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Ninth Generation

97. John Wesley GABBARD17,41,51,52 was born in September 1822 in Clay County, Kentucky.19,29 He died on 1 June 1909 at the age of 86 in McKee, Jackson County, Kentucky.32,51

John Wesley lived in Clay County with his family until at least 1830; his parents were in Madison Co by 1840 where he married Alitha Harrison. At least two of his children seem to have been born prior to that marriage - it could be there is a missing wife, or it took them awhile to get around to formalizing the marriage.

Marriage bond dated 21 Dec 1841, Madison Co KY. Edward Gabbard, father of the groom, gave consent and served as bondsman. Minister's return dated 31 Dec 1841.

1850 Census, Madison Co KY
John W. "Gabbert", age 30. Alithy 30.
Green, age 12. Mary A. 10. Jacob 8. William 7. Nancy 6. Sally 5. Susan 4. Edward 3. Cythia 2. Jacob Gabbert, age 80.

His grandfather Jacob was also living with John in the 1850 Census in Madison Co KY.
The family was in Jackson Co for the 1860 Census. It's possible this was because of the formation of Jackson Co and not the result of moving.

Kentucky Land Grant, Order for Survey 17931, John W. Gabbard, 50 acres of vacant land in Madison Co, he having paid $2. 18 Aug 1848.
28 Mar 1851. Survey for John W. Gabbard on waters of Indian Lick Creek. Markers were a double white oak on a narrow bench, black oak on a ridge, large chesnut, stooping chesnut, 2 chesnut Oaks on a point, white oak & double chesnut, 2 Spanish oaks. Nathan M. Harrison & Jacob G. Gabbard were chain carriers, John W. Gabbard, markers, John H. Parish, Surveyor.
Granted by Lazarus W. Powell, Governor, at Frankfort, 18 Dec 1851.
Note: Indian Creek is now within the bounds of Jackson Co.

1860 Census. McKee, Jackson Co KY, Hh 335
John W. Gabbert, age 42, Farmer, b. KY
Leatha, age 44
Nancy Jane 18. Green B. 19. Jacob 17. William H. 15. Sarah 14. Susan 13. Edward 12. Sitha 10. Calesta 9. Palestine 7. John W. 4. Dellia age 2.

1870 Census. McKee Precinct, Jackson Co KY, Hh 57
John W. Gabbard, age 49. Leathy, age 52
Sarah 23. Calista 18. Palistine 17. John W. 14. Delila 12. Margaret E. age 9.

1880 Census. McKee, Jackson, KY, Hh 310
Wesley Gabbard, age 59, b. KY, father b. Tenn., mother b. KY
Letha, 60, wife, b. KY as were her parents

1900 Census. Jackson Co, KY, Hh 78
Wesley Gabbard, b. Sept 1822, age 77, married for 11 years
Susan J., wfe, b. Aug 1868, age 32, 5 children
Fannie, dau, b. Aug 1890, age 9
Louisa, dau, b. Nov 1892, age 7
Palestine, son, b. Aug 1894, age 5
Rose A., dau, b. Feb 1897, age 3
Sherman, son, b. Dec 1898, age 1.

BEREA CITIZEN, published Weekly, Owsley Co KY
10 Jun 1909 Jackson Co, Hurley. Mr. J. W. Gabbard, aged 97, died June 1 after lingering about six weeks. He was a very hale old man until about 2 years ago when he was struck with paralysis while working in the field. He first married Leatha Harrison and unto this union were born 15 children, ten of whom are now living. He next married Susan Jones [who is now in the insane asylum] and unto them were born five children, all living. He was a member of the Indian Creek Baptist church and has always lived a quiet, peaceful life and was loved by all his neighbors. He has had 106 grandchildren, about 250 great granchildren and something near 50 great great grandchildren. The remains were laid to rest Wednesday evening at Roberts graveyard where his wife and grandparents are buried. Quite a large crowd were present.

Note: I have looked for Susan Gabbard in 1910 and not found her. The 1920 census shows her to be in Eastern State Hospital for the Insane.

Buried Roberts Cemetery, Indian Creek in McKee.
Tombstone says he was born in 1812 which doesn't work with the ages of his parents and isn't consistent with census data - he was born probably 1822.

John Wesley GABBARD and Alitha HARRISON were married on 31 December 1841 in Madison County, Kentucky.6,17,46 Alitha HARRISON, daughter of ELISHA HARRISON and IFFA BAKER, was born in 1816.22,29,39 She died before 1889 at the age of 73 in McKee, Jackson County, Kentucky.6,13

At least two of the children were born before the marriage date; perhaps John had a first wife?

Buried Roberts Cemetery, Indian Creek. No dates.

John Wesley GABBARD and Alitha HARRISON had the following children:



Green B. GABBARD was born in 1838 in Kentucky.13,17,52



Mary Ann GABBARD was born in 1840 in Kentucky.17






William Marion GABBARD was born in 1843 in Kentucky.17,52

1870 Census. McKee Precinct, Jackson Co KY, Hh 58 [next to his father]
William M. Gabbard, age 24. Loueza E. 21. Leathy Ann age 1.

1880 Census. McKee, Jackson Co, KY, Hh 311 [still next door to his father]
William Gabbard, 34. Emily age 30, wife.
Letha A. 10, dau. Fanny S. 8, dau. James, 5, son. Sarah J., 2, dau.



Nancy Jane GABBARD was born in 1844 in Kentucky.17,52

Her age is 18 in 1860 Census, changing her year of birth to 1842 - I think that's incorrect.



