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Fourth Generation

53. Nancy Virginia FRYE was born on 16 September 1774.5 She died on 12 May 1845 at the age of 70.5

Nancy Virginia FRYE and Noah SPEERS were married.11 Noah SPEERS67,68,69, son of HENRY SPEERS and REGINA FROMAN, was born on 27 March 1769.11 He died on 9 June 1832 at the age of 63 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.11

Noah inherited his father's land on the east side of the Monongahela River after his mother died. This is Belle Vernon - there is now a town by the same name.
Noah's will, dated 2 Jun 1832, then conveyed the same property to Noah W. Speers, his son.

Noah apparently suffered the same fate as his father. A kick from a horse said to have caused his death in 1832. Noah and his wife are buried in the Gibsonton Cemetery in Belle Vernon. However, it seems just as likely that Noah died from cholera, as it believed at least two of his sons died in a cholera epidemic in 1832.

I have seen mixed lists of their children - the list here is taken from databases online and has not been researched by me.

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This village is situated on the Monongahela river, in Westmoreland county, about one quarter of a mile below Bellevernon. In 1771, Henry Speers the older and Regina Froman, his wife, from Germany, settled near the site of this place and became the owner of it, as well as a large tract of land surrounding it. The farm at that time was within the limits of Bedford county, from which Westmoreland was formed February 26th, 1773. Richard Penn was then Governor. The old log house, the primitive part of which he built, stood across the ravine from the present stone mansion, where yet may be seen some old fruit trees. This was in time improved until it was sixty feet long, most of the timber being hewn logs. The house now occupied by Jacob Irons was built partly with logs taken from this house. Henry Speers the older died from the kick of a horse in 1773, not having long enjoyed the comforts of his new home. His remains are supposed to be interred in the graveyard near the present school house on the same farm. We have no data on which to fix the date of the death of his wife. By his will, Henry Speers, May 14th, 1773, conveyed the present Gibsonton farm to his son, Noah Speers, who, by his will, bearing date of June 2nd, 1832, conveyed it to his son, Noah W. Speers, now a resident of Memphis, Tennessee. Noah Speers was born March 27th, 1769, being only about two years old when his father, Henry Speers settled on the farm. He, that is, Noah, died June 9th, 1832, also from a kick of a horse, having lived on this farm ever since his father settled on it. The addition to the primitive house was built by Noah Speers, this part being of hewn logs whilst the original cabin was of round logs, as were all the first houses.
It was the second generation of settlers who in Western Pennsylvania began to erect houses with hewn logs. So far as we can ascertain, the round logs in the primitive house formed the blacksmith shop which once stood near the old residence, but most of which shop now constitute the old Jane [p.389] Goe house on Bellevernon hill, to which place it had been moved in 1843. The late Jas. Beazell for a time worked at his trade in this shop whilst it stood on the Speers farm, of which we are now writing. The old log barns which stood one in the meadow just below the present road before reaching the row of houses of Gibsonton, and the other on the site of the present large frame barn in front of the residence of Jacob Irons, were both burned about 1850 or 1851. Noah Speers was in his early days a large slaveholder, and to accommodate his slaves he erected the main part of the stone mansion. His slaves were manumitted under the gradual emancipation laws and were all free before his death. The mansion house was enlarged and fitted up by Noah W. Speers for an academy in 1842, as we have already mentioned in a former part of this history. He also resided in it after the school closed until the farm was sold to John Niccolls in about the year of 1846. In 1848 it was sold to Wm. Eberheart, who remodelled and improved the stone mansion, putting on the cornice around the roof and adding other changes which gave it a neat and desirable appearance. The present large frame barn on the public road was built for Eberheart by the late Geo. Whiting, of Fayette city. During his ownership Eberheart also had erected the stable now standing near the mansion on the site of the former one which was burned. After the financial embarrassment of Wm. Eberheart in 1853, the farm was sold to J. K. Moorhead by the Sheriff of Westmoreland county. The farm was sold by Moorehead to John Gibson, of Philadelphia. At the death of John Gibson, his son Henry C. became sole owner. The extensive distillery known the world over as Gibsonton Mills, was erected on this farm in 1856-57 by the firm of John Gibson Son & Co. The firm subsequently took in Charles Gibson, and then it was changed to John Gibson, Sons & Co. On the death of Charles the firm became John Gibson Son & Co.

