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Seventh Generation

247. Claudia Valene FOX53,111 was born on 24 March 1887 in Jackson County, Tennessee.106,107 She died on 9 September 1969 at the age of 82 in Putnam County, Tennessee.53

In 1910, Claudia V. Flatt, age 23, widowed, with her son Robert D. age 1 year 6 months, was living back home with her parents.

Claudia married William Sampson Flatt on 7 Oct 1907, Jackson Co TN. Billy was the son of Benjamin Flatt & Mary Medlin. He was born 3 May 1885, died 31 Mar 1910. Claudia married (2) Silas Narl Chaffin on 14 Jan 1923. He was the son of Harvey Chaffin & Nancy Rash and was born 7 May 1881, died 25 Sep 1962 in Putnam Co TN.

On 31 Mar 1910, S. C. Fox had the property of Billie Flatt, deceased, to include livestock and crops. Sidney Columbus Fox turned the property over to the community.

Other than Robert found in the 1910 census, Billie & Claudia also had a daughter, Minnie Vertus Flatt, born after the death of her father on 26 Sep 1910. Claudia also had a son and a daughter by Silas Chaffin.

Claudia Valene FOX and William Sampson "Billy" FLATT were married on 7 October 1907 in Jackson County, Tennessee.53 William Sampson "Billy" FLATT was born on 3 May 1885 in Jackson County, Tennessee.53 He died on 31 March 1910 at the age of 24 in Jackson County, Tennessee.53

Claudia Valene FOX and William Sampson "Billy" FLATT had the following children:



Minnie FLATT.