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Fourth Generation

41. Henry FOX39 was born about 1819 in Jackson County, Tennessee.6,16

1840, Dist 11, Jackson Co TN
Henry Fox. 1m -5, 1m 20-30. 1f under 5, 1f 20-30.

Land Entry Book in Jackson Co Land Office
Could this be Henry, rather than Harvey?
Harvey Fox enters 50 acres on waters of Flinns Crk begin on a stake at a survey now owned by Elish. [Elizabeth] Fox running until it strikes Jones line. 10 Jan 1846

Tennessee Land Grants, Vol. I, Sistler.
Henry Fox [no Harvey] in Jackson Co, Mountain District
1848, 51 acres, Bk W, p.215 Grant #9796

In 1850, Henry was living on his father's land near his brothers and sister Sarah Fox Dennis.
Dist 11, Jackson Co, TN, Hh 735
Henry Fox, 31. Mary, 32.
Elizabeth 14. Benjamin 12. Rachael 11. Rebeca 9. John 7. Emarilla 5. Henry 3. William 1.

1860, Putnam Co TN, District 16
Henry Fox, age 40, Elizabeth A. 23 [his daughter? ], Benjamin B. 21, Rachel C.19, Rebecca A. 17, John, 16, Emerilla 14, Henry 12, William 10, Richard 9, Uriah A. 6, and Mary 4.

1870, Jackson Co TN, District 12
Henry Fox, age 50. Nancy C. age 37. Anderson U. age 17 [Uriah in 1860] Mary M. M. age 13.

Henry was still living in 1880, age 60. Wife at this time was Nancy age 45, obviously she is a second wife as she wasn't old enough to be the mother of the older children in 1860. A daughter Mary, age 25, school teacher, was still at home.

Henry FOX and Mary "Polly" CARTER were married.16 Mary "Polly" CARTER40 was born in 1818 in Rutherford County, Tennessee.16 She died between 1855 and 1860 at the age of 37.

Most references do not have a surname for Polly. The death certificate of son William A. Fox states that she was Polly Carter, born Rutherford Co TN

Mary must have died between the birth of the youngest daughter, about 1855, and the 1860 census.

Henry FOX and Mary "Polly" CARTER had the following children:



Elizabeth A. FOX was born in 1836 in Jackson County, Tennessee.16

Elizabeth is listed as being two years older than Benjamin in 1860, or born 1837.



Benjamin B. FOX26 was born in December 1838 in Jackson County, Tennessee.16 He died on 13 February 1919 at the age of 80 in Putnam County, Tennessee.26

Benjamin B. Fox was listed as age 21 in 1860, or born 1839 and he was listed as younger than sister Elizabeth.

There is a death certificate for Ben B. Fox that appears to be this man. His age was estimated as about 82, or born 1837 and he was said to have been married at the time of his death, 13 Feb 1919. Newton Fox [possibly the son Richard N. in the censuses] was the informant and didn't know the name of his Ben's father but said his mother was a Carter. He was supposed to have paralysis of some kind - he was sick about two weeks but had no doctor. He was buried Fox GraveYard.

1900 Census, Jackson Co TN
Benjamin B. Fox Sr, b. Dec 1838, age 61, married for 15 years
Sarahann V., wife, b. Aug 1860, age 39, has had 5 children, 4 are living
John W. B., son, b. Sep 1888, age 11
Sarah D., dau, b. Mar 1893, age 7
James D. P., son, b. Jul 1895, age 4
Richard N., son, b.Jun 1899, age 11 months
Mary L., dau, b. May 1877, age 22 [obviously born from an earlier marriage of Benjamin's]

In the same census is
Benjamin B. Fox Jr, b. Feb Feb 1840, age 60 his wife Malinda and family. This is such a good example of the terms Sr & Jr from this time period. These two Benjamins were actually first cousins and only slightly apart in age.

1910 Census, Putnam Co TN, Cookeville
Benjamin B. Fox, age 71, married 2 times, this last time for 24 years.
Sirah A., wife, age 48, has had 6 children, 5 are living
Sirah D., dau, age 17
James D., son, age 15
Richard N., son, age 10
Lillie M., dau, age 7



Rachel C. FOX was born in 1839 in Jackson County, Tennessee.16

Is this the Rachel Fox who married Joseph Fox, son of William Fox & Jane Birdwell?



