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Sixth Generation

261. John FRY125,134,135 was born in 1800 in Kentucky.10,134 He died before 1892 at the age of 92 in Pike County, Missouri.136

John came to Missouri in the Spring of 1819, settling near Palmyra. Jon Frye believes he may have been the third child born. Later he seems to have moved closer to Hannibal near his cousin Aaron who arrived in 1827.

John had to travel back to Kentucky to marry Obedience Allen. He is thought to have returned to Bourbon Co early in 1832. When he brought Obedience to Missouri they settled near Aaron Fry and his family at Frytown.

A note in Aaron Fry's diary, 27 Mar 1836, states that John boarded the Warrior steamship to look into the possibility of purchasing land in the Flint Hill country not far from St. Louis. He apparently decided against it.

When the Seminole War broke out in Florida, a company was raised in Marion Co, Sept 1837. Capt Curd was the officer in charge and they were in Florida by Novemeber. William Oldham, who would become John's brother-in-law was also part of that company. One wonders if John volunteered because his wife Obedience had just died.

Land patent in Marion Co MO on 1 Apr 1839 for 40 acres to John Fry

1840 Census. Marion Co MO, Marion Twp
John Fry 1m under 5 [James], 1m 5-10 [John], 1m 30-40 [John] 1f under 5 [Amanda], 1f 20-30 [2nd wife-Mary Jane]

Found in the 1850 Marion Co Census in Mason Twp; occupation gardner. [I am not sure of the assignment of children to mothers, a guesstimate.]
Hh 645: John Fry, age 50, gardner, property worth $1000, b. KY
Mary Jane, 35, b. Ireland
All born in MO: John A. 17, farmer. John A. 15, Amanda W. 13, Lydia J. 10, Luther C. 8, Samuel M. 6, Sarah E. 4, Mary W. age 2.

1870 Census. Mason, Marion Co MO, Hannibal P.O., Hh 72
John Fry, age 70, horticulturist, b. KY
Mary J., age 55, b. Ireland
James, 33, horticulture, b. MO
Saml. 25, "do"
Mary 18
Adda, 16
Anna, 14
William, 12
Edward Lewis, Black, laborer, age 80, b. KY

John FRY and Obediance W. ALLEN were married on 17 October 1832 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.5,136 Obediance W. ALLEN, daughter of John Mountjoy ALLEN and Obedience COLLIER, was born (date unknown).

John FRY and Obediance W. ALLEN had the following children:



John Allen FRY135 was born on 26 July 1833 in Missouri.134 He died on 8 August 1913 at the age of 80 in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.

John and his brother James shared in the estate of their maternal grandfather in right of their deceased mother. The Settlement was dated 10 Mar 1855, Bourbon Co KY.

In 1862, John A. Fry, of Hannibal, who was coronoer of the county, became acting sheriff in place of Robert Shacklett who was a secessionist and had been imprisoned.

31 Dec 1862 - John Fry married Margaret Susan McKen in Marion Co MO.



James M. FRY was born in 1835 in Missouri.134 He died in February 1898 at the age of 63.135

James never married.

John FRY and Mary Jane LEIGHTON were married about 1839.136 Mary Jane LEIGHTON was born on 21 October 1815 in Belfast, Ireland.134,136

John FRY and Mary Jane LEIGHTON had the following children:



Amanda Scott FRY.



Lydia J. FRY135 was born in 1840 in Missouri.134 She died on 25 October 1930 at the age of 90 in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.

Lydia married 10 Apr 1866 to Thomas B. Loudon in Marion Co. By 1920 she was living in Hannibal, a widow age 78.



Luther C. FRY135 was born on 10 October 1842 in Missouri.134 He died after 1900 at the age of 58.

The 1884 History of Marion County, p.926, has a biography of Luther, stating that he was the son of John and Mary (Leighton) Fry, born in Marion Co on Oct 20, 1842, where he has ever resided. His father was a native of Kentucky and one of the few early settlers of Marion County now living. His mother is a sister of the Rev. John Leighton of St. Louis.

Luther married (1) Mary Alice Asay, 28 Nov 1866, Adams Co Illinois. He married (2) to Maggie Boyd, daughter of Rev. James & Lydia Boyd of Kirksville, Adair Co MO, on 30 Dec 1875.



Samuel M. FRY.



Sarah Elizabeth FRY135 was born in May 1847 in Missouri.134 She died on 21 February 1916 at the age of 68.

Sarah married Hervey/Harvey H. Asay, 13 Nov 1867, Marion Co MO. In 1870 and 1880, they were living across the rivier in Quincy, Illinois, but in 1900 they were back in Hannibal.



Mary W. FRY was born in 1848 in Missouri.134

No records have been identified after the 1870 census.



Adalaide S. FRY135 was born in October 1853 in Marion County, Missouri.

Ada married 24 oct 1877 to Lorenzo D. Newland, in Marion Co MO. They are not found after the 1900 census.



Ann E. FRY135 was born about 1855 in Marion County, Missouri.

Ann is not found after the 1870 census.



William Leighton FRY135 was born in April 1858 in Marion County, Missouri. He died on 3 December 1937 at the age of 79.

William married Pearl Vale, 16 July 1885, Marion Co MO. She was 15 - he was 27. Her mother was from New York, her father may have been French and the 1920 census states that Pearl spoke French.

In 1900, William's mother was living with them - her name given as Mary J. Leighton and listed as "mother-in-law". Apparently Pearl gave the information.