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Fifth Generation

117. John EWALT was born in 1789 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky.8,58 He died on 21 August 1857 at the age of 68 in Harrison County, Kentucky.102

1850 Census. Harrison Co, KY, HH 737
John Ewalt, 59, Farmer
Mary Ann, 14. John, 10
Jane Cummins, 62, Black
Milton Cummins, 36, Black

John EWALT and Elizabeth RAVENCRAFT were married on 4 July 1809 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.94 Elizabeth RAVENCRAFT102 was born in 1794. She died in 1835 at the age of 41 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

Marriage also registed in Harrison Co KY on 3 Jul 1809. Sister Rebecca Ewalt also married a Ravenscraft.

John EWALT and Mary "Polly" HALEY were married on 6 November 1833 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Mary "Polly" HALEY102 died in 1841 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

Married John Ewalt as Mary Haley Martin - this was a second marriage for her, too.

John EWALT and Sarah THOMAS were married on 24 June 1844. Sarah THOMAS102 died before 1850.

Married John Ewalt as Mrs. Sarah Flowers.