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Third Generation

14. Henry FREY12,27 was born on 12 May 1724 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.2,12 He died on 25 September 1784 at the age of 60 in Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.2,4

Henry was converted in 1744 to the Moravian Church. He learned the Maqua language and accompanied the missionary, David Zeisberger, on his journey to Omondaga. Henry had responsibilities related to the Indian mission at Gnadenhutten. In 1748, the Rev. Reincke at Bethlehem, noted Henry Frey was at Gnadenhutten; he also noted that Henry Frey, from Frederick Township near Philadelphia, was a member of the Single Brethen.

4 Nov 1755, Henry Frey & Anton Schmidt set out from Bethlehem for Shamokin to rescue the missionary Marcus Keifer. They had to turn back but on 6 Nov started out again, this time with John Jacob Schmick. They returned to Bethlehem on Nov 13th and reported Keifer safe. Later in November or early December, Frey was sent to Gnadenhutten with George Klein and J. J. Schmick to appraise the loss in the destruction of the Moravian mission which had been attacked and completely destroyed.

Anna Maria Buerstler, Henry's future wife, was listed with the single girls above the age of thirteen at Bethlehem in 1748. Her sister Elizabeth was also there, both having come from Oley. They were married 25 Jan 1756 in Bethelehem; Henry was 32 and Anna Maria was 26.

1757 Henry Frey was warden, or general manager, of the settlement at Nazareth.

By 1759, Henry and Anna Maria were living in the Moravian settlement at Lititz, PA. Their daughter, Anna Maria, was born there in April. Henry was the miller and the chief carpenter at Lititz. The old log mill was destroyed by fire on 25 Nov 1775, and Henry Frey was the master builder on the new stone flour mill.

Other children of Henry and Anna Maria, other than the daughter born in 1749 were Joseph, born 1757, and Elizabeth born 1768.

Henry died 25 Sep 1784 at the age of sixty; Anna Maria died two days later. They are both buried in the Moravian Cemetery at Lititz, Lancaster County, PA.

Henry FREY and Anna Maria BERSTLER were married on 25 January 1756 in Bethlehem, Northhampton County, Pennsylvania.4 Anna Maria BERSTLER was born in 1730.4 She died on 27 September 1784 at the age of 54 in Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.4