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Sixth Generation

36. Jacob GABBERT was born after 1731. He died circa 1810 at the age of 79 in Augusta County, Virginia.

Jacob is not proved as a son of this couple. He settled in Augusta Co, VA about 1768 - the same time as Mathias who is a proved son of Johann Frederick Gabbert. The data her is from the Gabbard Mail list, 10 Aug 1998.
Jacob was born after 1731 and died circa 1810 in Augusta Co, VA.
He was possibly married twice.

A deed of 16 Aug 1769, names a wife as Barbara; a court suit of Aug 1786 names wife as Mary. Could she have been Maria Barbara? Of course many of the German ladies had double names. There is some speculation she was an Olinger. a Christopher Olinger belonged to the St. Johns Lutheran Church in the early 1800's - he had come to Augusta Co about 1768, but he wasn't likely old enough to be Barbara's father.

Probable children:
Barbara Gabbert married Jacob Palmer, 21 Feb 1791
Katherine Gabbert married Phillip dull, 7 Apr 1794
Elizabeth Gabbert married Joseph Heisey, 29 Oct 1798
Jacob Gabbert married elizabeth Handley, 1798
George Gabbert married Elizabeth Ellinger, 24 Aug 1799
Peggy Gabbert married Jacob Kershner, 14 Apr 1801
Peter Gabbert married Christianna Gabbert, 1803 - she was the daughter of Mathias
Hannah Gabbert married Lewis Mynes, 13 Feb 1810
Magdalene Gabbert married Henry Fix, 16 Dec 1811
Susanna Gabbert married Monticue Meeks, 14 Jan 1818
David Gabbert married Margaret Werhley, 11 Sep 1818
Michael Gabbert - reported to have gone to Harrison Co, KY
George Gabbert [if there were two perhaps one of them died young[

Jacob GABBERT had the following children: