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Fifth Generation

27. HANS MICHAEL GEBERT1,5,9 was christened on 17 November 1702 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany. He died in 1748 in Frederick County, Virginia.7,10

Birth said to be recorded in the Luthern Church records.
In "Germany, Select Marriages, 1558-1929" on
Sabina Nellingers married Michael Geber, 19 Aug 1727 in Schwigern, W├╝rttemberg, Germany. Her father was Hans Jerg Nellingers.

Michael & Sabina came to America aboard the "Pennsylvania Merchant", Jno. Stedman, Master. From Rotterdam to Philadelphia, arriving 11 Sep 1731. Other members of the family appear to be Frederick whose wife was Catrina Boger (she was the widow of a Reiner before marrying Frederick Gebert), Julian [Juliana] & Barnet [Barnhardt] & Elizabeth Gybert who were actually Reiners, children of Catrina. Gottlieb, child under 16, could have been either a Reiner or the young babe of Michael & Sabina.

From "Ships to Pennsylvania & Oaths of Allegiance 1727-1775" is another listing of the Pennsylvania Merchant from The Pennsylvania Archives 2:17. and includes Michael and Fredrick Gabertz, as well as Cathrina, Elizabeth, and Sabina, ladies over the age of 16.

8 Apr 1749 Inventory & appraisal of the estate of Michael Gabbart, dec'd. John Funk, Christopher Windell, Ulrich (x) Hone. By order of the court on 8 Mar 1748 [O.S. dating, this would have been the prior month]
Court at Frederick Co VA on Tues 2 May 1749. Inventory presented by Administratrix and admitted to record.
Hannah Gabbart, Admnx. appt 8 Mar 1748. Lewis Stephens & Wm Green, Securities.

HANS MICHAEL GEBERT and ANNA SABINA NELLINGER were married on 19 August 1727 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany.3 ANNA SABINA NELLINGER1,11, daughter of GEORG NELLINGER and ANNA SABINA HARTMANN, was born on 11 May 1707 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany.3,10

Gabbard webpage gives date of birth as 4 Oct 1701 for Anna Sabina.

The Gabbard Newsletter give a date of 19 Aug 1727 for the marriage of Michael Gebert, hand tailor, son of Peter Gebert, and Sabina, daughter of the late Hans Jorg Nellinger, former weaver.

The widow Anna Gebert remarried to Philip Hanger.

HANS MICHAEL GEBERT and ANNA SABINA NELLINGER had the following children:



Anna Elizabetha GEBERT was born in 1729 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany.3 She was christened on 2 March 1729 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany.7 She died on 14 May 1729 at the age of 0 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany.3



Gottlieb GEBERT5,6 was born on 22 June 1730 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany.3 He was christened on 23 June 1730 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany.2

Date of birth is actually the Baptism date.

Perhaps not listed on the passenger list of the Pennsylvania Merchant; may have died. Only one Gottlieb was listed and could have been this boy or Gottlieb [Reiner], son of Catherine Boger Reiner Gebert. I have seen one file where this boy died in Greenbrier Co VA - I believe that should have been Gottlieb Reiner [Gebert]. But the records may be confused.

Mary, Geo & Jno Little. surv'd 23 Apr 1750, 400 acres where Mary now lives on Tom's Brook adj Geo Seller, Woolrich Stoner, Reynaud Bauden, Augustine Wandell, Vallintine Wandeall, Jno Huddle, "Gadlop Gabbord".
Mary, widow of Thos. Little, Geo & Jno her sons.



Johannes GEBERT was born on 26 November 1734 in Coventry, Pennsylvania.1,7,12,13 He was christened on 10 January 1735 in Coventry, Pennsylvania.13

Date given from research of Rachel Wallace gives Johannes birth as 26 Nov 1734. This is also the date recorded in the Stoever Records. Sponsor for the baptism was Christoph Engelardt [Engler]. In another reference sponsors were John Martin Heylmann and Christop Englerd.