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Fourth Generation

9. LAUGHLIN FLYNN14,20,21 was born about 1746 in Lunenburg County, Virginia.6,22 He died before January 1825 at the age of 79 in Morgan County, Illinois.6

Just as a matter of interest, the Name Lab website suggests the following for the name "Laughlin"
First name origins & meanings:
Scottish: Feisty
Irish: Servant
First name variations: Lachlann, Lacklan, Lackland, Lock, Locklan, Lachlan
Last name origin & meaning:
Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Lochlainn ‘descendant of Lochlann’, a personal name meaning ‘stranger’, originally a term denoting Scandinavia (a compound of loch ‘lake’, ‘fjord’ + lann ‘land’). Many Irish bearers of the name claim descent from Lochlann, a 10th century lord of Corcomroe, County Clare.

Although Poindexter and Comstock books state that Laughlin Flynn was born in Stokes County, NC, that county was not even formed until 1789. His birth estimated as 1757. The parent county, Surry Co was not formed until 1771. If he was born in this area it was at the time of his birth Rowan County, but it's more likely he was born in Lunenburg Co. I also have found no authority for his birthdate. I believe it is possible he was older that this date indicates, based on the tax lists in Surry, see later.

In the records of Surry and Stokes Counties, it has become evident that Laughlin Flynn went by the name "Lin". In some of the records, that has assumed to be a nickname for Leonard and he is recorded as Leonard or Lennard Flynn. He was illiterate so would not have caught the error.

Surry Tax lists of 1771 and 1772 list Laughlin along with his father. Thomas Flinn was on the tax lists with two polls, and his son, "Line" [sic - Lin for Laughlin] Flinn with one poll. In 1772, Thomas, Lenn and George were on the tax lists. That would seem to indicate George had just turned 21 in 1772, Laughlin some older, born by 1750.

Surry Co NC File #1698. Leoflin Flinn. Entered 250 acres, Entry No. 568, 14 Aug 1788. Land on Free's Creek to include his improvement.
Grant issued 16 Jul 1795, #1635. Book 87, p.378. Surveyed 27 Feb 1790. Chain Carriers: Thomas Flin, Peter Flin. [Only mention in Surry records of a Peter Flinn]
JOSEPH WINSTON HIS ENTRY BOOK, SURRY CO NC, LAND ENTRIES; 1778-1781 by Agnes M. Wells, Virginia G. Phillips, Carol J. Leonard; 1987
p.51/568 Mathias Bets entered 250 acres on Frees Creek including his improvement. 14 Aug 1778. [Transferred to Leoflin Flin, warrant issued.]

In 1782, a Lanurt Flein again appears on the tax lists - with 500 acres. Possibly that is another mis-spelling of his name

Feb 15, 1782, court records Surry Co NC, Ordered commissioners confiscated property deduct from Len Flinn’s bond (acct Negro wench he hired of Colo. Wright’s estate which was out of his possession), 12 bush corn, Matthew Brooks as commissioner not chargeable.
Surry Co NC Court Minutes Vol I & II 1768-1789, Absher.

SURRY CO NC DEEDS; DB C; Mrs. W. O. Absher, Mrs. Robert K Hayes
p.282 5 Aug 1785 Fredr. Albarty, Wilkes Co NC to John Hunter for £200. 300 acres Frees Creek. Wit: Laughlin (x) Flin, John Franklin, Jacob (x) Snow.

In 1789, the land on Free's Creek became a part of the new county of Stokes. The tax lists in Stokes Co are partial lists. In 1784, Lenord Flinn had 200 acres, 1 poll.
1785: Laflin Flinn, 200 acres, 1 poll.
1786: Lin Flin with same
1788: Leoflin Flin, 450 acres, 1 poll.
1789: Leoflin Flin, 250 acres, 1 poll.
1790: Leoflin Flinn, same
1791: Leoflin Flinn, 350 acres, 1 poll.
1792: Leoflin Flynn, same
1793, Leoflin Flynn, 450 acres, 1 white poll.
1794: Leoflin Flynn, 350 acres, 1 poll.
1795: Leoflin Flynn 450 acres, 1 white poll.
1796: same.
1797: Leoflin Flynn, 350 acres, 1 poll.
1798: Leoflin Flynn, 190 acres.
1800: Laughlin Flinn, 190 acres. Said not listed after that year. Sometimes the elderly or infirm were exempted from tax, but he wasn't yet quite that old.

