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Fourth Generation

104. Joseph FRYE90 was born in 1776.38 He died in 1812 at the age of 36.38

Joseph married Susan/Susanna Barlow. She was born 1775, died 1836. She was probably his second wife- his first wife unknown.

Joseph wrote his will, 8 Jul 1812. The estate was not settled until 8 Apr 1825 because his children were so young. Joseph instructed that his negro Boy, Cooper, be set free when he became 25. He mentioned his children only collectively in the will as my "beloved children". In the final settlement in 1825, all the children were named.

Mixed Court Records, Books C & D, Fayette Co KY. LDS Microfilm #0008967
p.186 May Court 1814
Settlement of estate of Joseph Fry, deceased in account with Susanna Fry, Executrix and John Davies/Davie,Dowe, Devoe [this name very difficult to read although it appears several times - Davies would be my best guess] and Abraham Byrd, Executors. [Joseph's sister Catherine was married to Abraham Bird]
Amount of Abraham Bird, acct No. 3 $47.50
To lett of Abraham Birds hands $265.16
Amount of bonds in Abraham Byrd's hands $60.7
Commissioners to settle with the Executors of Joseph Fry dec'd have examined and find agreeable to the will of the Testator. John M. Taylor, El. Merdett, Jos. Hawkins
7 May 1816
Account produced in court and ordered recorded
Account of sale of estate reveals Abraham Bird bought several items. There are account charged to both Abraham Byrd and John Davie. There is a receipt signed by Susanna Fry for property rec'd from the Executors.
The List of Bonds in Abraham Byrds hands includes one to Abraham Bryd, Senr [his father who was still living at this time]

Joseph's family is thoroughly covered in the Frey Family Association Journal, Spring 2012, Vol. 4, Issue 9, p.6. "The Legacy of Joseph Fry of Fayette County, Kentucky," by Jon Frye. This issue of the Journal also included an article about the family of Cooper - Joseph's freed slave, p.38.

Joseph FRYE and ??? [FRYE] were married circa 1796. ??? [FRYE] died in 1808 in Fayette County, Kentucky.

Joseph FRYE and ??? [FRYE] had the following children:



Matilda FRYE90 was born in 1798 in Fayette County, Kentucky. She died in February 1882 at the age of 84 in Clatsop County, Oregon.

Matilda married Isaac R. Barrows, 17 Mar 1821.



Elizabeth "Eliza" FRYE.



Margaret FRYE90 was born in 1802 in Fayette County, Kentucky.

Margaret married Joel Headington/Heddington, 27 Mar 1828, Morgan Co, IL.



Milton FRYE90 was born in September 1803 in Fayette County, Kentucky. He died on 16 June 1865 at the age of 61 in Morgan County, Illinois.

Milton married Letitia Devore, 24 Jun 1831, Fayette Co, KY.
They had one son, John Devore Fry (1839-187) who married Anna Marie Howe and in turn had two sons - Carl Waldo Fry (1869-1890) and Frederick Milton Fry (1762-1885 - who died without issue. The Fry family name ceased to exist in Joseph Frye's line with their deaths, all other descendants being females.



Lucretia FRYE90 was born in 1805 in Fayette County, Kentucky. She died on 11 March 1880 at the age of 75.

Lucretia married Thomas Wood, 8 Oct 1827, Boubron Co - an alternate date of 11 Oct is also seen.



William FRYE90 was born in 1808 in Fayette County, Kentucky. He died in 1835 at the age of 27 in Morgan County, Illinois.

William married 3 Sep 1833, Fayette Co KY to Ann Ransdell, sister to his younger brother Joseph's wife. They had a daughter Mary Ann, born about 1834 and a son born a few months after William's. He was called "Willie" and died at age 12.

Joseph FRYE and Susannah BARLOW were married on 28 October 1808 in Fayette County, Kentucky. Susannah BARLOW was born on 9 March 1775.

Joseph FRYE and Susannah BARLOW had the following children:



Joseph V. FRYE90 was born on 10 August 1810 in Fayette County, Kentucky. He died on 16 August 1886 at the age of 76.

Joseph married Elizabeth Ransdell, 5 Apr 1838, Morgan Co IL. A daughter Mary, or May, was born about 1839 and Elizabeth died in childbirth, or soon after. Joseph married (2) to Elizabeth Allyn, 28 May 1840, in Macoupin Co. Elizabeth's brothers Henry & Walter married respectively, Emily Ann Forman and Susan Elizabeth Forman, daughters of Joseph Frye's older sister Elizabeth.