Sarah "Sally" GABBARD was born in 1845 in Kentucky.17,52



Susan GABBARD was born in 1846 in Kentucky.17,52
Married William Morris.
1870 Census McKee Precinct Number 1, Jackson Co KY, P.O. McKee
Hh 94 William Morris, age 27, Farmer, b. KY
Susan, 22, b. KY
Sarah J. age 3, Theophalus age 2, Leathy A. age 1 month
in Hh 93 was Job Morris, age 29 and his family
Hh 102
V. W. Morris, 54, KY. Jinney, 50
Thomas 23, Leah 20, Elizabeth 19, Mary J. 15, Kanada, 13 [m],
Margaret 8, Cintha E. age 6 and James Lunsford, age 4.

I went back and looked for the family of William Morris earlier:
1860 Jackson Co
V. W. Morris, age 43. Jane 39.
William 18. Hannah 15. Thomas 13. Lea 11 [female] Elizabeth 9. Kenneda 7 [male] Mary J. 4, Fanny 2, Lydia 5/12.

1850 Owsley Co, KY, Hh 345
Vincent Morris [indexed by ancestry as "Francent"!], age 34, farmer
Jane, age 30
John 14. ?Sally 12. Job 10. Wm 8. Hannah 5. Thomas 3. Lear, age 1
John N. age 21, laborer [may have been a nephew - has no different last name, but too old to be Jane's child]

1880 Census. Town of McKee, Jackson Co KY, Hh 262
William Morris, age 37, farmer, b. KY, parents b. KY
Susan, 33, wife, Keeping house, b. KY
Sarah, 24, dau
Theophilus, 11, son
Letta, 10, dau
Celista, 8, dau
Lewis, 7, son
John S. 5, son
Greene V., age 3
William, age 1

1900 Census. McKee, Jackson Co, KY, Hh 28
William Morris, b. Dec 1842, age 57, married 34 years
Susan, wife, b. Dec 1846, age 53, 13 children - 10 are living
Polly F., dau, b. Feb 1883, 17
Nannie S., dau, b. Jan 1885, 15
Hattie, dau, b. Apr 1887, 13

1910 Census. McKee, Jackson Co, KY Hh 15
William Morris, age 67, married for 43 years
Susan, wife, 13 children, 9 are living
Nannie, dau, age 25, single

1920 Census. Big Clify, Grayson Co, KY, Hh 139
William Morris, age 78
Susan, wife, 65
Living with them was Sarah Roy, their daughter, 46
Elbert Roy, son-inlaw, 52
May - g dau, 16
Vubal - g dau, 13
Mattye - g dau, 10
Mary - g dau, 6
Ora, g dau, 3 years 6 months



James Edward GABBARD.



Cynthia GABBARD was born in 1848 in Kentucky.17,52

Name given as "Sitha" in 1860 or perhaps that should read Litha. One of these girls is missing from the 1860 Census, either Cynthia or Letha. Age given is 10 - perhaps Cynthia has died.



Letha GABBARD was born in 1850 in Madison County, Kentucky.51,52

Name may have been transcibed as "Sitha" in 1860 record.



Calesta GABBARD.



Palestine GABBARD.



John Wesley GABBARD Jr. was born in 1854 in Madison County, Kentucky.51,52



Delila GABBARD was born in November 1857 in Madison County, Kentucky.51,52



Margaret Elizabeth GABBARD.

John Wesley GABBARD and Susan Jane JONES were married on 13 August 1889 in Jackson County, Kentucky.51 Susan Jane JONES was born in August 1868.51 She died in 1946 at the age of 78 in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky.

The obit of J. W. Gabbard, states that Susan Jones, his second wife, was "now in the insane asylum."

The 1910 census does have the Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum, Ward 2, Lexington, District 0019.. At the bottom of the 15th image - there is a very smudged entry for Susan J. Gabbare, a patient, maybe age 35. They list her as married and as having no children, born KY - but then few have any children listed, most are "unk". I feel sure this was Susan Gabbard - as I found only one other Susan J. - Davis, and much older. There were in fact few "Susans".
The Hospital had over 1200 patients. There were a handful of teenagers - the youngest I saw, a 16 year old boy. There was a 91-year-old Black female and several patients in their late 80's. Of course I doubt that the ages were correct in many cases. There were some 60 attendants, but only 4 physicians. Interestingly there were 2 florists, 1 bookkeeper, listed among the employees.

1920 Census. Eastern State Hospital for the Insane, Lexington, Fayette Co, KY, ED 53, Sheet 5A, Ward 2 of the City
Susan J. Gabbard, patient, age 42, b. KY. They failed to mark whether or not she could read or write. She was working as a laundress, for the hospital.
The hospital where Susan J. Gabbard was housed is said to be the second oldest in the nation - founded in 1817. It has had a long history of names but has been the Eastern State Hospital since 1912. At the time John Wesley Gabbard died in 1909, it was the Eastern Kentucky Asylum for the Insane. Several postcard views are on this site.

1930 Census. Eastern State Hospital, Lexington, Fayette Co, KY, Ward 2 of city, ED 34-6, Sheet 4A. West Fourth Street
Susan J. Gabbard, patient, age 54, b. KY, marked "M" for married but of course she was a widow - no other information.

John Wesley GABBARD and Susan Jane JONES had the following children:



Fanny GABBARD was born in August 1890 in Jackson County, Kentucky.51



Louisa GABBARD was born in November 1892 in Jackson County, Kentucky.51



Palestine GABBARD was born in August 1894.51

This appears to be the second son named Palestine.



Rose A. GABBARD was born in February 1897 in Kentucky.51



Sherman GABBARD was born in December 1898 in Kentucky.51