ABSTRACTS OF LAND ENTRIES, STOKES CO NC 17901798; Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 1987
p.5/18 3 Apr 1790 Warrant Granted. Justice Reynolds enters 50 acres in Stokes on waters of Yadkin. Borders Edmund Kirby on S; Gideon Wright on N; N of Thomas Flyn and vacant land w/out improvement.

1790 Census. Stokes Co NC Leoflin Flin, one white male over 16, 4 males under 16, five white females.

9 Mar 1791 Lay out road from Spoonhoure's Road where it leaves the Hollow Road to the road leading from Bethany to the Shallow Ford Road. Leonard [Lin] Flynn, George Chrisman, Matt & John Franklin
p.49 8 Sep 1791 State vs. Laughlin Flynn. Jury. Defendant guilty as charged. Those receiving pay for testimony were for the defendant: Walter Franklin [his brother-in-law], and for the plaintiff: Mary Ann Flynn [possibly his sister-in-law, wife of Hezekiah Flynn], Mary and Gideon Reynolds, Alexander Tommerlin and George Sprinkle. There were also cases for Elizabeth Flynn and Thomas Flynn with the same witnesses. Jury found they were not guilty.
Justice Reynolds was the prosecuting attorney for the State.
p.84 4 Sep 1792 Gideon Reynolds by friend vs. Loflin Flynn & others. Jury. No decision given. Paid for testimony for plaintiff were Thomas Pettit and George Sprinkle. George Sprinkle Junr & Walter Franklin received pay for the defendant.

ABSTRACTS OF LAND ENTRIES, STOKES CO NC 17901798; Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 1987
p.19/76 8 Jun 1791 Wt Granted. Thomas Flin entered 100 acres on waters of Frees Crk; includes three springs, borders Leoflin Flin.
p.20/77 8 Jun 1791 Wt Granted. Thomas Flin entered 50 acres, N side big Yadkin on branch called Rail Run. Borders E line of entry formerly made by Gideon Wright dec'd and runs up both sides of the branch.
p.101/402 24 Nov 1794 Wt Granted. George Houser entered 250 acres in Stokes on waters of Big Yadkin. Borders George Springle, Leoflin Flynn, Gidn. Wright and Edmond Kerbey.

There is a 11 Sep 1792 Deed, Surry Co, from George Hauser to William Alford, described as land on "Gentry's branch of Muddy Creek" bordering Henry Holder and Jacob Null. Witnesses were Abm. Steiner and Laughlin(x) Flin.

STOKES CO NC RECORD OF DEEDS, VOL. 2 1787-1793; Mrs. W. O. Absher & Mrs. Robert K. Hayes.
p.309 16 Jul 1795. NC Grant to Leoflin Clin. 250 acres adj. Hunter.
p.355 20 Dec 1796 NC Grant to Henry Shore, Senr, assignee of George Hauser. 250 acres on waters of Big Yadkin, adj Flinn and Wright.