Nancy Virginia FRYE and Noah SPEERS had the following children:



Abraham SPEERS was born on 17 March 1790. He died on 22 February 1832 at the age of 41.

Abraham married Margaret Campbell. They had sons David, Charles & Solomon. Abraham is said to have died of cholera, perhaps his wife and a child as well. If his mother's birth is correct, he was most likely the eldest child.



Solomon SPEERS was born on 22 September 1792. He died in 1860 at the age of 68 in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois.

Solomon married Mary Walker.

1850 Census. Washington Twp, Fayette Co, PA, Hh 1496
Solomon Spears, age 58, b. Fayette Co PA
Mary J. 56, b. Allegheny Co, PA
All the children born in Fayette County
Noah 25, John 23, Solomon 18, James 16, Josephine 13, Robert 11, Mary 9
Mary Phillips, 17, b. Wales
James Taylor, 22, laborer, b. England

1860 Census. Peoria Ward 3, Peoria, IL, Hh 1777
Solomon Spears, age 67
Mary, age 60
Mary E. 17,
Wm. 28, Shoemaker
Robert, 21, Clerk



Henry SPEERS (private).



Hiram SPEERS (private).



Cassandra SPEERS was born on 14 November 1796.

Cassandra married Solomon Krepps.



Nancy SPEERS was born on 16 March 1800.

Nancy married Samuel Walker.

1850 Census. Elizabeth Twp, Allegheny Co, PA, Hh 209
"Samule" Walker, age 52, Merchant
Nancy, 50
John 21, Samule 19, James 17, Nancy 9, Thomas 7, Mary 4
Gernet Gilchrist, 18, b. Scotland
Samule Thompson, age 25, b. Ireland



Rebecca SPEERS was born on 12 November 1802. She died on 3 September 1882 at the age of 79.

Rebecca married Robert McFarland.

1850 Census. Upper St.Clair Twp, Allegheny Co PA, Hh 54
Robert C. McFarlane, age 55 - all the family born in PA
Rebecca, age 48
Nancy 18, Samuel S. age 12



Lucinda SPEERS was born on 8 June 1805.

Married William Mills.

1850 Census. Washington Twp, Washington Co, PA, Household 337
William Mills, age 39, b. Ireland
Lucinda, age 46, b. PA
Lucy J. 16, William W. 13, Edmonia C. 10, Newton A. 6, Charles M. 3
Letitia Wastler, 19, Black, b. PA



Florinda SPEERS was born (date unknown).



Louisa SPEERS was born on 27 March 1808.

Married William Louis Reeves. They appear to be living in Cincinnati, Ward 8, Hamilton Co Ohio in 1850, Hh 759
William Reeves, age 52, b. PA
Louisa, age 42, b. PA
William 16, b. PA. Eliza 14, b. PA
Martha 9, Mary L. 7, Henry 5 - all born in Ohio.



Lewis Marchand SPEERS was born on 26 July 1810. He died on 15 September 1883 at the age of 73.

Said to have married (1) Jane Finley and (2) Frances Stewart about 1859.

1850 Census. Rostraver Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA, Hh 234
Lewis M. Speers, age 40, all the family born in Pennsylvania
Jane, age 34
William F. 15, Noah 13, Marguretta 10. Mary 5, Celia 1
Frederick Snider, age 21, Laborer, b. Germany
Cutlip Cooper, age 21, Laborer, b. Germany



James SPEERS was born in 1812. He died on 27 February 1832 at the age of 20.

Grave marker is pictured on He is buried Gibson [Gibsonton] Cemetery, Westmoreland Co, PA.
"In Memory of"
James Speers
Who died feb 27th
1832 aged 19 years
4 months and 15 days.

He is believed to have died in a cholera epidemic. His age at death computes to a birth date of 12 Oct 1812.



Jacob SPEERS was born on 15 December 1814.

Married Margaret Power, 10 May 1836, Westmoreland, PA.

