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Fourth Generation

68. Catherine FRYE was born on 5 August 1773.38 She died on 14 March 1857 at the age of 83 in Clinton County, Missouri.38

Catherine died aged 83 years, 7 months, 9 days, which calculates to 4 Aug 1773.

Catherine FRYE and Isaac FRY were married on 19 April 1791 in Frederick County, Virginia.11,42 Isaac FRY, son of Benjamin FRYE and Catherine [FRYE], was born on 14 July 1765 in Frederick County, Virginia.42 He died on 7 March 1840 at the age of 74 in Clinton County, Missouri.42,84

Isaac and Catherine were first cousins.

Frederick Co VA. On 3 Apr 1797, Benjamin & Catherine Fry sold to Isaac Frye three tracts totalling 233 acres for 300#'s. The first tract, 56 acres was part of 300 acres conveyed by John Branson to Paul Froman and by him to Abraham Ferree and by Ferree to the said Benjamin Frye. The second tract was 159 acres, part of 353 acres granted to Paul Froman, sold to Abraham Ferree and then to Benjamin Frye. The third tract was 18 acres adjoining the others, part of 444 acres granted 3 Jan 1775 to Benjamin Frye. All parties were of Frederick Co. Benjamin signed with his mark; Catherine apparently signed her own name. Wit: Joseph Longacre, Nathaniel Cartmell, and Joseph Fawcett. Frederick Co DB 25, p.59-61.
Isaac Frye and Catherine his wife, sold the same three tracts to Benjamin Fry, tanner, in October of 1800. [Isaac's brother Benjamin Fry] Wit: Joseph Longacre, P. Williams, Joseph Frye, John Arch Deacon, Jas. Singleton. Catherine could not travel to court but her consent was obtained 16 Oct 1800. Williams & Singleton proved the deed 5 Apr 1802. On 5 Jun 1826, Longacre long being dead, his signature was proved by oath of Philip P. Boucher and the deed was finally recorded. Frederick Co DB 51, p.378-381.

Isaac was in Clay Co MO by 1822, when he was noted as being a jury foreman.

Isaac and Catherine are buried in the Fry Cemetery on the McCulloch farm, Hardin Twp, Clinton Co, MO.

Catherine FRYE and Isaac FRY had the following children:



Jacob FRY was born on 17 January 1792 in Frederick County, Virginia.11 He died in 1837 at the age of 45 in Shelby County, Kentucky.84

Jacob married Mary Hite, daughter of Joseph Hite, in Shelby Co KY 2 Apr 1821. He left a will in Shelby Co, dated 20 Mar 1837, proved Nov term 1837 [Bk 12, p.211, Shelby Co Wills]
Wife Katharine. [obviously a 2nd wife] Children: Andrew Jackson, David, Elizabeth, John, Isaac, Jacob, Rebecca Smock, Hannah Harris, Katharine Brooks, Mary Ashley, Rachel Claygate, Rhoda Hares [Harris?] and Nancy Stevens. Andrew Jackson Fry executor.
HEINRICH FREY FAMILY NEWSLETTER, Vol 6, Issue 3; Summer 2001, p.4

Jacob appears to have been the only one in the family to stay behind in Kentucky when his parents and siblings went to Missouri.



Eleanor Amelia FRY.



Lucinda Ann FRY84 was born in 1795 in Frederick County, Virginia.11 She died in 1875 at the age of 80 in Warsaw, Benton County, Missouri.11

Married Joshua Calvin Ferguson. The Fergusons settled in Warsaw, Benton Co, MO. In 1860, he is noted as a hotel keeper.



Solomon FRY84 was born on 24 November 1797 in Frederick County, Virginia.11 He died on 22 November 1878 at the age of 80.11

Married Susan Snapp, 1826 in Vincennes, Indiana. Solomon went to Clay Co, Missouri with his father about 1820, but made the trip back to marry Susan, then returned to Clay Co. He was one of the larger landowners in Clay & Clinton Counties. He built the jail in Clay County - the contract was let in April of 1833, for a stone structure in Liberty - it was completed in December. This jail was where Joseph Smith, leader of the Mormons was incarcerated in the winter of 1838-39. A replica of the jail is on the original site in Liberty. His also built his home about 8 miles south of Plattsburg in 1828 - with adaptations it is still standing.

Children were Mrs. Helen Lamb, Abram S. Fry, Mrs. Harriet Hockaday, Louis S. Fry, Amanda Fry, Mrs. Ann Thurman, Mrs. Indian Todd and Emanuel Shelby Fry.

Solomon and Susan are buried in the Fry Cemetery, Hardin Twp, Clinton Co, MO.



Isaac FRY.



Elijah FRY84 was born in 1802 in Frederick County, Virginia.11 He died in 1859 at the age of 57.11

Married Polly Ann Brasfield, 24 Sep 1835. She was born 1820, Clark Co, KY, died in 1905 and is buried Old Plattsburg Cemetery, Clinton, Co.

Elijah was a tax assessor in Clinton Co, MO, 1833.



Thomas FRY11,84 was born on 27 July 1804 in Frederick County, Virginia. He died in 1888 at the age of 84.

Thomas was the only one of the family to remain in Clay Co, MO. The farm he moved to in 1827 is where he lived out the rest of his life.

Thomas married (1) Elizabeth A. Hall, 16 Jul 1823 - there were five children before she died 4 Jun 1837 - and (2) Elizabeth McColloch, 12 Apr 1838. There were seven children by Elizabeth.



Jefferson FRY11,84 was born in 1806 in Frederick County, Virginia. He died in 1888 at the age of 82.

Married Mary Ann Hall, daughter of Elisha Hall, 3 Aug 1830.

He lived in Clay & Clinton counties in Missouri until sometime before 1880, when he moved his family to Douglass Co, Colorado. He is in the tract book there in 1873.



Benjamin FRY11,84 was born in 1810 in Frederick County, Virginia. He died in 1863 at the age of 53.

Married (1) Margaret Stevenson, 14 Nov 1833 and (2) Catherine Talbot, 23 Jan 1840.

Benjamin's homestead in Hardin Twp, Clinton Co MO is the location of the old Fry Cemetery. Benjamin & both wives are buried there as well as other members of the family. He is said to have had the first distillery in the county.



Eliza FRY11,84 was born in 1813 in Frederick County, Virginia. She died in 1838 at the age of 25.

Married William C. Miller, and died at a young age - little else is known about her.



America FRY84 was born in 1816 in Frederick County, Virginia. She died in 1902 at the age of 86.

America was never married. She lived with her parents until they passed, then going to Kansas City before 1860 to live with her sister Eleanor Fry McGee. She was with her nephew Mobillion McGee in 1880 and a niece Ann Newham in 1900. America Fry is buried Union Cemetery, Kansas City.