ABSTRACTS OF LAND ENTRIES, STOKES CO NC 1790-1798; Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 1987
p.163/621 1 Nov 1796 Laughlin Flin entered 60 acres on waters of Frees Crk. Borders himself & Hunter's old tract. [See grant 16 Jul 1795, adjacent Hunter]
p.163/622 1 Nov 1795 Laughlin Flin entered 60 acres on waters of Frees Crk. Borders himself, Waller's old trac & Kerbey.
10 Nov 1798 Loflin Flin sold to Henry Wallers, both of Stokes Co. 250 acres on waters of the Yadkin. Begin white oak Hunter's line, crossing Frees Creek, Wallers' line. Signed: Leoflin Flin. Wit: William Leach, William Poindexter. Proved Jun 1799. [This was his original patent in Surry Co]

1800 Census, Salisbury Distl, Surry Co NC, p.652 [alpha - Mary & John Flinn on following page] Linn Flinn, 2m under 10, 3m 10-16, 1m +45 [Laughlin], 1f 10-16, 1f +45 [Elizabeth]
Note: The censuses show more older sons than can be accounted for.

Surry Co NC County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
Vol III, 1801-1804
Iris M. Harvey & Agnes M. Wells 1992
Wed 11 Nov 1801
p.41 Letter of admin de bonis non upon the estate of Gideon Wright dec'd granted to Thos. Flynn who entered bond with Leofflin Flynn security in sum of 400# & qualified according to law.

Laughlin had received land from his father's Revolutionary Service
Roster of NC Revolutionary Soldiers, Pierce's Register, Volume X, p.248 "Elizabeth and Laughlin Flinn, co-heirs of Thomas Flynn, Private, who received 640 acres of land for 84 months of military service."
The Tennessee Archives could find no disposition of the entire original grant, but they find one deed.
From Book R, p.686, I received this grant #13510 from the Tennessee Archives and it stated:
"In consideration of military service performed by Thomas Flinn to the State of North Carolina warrant No.5096 for 640 acres dated the 6th day of December 1797 and entered on the 20 day of April 1813 by No. 2454."
Granted to Moore Matlock, assignee of the Heirs of Thomas Flinn ... seven and a fourth acres, part of said warrant by survey dated 4 Nov 1814 in the third district in Overton Co on the dry fork of the wet fork of Obeds River on both sides of the path leading from said Matlock to Hugh Millers. Bounded: begin near said path, corner to said Matlocks tract which includes where he lives ....foot of the Millers line, Miller's corner, stake in the line of said Matlock's other tract. Dated 11 May 1819.

I did also find in Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers, Vol 1; 1791-1808, by Sherida K. Eddlemon, that "The Tennessee Gazette" of 2 Oct 1805, had a list from Robertson Co, TN. August Term, 1801 - Isaac Dortch, Commissioner of Revenue, reports the following lands for nonpayment of taxes for the year 1804. Reputed Owner: Laughlin Flynn, 640 acres, Caleb Creek. The list appeared again for the February Term 1806; Laughlin Flynn was again listed with the same acreage and location.

Stokes DB M, p.84
27 Oct 1805. William Stephens sold 180 acres on Brook's Creek, running to a post oak in Thomas Poindexter's line to Laughlin Flynn. Wit: William Leach, James Elder

17 Sep 1807 50 acres entered in Cumberland Co as Laught Flinn.
Although it would seem he had not yet moved.

1810, Surry Co NC, p.663/177
"Leonard Flynn". 2m 10-26, 3m 16-26, 1m over 45. 1f 16-26, 1f over 45
same page with Thomas W. Poindexter, Elizabeth Poindexter

Deed of 25 Mar 1811 from Laughlin Flinn to Robert A. Poindexter husband of Miriam. 188 acres on Brook's Creek. Wit: William Poindexter, Thos. W. P. Poindexter. DB N, p.232. [Sale of his remaining land in Stokes Co.]

According to Forrest W. Faris, LAUGHLIN FLINN OF VIRGINIA & HIS DESCENDANTS, Laughlin & Elizabeth moved to KY about 1809 - this does not agree with the above deed of 1811 and the 1810 census.

Either Laughlin or his son of the same name was still in Surry County when Elizabeth Poindexter died in 1816.
From the Surry Co NC book of Inventories, Bonds, etc. dated 1809-1818 and digitized on
p.173 Laughlin Flyn bought 5 barrels of corn for £6.7.0 at the estate sale of Elizabeth Poindexter, 7 & 8 June 1816.
Recorded August Term of Court.

