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Fifth Generation

187. Mary "Polly" KELLAR80,116 was born about 1785. She died on 31 May 1839 at the age of 54 in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois.

Polly married Thomas Haydon, son of John Haydon & Lucy Morton, on 17 Jan 1801 in Jessamine Co KY.

Jessamine County Kentucky
Marriage Bond
... we Thomas Haydon ---- and John Kellar...are held and firmly bound ... this 17th day of Jany 1801. The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly... to be solemnized between the above bound Thomas Haydon --- and Mary Kellar.

Mary "Polly" KELLAR and Thomas HAYDON were married on 17 January 1801 in Jessamine County, Kentucky.80 Thomas HAYDON116, son of John HAYDON and Lucy MORTON, was born about 1776.117 He died on 10 December 1838 at the age of 62 in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois.

Thomas' father's will recorded in Jessamine Co KY. WB A, p.13.
27 Jun 1801. I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Haydon all the land between John Moseley's line and the road from Clay's Mill to Cave's Mill, also a Negro boy named Jacob [also a horse, cow, calf, and bed which he has received to him and his heirs forever]

Jessamine Co Tax Rolls
2 Aug 1803 Thomas Haden. 105 acres 1st rate land in Jessamine Co.
1 wm, 2 slaves, 2 horses
Later tax entries place his land on Clear Creek in Jessamine Co.

The Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church was organized in 1801 in Jessamine Co. 122 members constituted the orginal church. Haydon men included: Elijah, Thomas, Ezekiel, Lewis, Whitfield, Jacob, Joseph, John & William.
Haydon ladies included: Lucy [Thomas' mother], Dolley, Polley [possibly Mary Kellar Haydon], Nancy, Betsy, Jane, Sally, Mary [or Mary Kellar?]. Janney, Winney, Judy - E. Haydons women [slaves?] and Nellie, W. Haydons woman.

1810 Census. Jessamine Co KY
Thomas Haydon. 3m -10, 1m 26-45. 2f -10, 1f 26-45.

1820 Census. Jessamine Co KY
Thomas Haydon. 3m under 10, 1m 10-16, 1m 16-18, 2m 16-26, 2m 26-45.
1f under 10, 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45 [Mary prob born bet 1775-1784]

Grantor Index shows that in 1821, Book G, p.106. Thomas Haydon & Mary sold 100 acres on Clear Creek for $3000.

30 Sep 1826 For $250 we have sold William Lafon all our interest in 161 acres of land where Elizabeth Kellar now lives, also interest in 4 Negroes & stock & household furniture. The whole of our interest in the estate of John Kellar, dec'd. We authorize Elizabeth Kellar to pay the said Wm Lafon where they may be any division of said Estate. Signed: Thos. Haydon, Mary (X) Haydon
Wit: E. Haydon, Wm Sallee
13 Oct 1826. Proven in part by E. Haydon. 13 Feb 1827 Fully proved by oath of William Sallee and truly recorded.

1828 seems to be the last year that Thomas Haydon appeared on the tax roles and he had no land at that time. The last year land was listed was 1824.

There was a law suit between Elijah "Haden" and Thomas "Haden" in the Marion Co Court in Missouri apparently beginning in late 1829. It involved some $90 due Elijah.

They are on the the 1830 Census, in Marion Co MO.
Thomas Haydon. 1m under 5, 2m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 40-50 [Thomas - doesn't seem to be quite old enough]
1f under 5, 2f under 10, 1f 20-30, 1f 40-50 [Mary]

They must not have stayed in Missouri very long if that is the same Thomas. Found online:
Article about the incorporation of the town of Rushville, 1831:
In 1831 Rushville had sufficient population to permit of its organization as an incorporated town, and on May 10 of that year an election was held to gain the coveted distinction. In the poll of those who voted to incorporate are found many names familiar to the present generation, for children and grandchildren of those early pioneers still continue to make Rushville their home. The twenty voters who were unanimous in favor of incorporation were: John Scripps, Hart Fellows, William C. Ralls, I. J. C. Smith, Richard Redfield, Andrew Boss, William Layton, A. E. Quimby, Samuel Brazleton, Samuel Beattie, William Putman, Proctor P. Newcomb, Thomas W. Scott, E. Grist, Joel De Camp, John M. Jones, John Mitcheltree, B. V. Teel, James A. Chadsey, and Luke Seeley.
At this election the first board of trustees was elected, and we find that the following gentlemen were selected to administer affairs: John Mitcheltree, I. J. C. Smith, William McCreery, John Scripps, and Benj. V. Teel. An organization was effected by electing B. V. Teel, chairman; John B. Watson, clerk; I. J. C. Smith, treasurer, and Thomas Hayden, constable.

