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Third Generation

8. James FLYNN6,18,19 was born in 1738 in Amelia County, Virginia.2 He died after 1792 at the age of 54.2

One researcher gives a birth year as 1738 in Amelia Co VA. The "Far Flung Flinns" states he might be the eldest son of Laughlin II and was born as early as 1720.

Probably this is the James Flinn that married a "Rebecca Laughlin" [she was more likely Rebecca Scrivner] and found in THOMAS JONES JEFFERSON GENEALOGY by Evelyn Cook Hall & William C. Hall, 1985

Tithables for Lunenburg Co in 1752; Taken by Cornelius Cargill.
Lofflen Fline, James Fline, and George Fline - 4 tithes.

Said to have been in the Virginia Militia in 1758, along with his brother John Flin.

Lunenburg DB 5, p.471 8 Sep 1759 Samuel Harris of Halifax Co to James Flyn of Lunenburg, 450 acres on south side great Bluestone Creek [BlueStone now in Mecklenburg Co]

He was involved in numerous lawsuits between 1772-1792 [presumably Lunenburg Co, but maybe Mecklenburg which was formed from Lunenburg in 1765] Lunenburg Court Orders, Book 7, p.23. John Flinn, Exec. of Laughlin Flinn, dec'd vs. Elizabeth and James Flinn. Case dismissed.

Mecklenburg Co VA DB 3, p.352
4 Feb 1772 James Flin - deed of mortgage to Mathew Marable for debt. 450 acres willed to James Flynn by his father and purchased of his brother George, the whole of which was conveyed to said James in Lunenburg Co., also horse, furniture, etc. To be sold after the 1st of October 1773. Wit: Edward Finch, John (X) Hammons, John Marable, Stephen Mabry. Proved 11 May 1772.
In the Virginia Gazette, 22 Jul 1773 is a notice by Matthew Marable that he propese selling land of James Flynne in Meckledburg, as in intends to leave the country and resettle.
However, Mecklenburg DB 6, p.151
17 Sep 1778 James Flinn of Mecklenburg acknowledged that he had sold to William Oliver late of Mecklenburg but now of Halifax, all the 450 acres including land he formerly sold his brother John Flinn, which part my said brother has relinquished [and the whole tract under mortgage to Matthew Marable]. William Oliver to 350 £ - part to go to brother John Flin and part to Matthew Marable, his account against me. Signed: James (x) Flinn Proved 12 Nov 1781.

Children Polly, Peter, Sukey, Samuel & Stephen were turned over to the church for proper care.
Mecklenburg Court Order Book 4, p.447
Nov. 1778 "It appearing to the Court that James Flynne neglects to take care to educate and instruct his children in Christian principles and is incapable of supporting & bringing them up in honest courses It is Ordered that the church wardens bind out his children, to wit: Polly Flynne, Peter Flynne, Sukey Flynne, Samuel Flynne and Stephen Flynne according to law.

Mecklenburg DB 7, p.145
14 Jun 1787 James Flyn of Mecklenburg to Alexander Boyd for 450£. 450 acres on Bluestone. Signed: James (x) Flyn. Proved 9 Jul 1787.

Mecklenburg DB 7, p.487
14 Dec 1789 Francis Whitlow to James Flyn ...20 acres adj Whitlow, James Flinn, Ruana Rowland & Cox Whitlow. Signed: Thomas (x) Whitlow [either the book is in error about the grantor or the signer of this deed] and Elizabeth (x) Whitlow. Wit: Martin Ellet, Robert Flyn, John Flyn. Proved 4 Dec 1789.
13 Jul 1789 Henry Robertson of Charlotte Co to James Flyn of Mecklenburg for 60 £. 50 acres on East side of Bluestone Creek; begin Henry Whitlows, Lenard Chathams; Richland Rowlings. Signed: Henry Robertson. Proved 13 Jul 1789.
DB 8, p.65
18 Jan 1791 James Flyn to Martin Elliott for 40 £. 70 acres, north side Bluestone; adj Lenoard Chatham, Francis Whitlow, Cox Whitlow & Martin Ellets. Signed: James (x) Flyn. Proved 11 Apr 1791

Sometimes the Elizabeth Flynn that married Isaiah Guyman is seen as a daughter of this couple, instead of as a daughter of Thomas. It's in the Ancestral File both ways. There was no child named Elizabeth turned over to the Parish to be bound out. Given that the Guymans moved to Kentucky along with other Flynns from Surry Co NC, it would seem much more reasonable that Elizabeth is a daughter of Thomas, not James

James FLYNN and Rebecca SCRIVNER were married.2 Rebecca SCRIVNER2 was born (date unknown).