However, he is in the 1820 census of Cumberland KY, age +45, spouse of similar age and one male age 16-25. Laughlin Jr appeared to be over the county line in Monroe Co KY in 1820 - he was age 26-46 and on the same page with all the family of Clayborn Jones.

Also in Monroe Co KY in 1820 was a William Flinn: 1 male under 10, 1m 16-26, 1f 16-26. He was on the same page with two Spears family and James Poindexter [never properly identified in the Poindexter family]

Faris says that Zadock & Laughlin Sr moved to Morgan Co IL. Only three children are mentioned in Laughlin's will as receiving livestock - perhaps they are the ones who moved to Illinois at about the same time.

Morgan Co, Illinois, Will Book A
28 Dec 1824 Will of Laughlin Flinn. 1st to son Josiah, Silver dollars, two bonds, mare & colt, household furniture, farming utensils, improvement, rifle. 2nd to Zadock, one red horse. 3rd to Rebecca Pindexter, one horse to value of $50, cows & calves to value of $10. 4th, my son Josiah to be sole administrator. signed: Laughlin (X) Flinn
Wit: William Crow, William Sage, George A. Cobberd.
24 Jan 1824 [should be 1825? 1834 said marked over.] Crow & Sage appeared and made oath to prove the will.
Josiah Flinn posed bond for $1000. Administration granted him.

LAUGHLIN FLYNN and ELIZABETH WRIGHT were married on 27 September 1779 in Surry County, North Carolina.22,23 ELIZABETH WRIGHT, daughter of GIDEON WRIGHT and ELIZABETH ?DURLAND OR DARLING, was born about 1760 in North Carolina.22

Marriage Bond - #000144473; Surry Co NC 27 Sep 1779. Bondsman: George Flinn - likely Laughlin's brother.
Laughlin's brother George's bond to marry Eleanor Prather was dated the same day; Laughlin served as his brother's security.

LAUGHLIN FLYNN and ELIZABETH WRIGHT had the following children:






Laughlin FLYNN.



Miriam FLYNN.



Betsy FLYNN.



James FLYNN6,24,25,26 was born (date unknown).

A James Flynn appears in the Surry Co Census, 1810, p.660
1 male under 10, 1m male age 26-45 [born bef 1784]. 2f under 10, 2f 10-16, 1f 26-45.

Other information about James says his mother was Mary which would indicate he was the son of Hezekiah and Mary Elliott Flinn, not a son of Laughlin. His birthday is given as 24 Dec 1781, making it even more likely he is a son of Hezekiah and not Laughlin, but he could also fit among the children of Laughlin if some of the other births are "off".

Evelyn Cook Hall gives a marriage of James Flynn to Nancy Martin on 15 Jan 1796, Surry Co N.C. - that would be a bit too early for this James but could be the James of the 1810 census. Actually this marriage was James Flynn to FANNY Martin and she was head of household in 1810.

FAR FLUNG FLINNS has him married to Elizabeth Spier in March of 1816 but gives no further information. This marriage is from the NC Marriage Bonds and the bond was made in Surry Co. Oswell Phillips was Bondsman. A John Flynn also married Mary Spier, Bond dated 10 May 1820, Surry Co, Jesse Fleming was Bondsman.

Surry Co NC Overseers of Roads 1807-1833
Agnes M. Wells & Carol L. Snow 1991
p.92 May Term 1830 James Flin appointed in room of Charles A. Carter, Brook's Rd to begin at Logans Crk & Extend to Forbush Creek

A James Flin still living in Surry Co in 1850, wage age 58, or born 1792. He had what appeared to be a much younger wife - Mary, age 33, and children Darius & Delphia - this James is believed to be the son of James and Nancy Martin.

It is obvious there were multiple James Flynns and they have never been sorted property.



Zadock Wright FLYNN.



Josiah FLYNN.



Mary "Polly" FLYNN.



George FLYNN.