Thomas Hayden is listed as a private in the Black Hawk War, 1832, from Schuyler Co IL.

At a Special term of the court of Probate for the County of Schuyler and State of Illinois held at the office of said Court in Rushville on the 14th February A.D. 1839
Present Adams Dunlop P.J.P.
This day came Willis O Neal and made application for Letters of Administration on the estate of Thomas Hayden deceased and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the said Willis O Neal is a suitable person to be so appointed and it appearing also that the widow of said deceased delivers the right to administer, and he having entered into Bond as required by law, It is ordered that the said Willis O Neal be appointed administraitor of the Estate of Thomas Hayden deceased and that Letters issue to him as follows viz
State of Illinois
Schuyler County
The people of the State of Illinois
To all whom these presents shall come greeting
Know ye that whereas Thomas Hayden of the County of Schuyler and State of Illinois died intestate as it is said on or about the 10th day of December A.D. 1838 having at the time of his decease personal property in this state which may be lost destroyed or diminished in value if speedy can be not taken of the same; to this end therefore that the said property may be collected and procured for those who shall appear to have a legal right or interest there in, we do hereby appoint Willis O Neal of the County of Schuyler and State of Illinois administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and audits which were of the said Thomas Hayden at the time of his decease, with full power and authority to secure and collect the said property, and audits wheresoever they may be found in this State and in general to do and perform and others acts which now are or here after may be required of him by law.
Witness Adams Dunlop Probate Justice of the Peace
ordered that James Hunter Thomas Royalty and William Callison be and are hereby appointed appraisers of the Estate of Thos Hayden

A Will for Mary Hayden, widow of Thomas Hayden, is found in Schuyler Co, IL. In the will, she mentions her sons, William Hayden, Elijah Hayden, and Sanford Hayden; she mentions daughters, Martha Ann Hayden & Sarah Margaret Hayden. William was named the executor of her estate. A few years later, her son William dies and mentions his brothers, Joseph & Sanford and his sisters, Martha Ann and Sarah Margaret. Joseph, his brother, was the executor of his estate.
Death date given as 31 MAY 1839 in Rushville, Schulyer County, Illinois.

At a special term of the Court of Probate held at Rushville Schuyler County
Illinois on the 21st day of Nov. A.D. 1843
This day came Joseph Haydon and presented the Last will and Testament of William Hayden decs which had been duly proven and recorded in Marion County and State of Missouri, which is in fiqures and words as follows viz---
In the name of God Amen, I William Haydon of the County of Marion and State of Missouri being now of sound mind and memory, and knowing the uncertainty of life, do make and publish this my last will and testament; to wit, first, it is my wish and will that my Mother in law Rebecca Fry have all my Household and Kitchen Furniture which was received by my wife, and one hundred and fifty dollars in cash to have and to hold during her natural life and after her death to go to Pauline Stirnam. Second I give to my nephew James Thomas True fifty dollars in cash to be paid to him when he shall have arrived to the age of 21 years should he live so long, if he should not I wish it to be divided equally between My Sisters Martha Ann & Sarah Margaret Haydon and my Brother Sanford Haydon, also I give to my Sister Sarah M. Haydon one feather bed and one bay sucking colt-I give to my Brother Sanford Haydon one bay two year old Colt-it is my will that all the ballance of my household furniture be divided equally between my sisters Martha Ann & Sarah Margaret and my Brother Sanford Haydon, it is my will that all the ballance of my property in this State be sold within months after my death, my personal property once audit of twelve months, the real Estate, one fourth in hand, the ballance in one two and three years audit, the notes bearing said interest of Six per cent per annum from date my real Estate in Rushville Illinois to be Sold any time within five years as my Executor may think advisable, and the proceeds after paying my Mother in law Rebecca Fry one hundred and fifty dollars as above mentioned so soon as collected, and all my just debts, to be divided equally between My Sisters Martha Ann & Sarah Margaret & my Brother Sanford Haydon as they become of age or marry---and lastly I appoint my Brother Joseph Haydon my executor to carry this my last will into execution
Signed and acknowledged in presence of John Buster, John Campbell
Oct. 12th 1841

William Haydon

I believe that William Haydon had been married to a daughter of Dr. Jacob Fry and Rebecca Kellar - she would have been his first cousin. This couple is found in Liberty Twp, Marion Co MO in 1840. Dr. Jacob Fry has never been placed in the Fry family I research - he does not belong to the family of James Fry many of whose children did settle in Marion Co. Rebecca, however, was a descendent of old Henry Frey.

Mary "Polly" KELLAR and Thomas HAYDON had the following children:



William HAYDON.



Elijah HAYDON.