1850 Census. Peoria Co, IL, Hh 1056
Jacob Spears, age 35, b. PA
Margaret, 34
James L. 13. John F. 11, H. L. age 9, male, Nancy 7
Clarra 3. Wm. G. 1 - these two children born in Illinois
James Fitzpatric, 23, laborer, b. Ireland
Frank Childs, 20, school teacher, b. Connecticut

JACOB SPEERS owns and occupies a fine farm of 160 acres in Blue Mound Township, on section 24. His land is all improved and under a good state of cultivation, with a tasteful and convenient residence and all necessary out-buildings for the shelter of stock and storage of grain. Mr. Speers has been a resident of McLean County since 1865, and of Blue Mound Township since 1870. He was born in Westmoreland County, Pa., Dec. 15, 1814, and is the son of Noah and Nancy (Frye) Speers, also natives of the Keystone State, where they passed their entire lives. They were the parents of thirteen children, all of whom, with one exception, grew to mature years. That one was killed when quite young, by being thrown from a horse.
Jacob Speers remained in his native county until 1846. He then came to this State, locating first in Peoria County with his wife and six children. After a residence there of eight years they removed to Stark County, in which they remained eight years, then returned to Peoria County again and resided there until the spring of 1865. Mr. Speers then came into this county and lived in Chenoa Township until the spring of 1868. Thence he removed to Towanda Township and after about one and one-half years, crossed the Mississippi and became a resident of Kansas, in which State he remained until 1870. He then returned to this county and settled in Blue Mound Township, where he has since lived. He has identified himself fully with the interests of the county and community since coming here and is reckoned among the thrifty and well-to-do farmer residents of this section.
The marriage of our subject took place in his native county of Westmoreland, Pa., May 10, 1836, the lady of his choice being Miss Margaret, daughter of John F. and Mary (Sterrett) Power, who were also natives of Pennsylvania, where they spent their entire lives and where their remains were laid to rest. Of their ten children, Mrs. Speers was the sixth. She was born in Westmoreland County, Pa., March 4, 1820. Of her union with our subject there were thirteen children, ten now living, namely, James S., John F., Noah L., Nancy J., Clarissa, William L., Harriett A., Charles, Solomon E. and Maggie S. The three deceased died when quite young. John married Miss Eleanor Halstead and resides in Ford County, Ill.; Noah married Miss Maggie Ellis and also lives in Ford County; Nancy is the wife of John Watt of Chenoa; Clarissa married M. J. Wilson and is a resident of Scott County, Kan.; William married Miss Laura Power and resides in Blue Mound Township; Harriett became the wife of F. L. Voorhees, and they are located at St. Jose, Cal.;. Charles married Miss Ollie Newton and is farming in Blue Mound Township; Solomon married Miss Irene Gay and is a resident of Blue Mound Township; Maggie became the wife of J. B. Nichols of Nebraska; James married Miss Mary Davis; she died in Blue Mound Township, April 28, 1875.
Mr. Speers is Republican in politics and has held some of the minor offices of his township, including that of Assessor, in which he has served several years. He also served as Supervisor in Stark County, and was twice elected Justice of the Peace but would not serve. Both our subject and his wife are worthy members of the Presbyterian Church, and held in high esteem by all who know them.
Portrait and biographical album of McLean County, Ill. : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with portraits and biographies of all the governors of Illinois, and of the presidents of the United States. (Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1887), 561. Transcribed and annotated by Judy Rosella Edwards.



Noah W. SPEERS was born on 19 April 1818.

I have seen Noah with the same birth date as Clarissa in 1818, but also have seen one as 27 March, but with no year.

1850 Census. Cincinnati Ward 9, Hamilton Co, Ohio. Hh 92
Noah Speers, age 31, Glass Agent, b. PA
Elizabeth 30
William 9, Cecelia 7, Adolphus 6, and Noah age 1 - the only child born in Ohio
Mary G. [surname unknown], age 27, b. Germany



Clarissa SPEERS was born on 19 April 1818.

Married Andrew Ford.

1850 Census. Jefferson Township, Fayette Co. PA, Hh 93
Andrew C. Ford, age 38, b. Fayette Co PA
Clarisa F., age 32, b. Westmoreland Co PA
Clarinda 4. Hestena 9. Eugenia 7, Mary 5, Lausetta 3, and Almeda age 6 months. [all the daughters born in Fayette Co.]