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Third Generation

7. THOMAS FLYNN14,15,16 was born about 1720–1730.6 He served in the military in 1776 at Private, North Carolina in Revolutionary War. He died about 1783 at the age of 63 in Surry County, North Carolina.

The book FAR FLUNG FLINNS gives Thomas a birth year of 1731. Says he probably was born in Prince George Co VA. This book has both Thomas & his son Laughlin as married to Elizabeth Wright. It was his son Laughlin that married Elizabeth Wright. This Elizabeth's surname is unknown. The Poindexter history says he was born 1725/30. I would certainly think he was born prior to 1735 if indeed he bought 400 acres in 1757.

Said to have bought 400 acres from John & Sarah Clark in 1757; land on a ridge in Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg VA between the Roanoke and Blewstone Creek. His brothers John, James and George had land on the Bluestone. They may have moved to Orange Co NC when they sold this land. FAR FLUNG FLINNS states this area became Surry Co in 1771, but that's wrong - Surry was formed from Rowan Co NC which was never a part of Orange.

Lunenburg Co VA DB 4, p.446
1 Feb 1757 John Clark & wife Sarah of Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg Co. to Thomas Flyn of same. 400 acres for 44 £. land on ridge between Roanoak River and Blewstone Creek. Harrises corner, Byrds line.... Granted to Clark by patent 16 Aug 1746. Proved 7 Jun 1757.

When Thomas' s father died in 1759, Thomas was named as one of the executors in the Will, but he relinquished to his brother John, serving as one of the securities. He received nothing in will, indicating he probably had already received his share.
Forrest Wayne Faris, in The Flinns of Auld Ireland had concluded George & James were the eldest since they were to share his lands. I think it more likely they were the youngest. John and Thomas were older and had already received their share and set up their own households. Thomas had bought land in 1757; John had purchased 181 acres in 1752.

Lunenburg DB 7, p.101
4 May 1762 Thomas Flyn of St. James Parish of Lunenburg to Nicholas Mealer of Verina Parish, Henrico. 400 acres for 60 £. Signed: Thomas (T) Flyn, Elsabeath (x) Flyn. Wit: John Flyn, George Flyn, John (A) Person. Proved 5 May 1761 [date seems to be an error]

In 1759, Thomas was on a road crew in Orange Co, NC, building a road towards Granville Co.; in Aug of 1763 he was sued for debt in Orange Co. He purchased 91 acres from Earl of Granville in 1763 which he sold to William Taylor in 1767.

When Surry Co was formed from Rowan Co in 1771, Thomas Flinn was on the tax lists with two polls, and his son, "Line" [sic - Lin for Laughlin] Flinn with one poll. In 1772, Thomas, Lenn and George were on the tax lists. The 1773 tax list is missing. In 1774, Thomas Flinn & son - 2 polls; Geroge Flinn and negro Luci, and a second Thomas Flinn.

Roster of NC Revolutionary Soldiers, Pierce's Register, Volume X, p.248 "Elizabeth and Laughlin Flinn, co-heirs of Thomas Flynn, Private, who received 640 acres of land for 84 months of military service." DAR #446141 lists his children. In "Old KY Entries and Deed" p.412, Thomas Flin was granted 100 acres, Warrant 2354, for service as a soldier 3 years in VA Line 1/31/1784 [this would seem to be a different Thomas since he was in Virginia.]
FAR FLUNG FLINNS has that he was a soldier in the Continental Line from 1774 to 1782 and received 640 acres in 1784 for 84 months of service. This land was in Overton/Jackson Co TN.
I wonder if this abstract leaves out other children - was there an "etc" missed by the abstracter.. Would seem to be to be the widow and a son. The only reason one son would be singled out, is that either there was a bequest in a will [doubtful since one has never been found] or that Laughlin is the only living son [others appear to be alive in 1783] or the eldest living son [primogeniture WAS still in effect in North Carolina - the 640 acres said allotted in 1783].
This website indicates the latter may have been true.
"Law of Primogeniture in the South"
By Phil Norfleet
"In North Carolina:
In April 1784, the NC Legislature, in lieu of primogeniture, substituted a scheme where, in the case of intestate death, the father's real property would be shared among all the deceased's male children. The female children were completely left out of the sharing. Several years later, in 1795, the NC law was again changed to allow the daughters to share equally with the sons."

I contacted the Tennessee Archives and they reported no grants to Flinn were in their Index. The Flinns of Auld Ireland stated that the Library had said the above warrant was listed in the Index but they had no copy of the actual warrant. The Flinns of Auld Ireland also states that the heirs of Thomas Flinn assigned a grant of about 70 acres to Moore Matlock, part of the warrant #13510, 10 May 1819, Overton Co TN. General Grants; Book R, p.686. I received this grant #13510 from the Tennessee Archives and it stated:
"In consideration of military service performed by Thomas Flinn to the State of North Carolina warrant No.5096 for 640 acres dated the 6th day of December 1797 and entered on the 20 day of April 1813 by No. 2454."
Granted to Moore Matlock, assignee of the Heirs of Thomas Flinn ... seven and a fourth acres, part of said warrant by survey dated 4 Nov 1814 in the third district in Overton Co on the dry fork of the wet fork of Obeds River on both sides of the path leading from said Matlock to Hugh Millers. Bounded: begin near said path, corner to said Matlocks tract which includes where he lives ....foot of the Millers line, Miller's corner, stake in the line of said Matlock's other tract. Dated 11 May 1819.

I did also find in Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers, Vol 1; 1791-1808, by Sherida K. Eddlemon, that "The Tennessee Gazette" of 2 Oct 1805, had a list from Robertson Co, TN. August Term, 1801 - Isaac Dortch, Commissioner of Revenue, reports the following lands for nonpayment of taxes for the year 1804. Reputed Owner: Laughlin Flynn, 640 acres, Caleb Creek. The list appeared again for the February Term 1806; Laughlin Flynn was again listed.