Rebecca A. FOX was born in 1841 in Jackson County, Tennessee.16



John FOX was born in 1843 in Jackson County, Tennessee.16



Emarilla FOX was born in 1845 in Jackson County, Tennessee.16



Henry FOX was born in 1847 in Jackson County, Tennessee.16

It's possible that this man was H. M. David Fox, born 22 Jun 1846, Jackson Co and died 17 Jul 1935 at age 89 in Putnam Co. His death certificate gave his father's name as Henry Fox; his mother's name was unknown. In the censuses, etc. in Putnam Co he was simply referred to as David Fox. The fact that he named a son Byrd Anderson Fox would seem to connect him to the Fox families in Jackson Co. He was listed simply as Henry in his father's household in 1850 & 1860 - most of the other children had middle initials.

1870, Putnam Co TN [supposed father Henry lived in Putnam Co for the 1860 census but had gone back to Jackson Co in 1870]
David Fox, age 23. Mary, age 24. Bird age 3. Margaret age 1.

1880 Putnam Co TN:
Fox, David, age 32. Mary, wife, age 35.
Bird, son age 13, Margaret 10, Amy/Anny [?] dau age 7, Elizabeth dau age 2.

The 1900 Putnam Co TN Census, District 10:
Fox, Dav., b. Jun 1846, age 53, married 35 years
Lizzie, wife, b. Sep 1845, age 54, 8 children, 4 living
Bettie, Daughter, b. Sep 1877, age 22
in District 7:
Fox, Byrd A., b. Nov 1866, age 33
Sarah F. wife, b. Nov 1868, age 31, married 15 years, 4 children, none living.

Other facts known are that Byrd Fox gave the information for the death certificate of H. M. David Fox. David was at the time of death widowed, his wife's name listed as "Crick McBroom". He was buried McBroom Cemetery. Byrd Anderson Fox was born 10 Nov 1866, died 16 Apr 1945 at age 78. He was at that time widowed. His parents were given as David Fox & Elizabeth McBroom [Lizzie, the wife in 1900, is consistent with this name but David seemed to have a first wife, Mary, who would have been Byrd's mother.] Byrd was apparently married to Sarah Founas Fox, born in 1869, who had died 15 Mar 1939 of pneumonia. She was the daughter of Thomas Davidson, her mother not known. Her spouse was listed as B. A. Fox on her death certificate. Both Byrd & Sarah were buried in the Oddfellows Cemetery, Putnam Co.



William A. FOX40,41,42 was born on 11 March 1849 in Jackson County, Tennessee.16,40 He died on 16 November 1919 at the age of 70 in Jackson County, Tennessee.40

William A. Fox's death certificate shows him still living in Jackson Co TN He died of heart failure and was married at the time. H. M. Fox was the informant. His parents were given as Henry Fox and Polly Carter, born in Rutherford Co TN. He is buried Fox Cemetery.

1880 Census, Jackson Co TN
William Fox, age 31. Almirey, age 23, wife. Lucy, 6, daughter. Henry age 1, son.
[Son Henry's death certificate reveals that the wife was Almira Billingsly.]

1900 Census, Jackson Co TN
William A. Fox, age 51, b. Mar 1849; married 15 years. Ferby, b. Oct 1858, age 41. Had 3 children, 2 living. Henderson A., son, age 16, b. Aug 1883 in Tennessee. Nancy V., daughter, b. Mar 1889, age 11. Sarah F. J., daughter, b. Jan 1894, age 6.

1910 Census, Jackson Co TN.
William A. Fox was age 61, married twice, the last time for 25 years. Wife Phurby was age 50 and married only the one time; she had 3 children, 2 living. Sarah F. J., daughter, was age 16. Albert W. Scortt [Scott?] was age 31, son-in-law, married 1 time for 2 years. Nancy V., daughter, age 21, had 2 children. Ditha L., granddaughter, age 1 year 8 months. Lyddia B. granddaughter, age 2 months.

Son Henry Fox [see the 1880 census] died 31 Oct 1928. His death certificate gave his parents as Bill Fox and Almira Billingsly. He died of tuberculosis and was married at the time of his death - wife signed simply as Mrs. Henry Fox. No birth date was given, just his age as 49.



Richard FOX was born in 1851 in Tennessee.43



Uriah A. FOX was born in 1854 in Tennessee.43



Mary M. FOX was born in 1855 in Tennessee.