years the township [Harrison] settled slowly and as late as 1837 the arrival of new settlers was marked by as much interest as at an earlier date. Enoch Garner came with his family in that year, and it is said by his son Vincent that they were as much alone, to all appearance, as if they were the only settlers in the township." Job Garner [lived] three miles east. The Enoch Garners settled on the western edge of the township in the King's Chapel neighborhood.

HISTORY OF DELAWARE CO INDIANA; G. W. H. Kemper MD; 1908; Vol 1, p.326
Enoch Garner
Location of land was S13, T21, R8. Died at the age of 71 years, 6 months, 13 days [if this calculation was correct, he died on 23 Dec of 1851 instead of in Jan of 1852 - or they were figuring from a different birth date] States that his widow was living in the year 1875, drawing his War of 1812 pension. [Her application was at first rejected, see later.] On his tombstone in Jones Cemetery is "Being a member of the Christian Friends Church for the last ten years of his life". All the family records were destroyed when the home of his son Vincent burned.
Enoch Garner, patent in 1838, Section 13, almost the entire south half, as above. This section bordered Madison Co. His neighbors were George Emsley, Joseph Cook, George Turner, Adam C. Lewis, Miles & James Marshall, Jesse H. Healey, and George Emsley.
BLM-GLO records.
Enoch Garner was of Madison Co IN when he received the patent from the land office in Ft. Wayne. Certificate #18063 was for the south half of Section 13, 320 acres, dated 20 Aug 1838. However, there is a patent dated 1 Aug 1837 to George Emsley which included the SE 1/4 of the SE Quarter of Section 13, Township 21, 40 acres.

1840 Census, Delaware Co IN, p.310 Name spelled as Enoch Gararch, but probably an error as no other Enoch with any similar name is found in Delaware Co.
1m 10-15 [Vincent], 1m 15-20 [Jacob], 1m 50-60 [Enoch]; 1f -5, 1f 10-15 [Lydia], 1f 15-20 [Sarah], 1f 40-50, 1f 50-60
There's an extra lady in the household as well as a young child.

1850 Census in Harrison Twp, Delaware Co IN, p.386, Household 809. Enoch, Age 70, born in North Carolina. Elizabeth age 59, also born in NC. Vincent, age 23, still lives at home. Lydia had married Moses Adamson and lived next door with their 2 year old daughter Sarah.

From the War of 1812 Pension Files at NARA:
Wid #11713 Soldier: Enoch Garner Widow: Elizabeth Garner
Service: Capt Absalom Van Metre's Company, Ohio Militia
Application was filed 18 Jan 1876 but was rejected on 29 Feb by reason of insufficient service. Enoch had enlisted 29 Jul 1813, was discharged on 18 Aug 1813 - he had served only 21 days and 60 days service was required for the widow's pension. The papers give his date of death as 4 Jan 1850, and when Vincent R. Garner of Harrison, Delaware Co IN and Edom Garner of Richland Co Wisconsin testified that Elizabeth Garner was who she claimed to be, they wrote in that Enoch had died 4th Day, 1851. Elizabeth was 84 years old when she applied for the pension, living in the Harrison P.O. area of Delaware Co Indiana. Enoch had served under Capt. Absalom VanMetre in the Ohio Militia and was at the battle at Sandusky. Elizabeth stated she had received a land warrant. She was married as Elizabeth Ratcliffe on 11 Mar 1813 by John Shockley in Ohio. Certification of the marriage from Highland Co OH was included in the papers.

Fort Stephenson was a U.S. post on the Upper Sandusky River. It was attacked 2 Aug 1813 by the British and Indian forces. The fort was successfully defended by a small force under Maj. (later promoted to Col.) George Groghan, forcing the British retreat back across Lake Erie to Ontario. Groghan was a nephew of George Rogers & William Clark.

Buried Jones Cemetery, Mt Pleasant Twp, Delaware Co IN. Book compiled by Mary K. Jones of Muncie, IN, gives 1 Jan 1852 for date of death of Enoch. Enoch's widow's application for his War of 1812 Pension, gives 4 Jan 1850 in one place, 4 Jan 1851 in another. His grave marker appears to have 1 Jan 1850.

ENOCH GARNER and ELIZABETH RATCLIFF were married on 11 March 1813 in Hillsboro, Highland County, Ohio.3,6 ELIZABETH RATCLIFF, daughter of EDOM RATCLIFF and RACHEL CASHATT, was born in 1789 in North Carolina.2,6 She died in 1876 at the age of 87 in Delaware County, Indiana.6

Elizabeth Garner, age 69, is in the 1860 Howard Co IN Census living with Rachel & Andrew Jackson Adamson.

ENOCH GARNER and ELIZABETH RATCLIFF had the following children:















George GARNER was born before 1820.6

George died as a child - if there was a George.






Lydia Ann GARNER.



Vincent Robert GARNER.