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Sixth Generation

381. Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" BIRD was born in June 1861 in Navarro County, Texas.121

In 1900, the combined Bird/McCamman/Harris family can be found still in Corsicana.
The head of household is Araminta Bird, b. Jan 1828, age 72 and widowed. 7 children, all living. Born in MO, her parents born in KY.
McCamman, Sallie, daughter, b. Jan 1857, age 43, widowed, had 2 children, both living. Born TX, father b. KY, mother b. MO
McCamman, Pearl, grandaughter, b. Dec 1888, age 21, b. TX, father b. AL, mother b. TX
Bird, Robt. Lee, son, b. Jan 1870, age 30, b. TX, father b. KY, mother b. MO, "plummer"
Harris, Benjamin H., son-in-law, b. Jun 1851, age 48, married for 14 years. Born in England as were his parents. He came to the U.S. in 1866, has lived her 34 years, and is a Naturalized citizen [which means he likely has naturalization papers that you might be able to find - there was also an 1861 English census which he should have been in, perhaps with his parents], Engineer
Harris, Bettie, dau, b. Jun 1861, age 38, has had 8 children, only 4 are living. Born TX, father, b. KY, mother b. MO
Harris, Katie B., grandaughter, b. Nov 1887, age 12, b. TX, father b. England, mother b. TX
Harris, Benjamin E., grandson, b. Jun 1892, age 7
Harris, Wilbur M., grandson, b. Aug 1894, age 5
Harris, Ela B., grandaughter, b. Apr 1898, age 2
Bird, Abram, nephew, b. Aug 1842, age 57, married for 21 years [no spouse is with him], b. MO, parents b. KY, brick mason
Bridge, Effie, grt niece, b. Dec 1881, age 18, b. TX, parents both born in TX

1910. Still in Corsicana, Ward 3.
Listed as head of household, Benjamin "J" Harris, age 58, married 1 time for 28 years. Born England. Says he came in 1864, naturalized. Engineer, stationary [which is a puzzle! - I have no clue what a stationary engineer might be....]
Mary E., wife, age 48, has 3 children living [she also said she'd had 3, but she must have misunderstood the question, or the enumerator wrote it down wrong]
Benjamin E., son, age 19
Wilbur M., son, age 16
ElaBird, dau, age 12
[apparently Katie has died, but she could be married and gone from home given how the questions was answered about the number of children]
Listed in the same residence but as head of household:
Emily R. Sharp, age 46, widowed, 2 children, b. TX, father b. TN, mother b. TX, proprietor, corn mill
Mary A., dau, age 10
Susie C., dau, age 8
Mattie Pennington, age 29, lodger, b. TX, father b. TX, mother b. AR, telephone operator
Andrew J. Bridges, lodger, age 64, widowed, b. AR, father b. NC, mother b. KY
Horace A. Bridges, lodger, age 30, b. TX, father b. AR, mother b. TX, engineer at the ice plant
Edward O. Bird, lodger, age 55, widowed, b. TX, parents b. MO, blacksmith, self-employed

1920 Census. Corsicana, Ward 3
Hh 136 - C. B. Southerland, age 62, b. NY, parents b. Ireland, proprietor, furniture store
Belle, wife, age 59
Next door in Hh 137:
Bettie Harris, head of household, age 58,marked as "wd" for widowed [I'd say Benjamin Harris died right there in Corsicana and may have estate records - unless of course Bettie lied]
Ben E., son, age 26, automobile mechanic
Wilbur M., son, age 24, machinist in machine shop
Verona, wife, age 21, b. TX, her parents b. in TX
Ela Bird, dau, age 20

on the same page, Hh 141
Sharp, E. R. head of household, female, age 56, widow [This is Mary E. "Bettie" s sister Emily]
Mary, dau, age 20
Susie, dau, age 18
E. O. Bird, brother, age 65, widowed, blacksmith
M. E. Hockaday, sister, age 66, widowed
R. L. Bird, brother, age 50, single
Mary R. Eagleton, boarder, age 22, student

In 1930, Mary E. "Bettie" Harris was living with her sister, but in Corsicana where she'd always been.
Hh 241
Bell Sutherland, age 68, widow
Mary E. Harris, sister, age 67, widow

Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" BIRD and Benjamin H. HARRIS were married in 1886. Benjamin H. HARRIS was born in June 1851 in England. He died between 1910 and 1920 at the age of 59.

Benjamin Harris, age 16, laborer from England, and a passenger in steerage, arrived in New York City on 22 Jul 1867, on the ship "Minnesota". He seems to have been traveling alone. Nathaniel Cushing Harris, master. Passengers taken on board at Liverpool and Queenstown. There were a total of 759 passengers - 198 from Great Britain, 129 from Germany, but 415 from Ireland; 115 were under age 8.

Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" BIRD and Benjamin H. HARRIS had the following children:



Mark Bird HARRIS was born in 1886. He died in 1886 at the age of 0.



Katie Belle HARRIS (private).



Anna Elizabeth HARRIS was born in 1889. She died in 1890 at the age of 1.



Robert Barrington HARRIS was born in 1890. He died in 1891 at the age of 1.



Benjamin Edward HARRIS (private).



Wilbur Mansfield HARRIS.



Lillian Roberta HARRIS was born in 1896. She died in 1897 at the age of 1.



Ela Bird HARRIS was born in April 1898 in Texas.

Said to have married Wilford Elijah Crudgington [b. 24 Dec 1894; d. 11 Apr 1973] They married circa 1917.

1920 Census, Breckenridge town, Stephens Co, TX, Sheet 10A, Hh 220
Wilford E. Crudgington, age 26, b. TX as were his parents, self-employed teamster
Birdie M., wife, age 22, b. TX, father b. Miss., mother born Texas

1930 Census. In Calipatria City, Imperial County, California. p. 115; Hh 184
Wilfred E. Crudgington, age 36, married at age 22. Born in Texas, parents born in Texas, Laborer.
Birdie M., wife, age 32, married at age 19, b. TX, her father b. Miss., mother born U.S.