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Fifth Generation

79. Meredith Anderson FOX6,39,59,60,61 was born on 3 September 1847 in Jackson County, Tennessee.6,62,63,64 He died on 10 June 1932 at the age of 84 in Jackson County, Tennessee.61

1880, Merrideth Fox was living next to his uncle Henry Fox. Age 33, Lethy was 32. Bartlett , 12, Pollie, 11, Thomas 10, John 8, Merideth 7, Peggie 5, Myron 3 and Bransford 1.

1900, Jackson Co TN
Meridath Fox, born Sep 1847, age 52. Married 33 years. Letha, wife, born Apr 1848, age 52. She had 16 children, 11 are living. Polly A., born Jan 1869, age 41. Thomas F., born Apr 1870, age 30. Obed N., born Oct 1881, age 18. Jefferson S. born Feb. 1883, age 17. Dudley M. born Sep 1884, age 15. Oliva P. born Jan 1889, age 11. Oliver D. born Jul 1891, age 8.

At the time Meredith died, Aletha had already passed on. His death certificate gives his name as Merida A. Fox. He died from aortic regurgitation. His father was given as B. A. Fox, his mother as Miriam Basham. He is buried Fox Cemetery. John K. Fox, his son, was the informant.

Meredith Anderson FOX and Aletha Mary Catherine "Pollie" FOX were married about 1867.59,65 Aletha Mary Catherine "Pollie" FOX59, daughter of John Kendrick FOX and Margaret Jane CARTER, was born on 6 April 1848 in Tennessee.6,16,63 She died on 9 June 1911 at the age of 63.6

They were first cousins.

Marked as "D" for divorced on 1920 Jackson Co TN Census

Meredith Anderson FOX and Aletha Mary Catherine "Pollie" FOX had the following children:



Bartlett N. FOX was born in 1868 in Tennessee.63



Pollie A. FOX60,66 was born in January 1869 in Tennessee.60,63,65 She died on 1 September 1938 at the age of 69 in Jackson County, Tennessee.66

Polly was still living at home in 1900, unmarried.

Her death certificate shows that she never married. John K. Fox, her brother, was the informant . She probably died of heart trouble but the doctor hadn't seen her for about a year. She is buried Fox Cemetery.



Thomas Franklin FOX67 was born on 7 April 1870 in Tennessee.60,65 He died on 19 July 1924 at the age of 54 in Jackson County, Tennessee.67

Thomas Franklin Fox never married. His occupation on his death certificate states "None - he was an invalade [sic] all his life. He died of pneumonia but also says he "was of unsound mind". His father's name given as Merida A. Fox, mother as Letha M. C. Fox. John K. Fox [probably his brother] gave the information. Thomas was buried Fox Cemetery.



John Kendrick FOX68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75 was born in November 1891 in Tennessee.63,68 He died on 1 June 1944 at the age of 52 in Jackson County, Tennessee.76

1900 Census. Not this John, but enumerated next to his father, Meredith. I haven't figured out who he is.
John Fox, born Sep 1872, age 27. Wife Celina C., born Nov 1874, age 25. Married 4 years. She had 2 children, 1 is living, a daughter Lora C. born Aug 1898.

1900 Census, Jackson Co TN, Dist 12, p.178A, Hh 183
John K. Fox, b. Nov 1871, age 28, married 11 years
Rebecca S. [Chaffin] wife, b. Aug 1870, age 29, 3 children, 3 living
Polly M. daughter, b. Mar 1890, age 10
Leathy E., daughter, b. Nov 1894, age 5
Marlin A., son, b. Jan 1898, age 2

John was widowed at the time of his death from bronchial pneumonia - he also had carcinoma of the liver. He is buried Fox Cemetery in Jackson Co. His parents were listed as Mertie Fox and Letha Fox. Informant was David Fox.

Rebecca Soudin Chaffin Fox apparently died 4 May 1926. She was born 30 Aug 1869 according to her death certificate. Her father was Wm. R. Chaffin, her mother Lucinda Jackson. Davis H. Fox was the informant. She died of cancer of the breast and was buried Fox Cemetery.

Death Certificate for daughter Letha Essie Flatt states that she was born 8 Nov 1894 and died 6 Apr 1944. Her parents were John K. Fox and Rebecca Chaffin. She was buried in the Chaffin Cemetery. Her husband was given as Thomas Flatt. She died of hemoplegia of the right side and had a history of mitral heart problems.

Son Marlin married Estie Lee McBroom, born in Putnam Co. They lost a newborn baby on 10 May 1924. Notes say that medical attention was too late, child almost dead when born. He lived about 12 hours and was named Edward Ellis Fox. Rebecca S. Fox, the grandmother, was the informant. The baby was buried Fox Cemetery. They lost another male child, born 25 Oct 1931 and died 7 Dec 1933 - he was named Alton C. Fox and also buried in the Fox Cemetery. No physician was in charge but the baby's death was said to be influenza. Another child died on 22 Feb 1938 - another male child, listed as Not full term. Marlin himself was the informant for the death certificate - they did not name the child.
Rosie Estlee Fox, born 23 Nov 1896, died 28 Aug 1948. Her parents listed as Henry P. McBroom and Annie Ethel Dyer. She died of cancer of the thigh, hip & abdomen. She was buried Fox Grave Yard. Her husband's name is given as Marlin Anderson Fox and he was said to be age 50 in 1948.



Merideth Anderson FOX.



Peggie Jane FOX was born in 1875 in Tennessee.63



Miram FOX was born on 17 January 1877 in Tennessee.63 She died on 3 January 1914 at the age of 36.

Married Samuel J. Loftis. buried Old Mat Loftix Cemetery, Jackson Co, TN.



Bransford FOX was born in 1879 in Tennessee.63



Obed Nathan FOX.



Jefferson Stone FOX77 was born in February 1883 in Jackson County, Tennessee.60 He died on 12 June 1914 at the age of 31 in Jackson County, Tennessee.77

Jefferson died of typhoid fever. His borther D. W. Fox was the informant and listed his parents as Merideth A. Fox and Letha Fox. He was buried Fox Cemetery.



Dudley W. FOX.



Olive Prisilla FOX (private).60



Oliver Denton FOX (private).60