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Second Generation

12. Lucy FOX6,10 was born on 28 November 1747.6 She died on 12 February 1831 at the age of 83 in Brunswick County, Virginia.6

Lucy married Luke Matthews on 26 Jan 1766. They were living in Brunswick Co in 1777.

The Matthews family Bible as quoted in the book, Luke Matthews of Brunswick County, Virginia, 1739-1788 and His Descendants, by William Kennon Matthews, states that Lucy Mathews was the daughter of Richard Fox and Joanna his wife and that she was born 28 Nov 1747, married 26 Jan 1766 and died 12 Feb 1831.

The Bible was found in the family of W. B. Matthews of Franklin, TN and probably came to him from his father Isham. The last entry, recording the death of Lucy Fox Matthews was made in a different handwriting and is the only instance where Matthews is spelled with two "T's".

Lucy FOX and Luke MATHEWS were married on 26 January 1766.10 Luke MATHEWS11 was born on 15 March 1739.10 He died on 7 April 1788 at the age of 49 in Brunswick County, Virginia.10

Will of Luke Mathews. Probated 23 Jun 1788, Brunswick Co VA.
To daughter Angelica Walker, a Negro girl named Price which she has in possission, a black Mare, and feather bed & furniture which she has already received. 2 cows & calves, 2 ewes & lambs not yet rec'd.
To daughter Hannah Matthews, Negro Girl named Jeannie, Sorrel Mare, feather bed & furniture, kitchen ware, livestock
To daughter Betsey Matthews a Negro Girl named Beck, Bay mare called Duck, Feather bed & furniture, kitchen ware, livestock
To daughter Lucy Matthews a Negro Girl named Luck, young black Mare, feather bed & furniture, kitchen ware, livestock
To son John Matthews, a Negro boy named Th...., the Bay colt, etc.
To son Luke Matthews, Negro Boy named Abram, a horse of 10#'s value, etc.
To son Isham Matthews, Negro boy named Jerish, horse of 10#'s value, etc.
To daughter Nancy Matthews, negro girl Phillis, horse of 10#'s value, etc.
I expect my wife is with Child and I give into the Child whether boy or girl, the Negro Girl Chia, horse of 10#'s value, etc.
To wife Lucy Matthews my real & personal estate that remains after the Children's Legacies to divided among my children as she thinks my proper.
If any child dies without a lawful heir, their estate to be divided amongst the surviving children.
6 Apr 1788. Signed: Luke Matthews
Wit: J. Trann, Danl Baugh, Mark Sleed

Reported to the court in 1809, was 553 acres of land left to Lucy to be divided among the children.

Lucy FOX and Luke MATHEWS had the following children:



Angelica MATHEWS was born on 28 June 1767.10



Hannah MATHEWS was born on 25 September 1768.10



Elizabeth MATHEWS was born on 14 May 1772.10



Lucy MATHEWS was born on 27 October 1774.10



John MATHEWS was born on 9 March 1777.10



Luke MATHEWS was born on 22 August 1779.10



Isham MATHEWS was born on 2 April 1782.10



Nancy MATHEWS was born on 11 October 1785.10



Drury MATHEWS was born on 4 September 1788.10