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Fifth Generation

215. Benjamin F. FRYE119 was born circa 1800 in Ohio. He died in June 1861 at the age of 61.

Benjamin's first wife apparently died without children. His second wife was likely kin, but the realtionship isn't known.

1850 Fayette Co, KY Census, District 1
Benjamin F. and Eliza had 10 children:
Sharlotte, male, age 20 [other records show his name was Charleton]
John 18. Elizabeth 16. Rachael 14. B. F. [male], age 12. William 9. Marietta age 7. Amanda 6, Artimetia, age 5. Marion S. [male], age 3.
There was an older son, Henry, about age 21, no longer living at home - he may have gone to Missouri.
The daughter Elizabeth died in Sep of 1852, Harrison Co KY, due to an accident.

Sometime between September of 1853 and Feb of 1854, the family moved to Platte Co, MO.

Son John K. married Mary E. Elliot. Rachel married Isaac N. Brockman, Mary [Marietta] married Christopher Columbus Jones; Benjamin Jr. married Emmaline Henderson; Artimetia married Aaron Anderson, and Amanda married John S. Biggerstaff. After Benjamin Frye's death in Jun of 1861, son Henry married Francis Ann Young, and son Marion Scott married Sarah Jane Payne.

Benjamin F. Fry was murdered. All the family was away except young Benjamin who was out at the stable at the time. Fry was a moneylender and speculation was that he was killed for money. Young Benjamin was indicted, first in Platte Co in 1862 and taken to Clinton Co on a change of venue where the indictment was thrown out. He was indicted again in 1865 - in Oct of 1867, he was in the Clinton Co jail, but escaped with the help of friends. In Jun of 1871, young Benjamin was again arrested and bond set at $5000; he came to trial in October. On Oct 17th, the jury found him not guilty.

In the settlement of the estate, the widow Eliza received about $9,700 worth of land and slaves and each child's portion was almost $2400. Any heir could have had motive. Benjamin Jr. was on the property, but if his father did have a large amount of cash, the murdered could have been anyone. The son-in-law, Columbus Jones, apparently murdered a neighbor George W. Winn about four months before the murder of Benjamin Fry Sr. It isn't known if Jones was in custody at the time Fry died.

By 1870, the widow Eliza Fry, the Brockman, Anderson, and Marion Fry families had all moved to Greene Co, MO. The Andersons moved on to Arapahoe Co, CO before 1880. Son Henry moved to Wyandotte Co, Kansas before 1880. John K. Fry stayed in Clinton Co MO, but his descendants moved to Buchanan Co, MO. Charleton and William have not been found by 1870. Amanda and John S. Biggerstaff moved to Fannin Co, TX sometime after 1870 when they were in Clinton Co MO and the birth of their son Hubert H. in Texas in May of 1872.

Elizabeth TOMPKINS (private).

Eliza FRY (private).

Benjamin F. FRYE and Eliza FRY had the following children:



Amanda FRY.