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Seventh Generation

55. George GABBERT1,6,16,18 was born about 1760 in Shenandoah County, Virginia.3,17 He died in July 1851 at the age of 91 in Mercer County, Kentucky.3,17

George moved to Burke Co along with his father. He joined the local militia in 1781; he did apply for his pension for his Revolutionary service.

Ater the War, George moved to Washington County, TN, probably along with members of the Grindstaff family. There is a court record in Judgement Book 1 of Washington Co VA in 1784, but by 1787 he was in Washington County, TN:
MARRIAGE RECORD OF WASHINGTON CO TN 1787-1840 by Norma Rutledge Grammer & Marian Day Mullins:
George Gabbert to Catherine Smith 27 Dec 1787. Isaac Grindstaff, bondsman.

In 1790 he acquired a NC Grant for 640 acres, which was located the Cornelius Bowman, Edward Smith and the Grindstaffs.
#887 1789 George Gabbard, 640 acres on Little Doe, a fork of Rone Creek.

Carter Co TN
12 Oct 1797 George Gabbert of Washington Co VA sold 98 acres on Timothe's Branch of Little Doe Crk of Watauga River adj John Brown and George Brown. DB A, p.118
3 May 1798 George Gabbard of Washington Co VA sold 127 acres on Little Doe Crk to James Given. DB A, p.212
6 Feb 1797 George Gabbert of Washington Co VA sold 80.5 acres on West side Doe Crk to Abrham Suell. DB A, p.487
23 May 1798 George Gabbard sold 316.5 acres on Little Doe Branch of Roans Crk to Peter Storm. DB A, p.305
[these deeds total 621 acres of the 640 acres of George's NC Grant]

Three children said born in Tennessee, but George was listed on the Washington Co VA tax lists in 1794. When he sold his Carter Co TN lands in 1797-98, he was described as a resident of Washington Co VA. Two more children were born in Virginia by 1800. George bought two tracts of land on Walker Mountain in 1801 and 1806. He sold these by 1808 when he left for KY:
28 Feb 1801 Henry & Christina Burke to George Gebhart, 50 acres called "Solawith" on the side of Walker Mtn. DB 2, p.414
17 Mar 1806 Jacob Shutters & wife Hannah to George Gabbard. $300. 150 acres previously owned by Silas & Sarah Tompkins on top of and both sides of Walker Mtn. DB 3, p.466
21 Jul 1807 George & Catherine Gabbard to Matthias Gabbert, 50 acres on Walker Mtn, the land on which Thomas Sanders now lives.. DB 3, p.580
16 Aug 1808 George & Catherine Gabbart to William Thomas, Walker Mtn, N fork of the Holston. 150 acres for $300. Previously owned by Jacob Shutters DB 4, p.75

By 1809 George was living in Mercer Co KY on the Salt River near Harrodsburg. Some of his cousins, sons of Fredrich Gabbart also lived in Mercer Co and they had a brother George as well. This has caused a great deal of confusion about which George belonged to which family.

TENNESSEE SMITHOLOGY states that a George Gabbert was a Private in the NC Militia and pensioned in 1834 at age 73 in Mercer Co KY.

1820 Census. Mercer Co. KY [alpha]
Michael Gabbard, 1m 16-26, 1m over 45. 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45
John Gabbard, 2m under 10, 1m 16-26, 1f under 10, 1f 16-26
Henry Gabbard: 3m under 10, 3m 10-16, 1m 26-45, 1f under 10, 1f 10-16, 1f 26-45
George Gabbard: 1m under 10, 2m 26-45, 1m over 45. 1f 10-16, 2f 16-26, 1f over 45

1830 Census. Mercer Co KY
Peter Gabbert had a male age 60-70 and a female 50-60 in his household. Probably George and wife.

1840 Census. Mercer Co KY
Geo. Gabhart Senr. 1m age 70-80. 1f age 60-70. George Gabbard, age 79, Revolutionary Pensioner.

1850 Census. Dist 2, Mercer co, KY, Hh 800
Henry Gabhart, age 40, Farmer, b. VA
Mary, age 37, b. KY
Paralii, 9
Milton Vanadall, age 8
George Gabhart, age 88, Revolutionary, b. VA

Other "Gabharts" in Dist 2. Mercer co KY:
Hh 233
David Gabhart, age 52, b. VA. Nancy 41, b. KY. Mary 20, John 22, Sirena 18. Artemecia 16. Martha 14, Malinda 12, Sarah 10, Elvina 8, Nancy age 8 months
Hh 244
Thompson Gabhart 30. Martha 26. Elizabeth 8. Uel, age 2. Margaret Conder 10.
Hh 288
Lewis Gabhart, age 30. Nancy 27. Elijah 7. Sarah 5. Turner, age 2.
Hh 386
Michael age 54, b. VA, wife Elizabeth 45, b. KY. William 21, Thomas 20, Nancy 16, Margarett 13, Lidia 12, Henry 10.
Mary Cannon, age 39.
John Gabhart 24, farmer, and Mary age 19.
Hh 435
Andrew Gabhart, 32, Stave maker. Lucilla 34. Thomas 8, Peter 5, John 3. Adaline 1
William Camden, age 25.
Hh 705 [two Johns, almost the same age....]
John Gabhart, age 52, b. VA. Artimecia, 32, b. KY. Marcus 8. Sarah 6. Isaiah 4.
Wilford Matherly age 18.
Hh 807
John Gabhart, age 51, b. VA. Barbara 49, b. KY. Cynthia 25. Michael 22. Eliza 22. Martha 17. Luvicia 16. John 13. Lucinda 11. Leiw age 8.
Hh 808
Henry Gabhard, age 38, b. KY. Mary 23. Cynthia 4. Margaret 2.

George GABBERT and Catherine SMITH were married on 27 December 1787 in Washington County, Tennessee.3 Catherine SMITH was born (date unknown).