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Fifth Generation

121. BENJAMIN FRY29,79 was born about 1775 in Pennsylvania.63 He died in 1829 at the age of 54 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.5

Came to Pike County Mo with his father, probably 1819. Soon after he moved his family into Marion County. His father died in 1821 and his brother, James Jr. died in 1822. Benjamin arrived in Marion Co about the same time as the McFall family. He lived in Fabius Twp just north of Palmyra.

10 May 1825. Land Patent issued at the land office in St. Louis to Benjamin Frye as assignee of Jacob Smith. Cash Sale. 160 acres. The SE 1/4 of Section 3, Twp 58N, Range 6W. Marion Co. Certificate No.315 was issued on the 18th of January 1919 by the General Land Office stating that full payment was made for this 160 acres, but no issuance of the patent was evidenced in the land office - thereby granting the patent. By 1919, Benjamin Frye had been dead for 90 years - one wonders what the circumstances were that required reissue of the patent - perhaps to clear title.

Land Patent issued to Benjamin Fry, 1 Aug 1825. Cash Sale, for 80 acres in Section 10, Marion Co, T 58N, R 6W, the West half of the NE quarter.

He is listed in "Ten Thousand Missouri Taxpayers" by Sherida K. Eddleman as paying taxes in 1827 in Marion County. His children James, William, Abraham, and Rebecca Baxter lived in Liberty Twp.

An online tax list from Marion Co, 1827, has both Benjamin and Abraham K. Frye

From "Missouri Poineers" by Holdes & Woodruff, p. 4 Marion Co MO Wills, WB A:
Fry (Frye), Benjamin, Will dated 7 Jul 1829. Wife, Nancy Fry, one third part of all my lands with the house in which I now live & personal property during her lifetime. Wife retain possession of balance of lands until 1 Nov 1830 & then sold. One dollar each to sons Abraham, & James Fry and daughter, Rebecca Baxter & her husband Elijah Baxter, having received. Son Benjamin Fry a gray mare known as his, and a horse to each of my sons, Jacob, John & William Fry and my daughter Margaret Fry. Younger children to be educated. After death of wife, residue of estate to be equally divided among my sons, Benjamin, Jacob, John & William Fry and my daughter, Margaret Fry, giving each one fifth they arrive at age. Executors: wife Nancy Fry and son Abraham K. Fry. Witness: Robert B. Bartlett & S. W. B. Carnegy. L/T granted above named exrs. Rec. 3 Aug 1829. (17-19)

BENJAMIN FRY and AGNES "NANCY" KELLAR were married on 9 March 1797 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.5,60,94 AGNES "NANCY" KELLAR100,101, daughter of JACOB KELLAR and ELIZABETH FRYE, was born about 1780. She died before October 1841 at the age of 61 in Marion County, Missouri.60

1830 Census. Marion Co MO
Nancy Fry
1m 5-10 [Wm Kellar], 1m 10-15 [Jacob], 1m 15-20 [John or Benjamin], 1m 20-30 [John or Benjamin] Abraham & James were both married.
1f 5-10 [Margaret], 1f age 50-60 [Nancy]

[birth estimated from marriage date]
Benjamin and Nancy were first cousins.
1840 Census, Marion Co MO, Fabius Twp. Nancy Fry age 60-70. 1m 15-20 [William], 1m 20-30 [??? older sons were married]
Died just after her son James.

BENJAMIN FRY and AGNES "NANCY" KELLAR had the following children:






John FRY.



James FRY.



Rebecca FRY.



Benjamin Y. FRY.



Jacob FRY.



Margaret FRY.



William Kellar FRY.