North Carolina Revoluntionary Accounts, Vol. II, p.15, Folio 3
Halifax 25 Jul 1783
Allowed Thomas Flinn Soldier for pay to Dec 1780 & ints. to Aug 1, 1783.
[this was approximately two years back pay at 6 2/3 dollars per month]

Dates for the children of Thomas & Elizabeth all seem to be based on a DAR application for which I've found no other proof. I believe the eldest of the children to have been the daughter Elizabeth and son Laughlin. I have found no clues for the births of the others - some seem to have placed in the family arbitrarily, possibly because of proximity as much as for any other reason.

Land Warrants for Continental Line service were issued beginning 14 Oct 1783 - the one to the heirs of Thomas Flynn dated 29 Apr 1784. The administration seems to have occurred some years later.
SURRY CO NC COURT OF PLEAS & QUARTER SESSIONS; Vol 1; 1790-1795; Agnes M. Wells & Iris M. Harvey, 1990
Thurs 16 May 1792 Administration on Estate of Thomas Flynn, dec'd, is granted Elizabeth Flynn widow and relict of said dec'd who entered into Bond with George Flynn security in the sum of £ and qualified. Letters of administration issue accordingly.

The following could be those of the son - Thomas the elder was likely already deceased, probably prior to 1783.
ABSTRACTS OF LAND ENTRYS: SURRY CO NC 1784-1795; Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 1988
#364 Entry withdrawn & settled for. 13 Aug 1789. Thomas Flin. 100 acres on waters of Frees Crk. Includes 3 springs; borders Leoflin Flin.
#365 Entry withdrawn & settled for. 13 Aug 1789. Thomas Flin. 50 acres N side Big Yadkin R on branch called Rail Run. Borders on East side of entry made by Gideon Wright dec'd and runs up both sides of branch.

THOMAS FLYNN and ELIZABETH [FLYNN] were married about 1745.6 ELIZABETH [FLYNN] was born about 1730.6 She died after 1792 at the age of 62 in Surry County, North Carolina.6

SURRY CO NC COURT OF PLEAS & QUARTER SESSIONS; Vol 1; 1790-1795; Agnes M. Wells & Iris M. Harvey, 1990
Thurs 16 May 1792 Administration on Estate of Thomas Flynn, dec'd, is granted Elizabeth Flynn widow and relict of said dec'd who entered into Bond with George Flynn security in the sum of £ and qualified. Letters of administration issue accordingly.

Elizabeth's surname is often said to be Wright, but I believe that is a confusion with Elizabeth Wright who married Thomas's son Laughlin. Have also seen her surname given as Capps which I believe to be another confusion with the marriage of another Wright - no further information or source.

THOMAS FLYNN and ELIZABETH [FLYNN] had the following children:






George FLYNN.



Elizabeth FLYNN.



William FLYNN.



John FLYNN17 was born (date unknown).

John said to be on a 1782 tax list, next to Jacob and William. He was in the 1800 census in Salisbury Dist.Surry Co, p.653, as age 26-45. 3 boys and 1 girl under 10. Apparent spouse age 16-26. He is not seen on all lists as a son of Thomas. [this section of the census has been alphabetized]

1810 Census. Surry Co NC. p.650
John Flynn: 2m under 10, 1m 26-45. 2f under 10, 1f 26-45.
This doesn't seem to be the same as above....

If the following is the same man, he was deceased prior to 1807. Given the common name of John, it may be someone else entirely.
From Poindexter Family History:
State of Tennessee #2415 "Know ye that in consideration of military service performed by John Flinn to the State of NC, Warrant #5096 dated the 6th day of Dec 1797 and entered 23 Aug 1807 by No. 103, there is granted by the said State of Tennessee unto Anderson Shelton, assignee of the heirs of the said John Flinn...
The Flinns of Auld Ireland mentions that there another Flinn family in Surry Co - that of John Flinn, Revolutionary soldier. His records do not necessarily match the above warrant either. He is believed to be a son of Patrick Flinn who left his will in Caswell Co NC in 1784. Patrick named as his heirs, wife Mary, sons John & Patrick, and daughter Mary & Susanna. There has also been a Patrick Flinn in the Lunenburg tax lists 1748, 1750 & 1752.
This John Flinn, was born in 1757, died 20 Oct 1842 in Stokes Co NC; he married Nancy Whitlock in Caswell Co in 1784. He has a pension record. He had children, named by Nancy when she applied for the widow's pension: Patrick born 1784, John born 1786, Elizabeth born 1788, Nancy born 1790, Stephen born 1792, Alfred born 1794, William born 1796, Susanna born 1798, Isah born 1800, Jesse born 1802, Green born 1804, Mary born 1806 and Delila born 1808. In 1821, John stated he was age 64, his wife then aged 60 and two of daughters were still living at home; his other children had left him. In 1843, Nancy Flinn, widow, was 88 years of age, living in Stokes Co. Seven surviving children at her death were Alfred, John, Elizabeth Knight, Stephen, Zear/Zera, Mary Colham/Calhoun, and Delila Flinn. He enlisted at the "Red House" in Caswell. In 1821 he was living in Stokes Co. He died 20 Oct 1842. Nancy died 28 Feb 1845. He had enlisted May 1781 and was discharged at Camden 21 May 1782. He served under Capt Tilman Dixon and Col. Henry Dixon and was in the Battle of Eutaw Springs. He also served with the North Carolina Troops and was wounded at the defeat of Gates at Camden by a sabre cut on the head.



Jacob FLYNN.



Thomas FLYNN.



Hezekiah FLYNN.