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Fourth Generation

57. Rebecca FRYE was born on 17 March 1761.2,10,71 She died on 16 July 1835 at the age of 74 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.2,10

Speers Bible states Rebecca was the daughter of Henry Fry and Fanny Littler.

Rebecca FRYE and Rev. Henry SPEERS Jr. were married on 24 September 1777.10,34,71 Rev. Henry SPEERS Jr.2,71,72, son of HENRY SPEERS and REGINA FROMAN, was born on 5 July 1756.10,71 He died on 2 January 1840 at the age of 83 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.10

Listed in DAR Patriot Index. Spears, Henry b. 7/8/1750 d. 1/2/1840 m. Rebecca Frye. He was listed as - Pvt, PA

Henry Spears, Jr. was a Baptist minister.

Rev. Henry married in 1777 and was licensed to preach in 1793. He lived on the West side of the Monongahela River on land patented by his father called "Speers Intent". He built a mansion here in 1806 that is still in existence as a restaurant in Speers, PA.

This family once had the "Speers Bible". According to Hank Adams, he has three different references to the pages from this Bible found in Marshalltown, IA. Elizabeth Cooper Speers, wife of Apollos died in Marshalltown and it's believed she last had possession of the Bible. The copies of the originals do not copy and the information found about this family from the Bible was handcopied by Hank Adams.
Speers Bible states he was son of Henry Speers and Regina Froman. Mr. Adams has given a birthplace as Winchester, in Frederick Co VA. If the family came from Germany to Pennsylvania in 1772, just before the death of Henry's father, then Henry was surely born in Germany - but this must be an error in the date of arrival. Have also seen his birthday as July 8th.

Ancestor of John Van Lawrence "Mike" Speers that belongs to HFFA.

Rebecca FRYE and Rev. Henry SPEERS Jr. had the following children:



Samuel SPEERS was born on 29 January 1779.71

The Spears family book by R.C. Speer states that Samuel never married. He served in War of 1812 and was crippled. He lived with his brother, Apollos. Said to be buried at Belle Vernon.



Sarah SPEERS was born on 28 December 1780.71



Rebekah SPEERS.



Catherine SPEERS was born on 4 February 1785.71



Henry SPEERS was born on 7 February 1787.71



Rachel SPEERS was born on 1 March 1789.71



Elizabeth SPEERS was born on 8 April 1791.71



Fanny SPEERS was born on 1 July 1793.71



Polly SPEERS was born on 16 September 1794.71



Pleasant SPEERS was born on 24 November 1796.71

Pleasant said to have married William Ward, according to R.C.Speer, in his Speers Family book.



John SPEERS was born on 7 January 1798.71



Apollos SPEERS.



Nancy SPEERS was born on 13 September 1803.71