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Sixth Generation

67. DOROTHY AMOS POINDEXTER68 was born on 24 September 1805 in Surry County, North Carolina.41,69 She died on 24 November 1846 at the age of 41 in Pulaski County, Missouri.69,70

Found Dorothy's middle name in St. Francois Co MO Deed Book B, p.158. 13 Apr 1837. Richard Jones and Dorothy Amos Jones his wife sold their property in Murphy's Settlement of St. Francois Co.

Died at Dry Fork near the present town of Rolla, now in Phelps County.

DOROTHY AMOS POINDEXTER and Rev. RICHARD JONES were married about 1821 in Monroe County, Kentucky.71 Rev. RICHARD JONES70,72,73,74,75,76,77,78, son of CLAYBORN JONES and ELIZABETH GILES, was born on 16 November 1803 in Madison County, Kentucky.41,69 He served in the military in 1832 at Capt. Abraham Lincoln's Company, 4th Regiment of Whiteside's Brigade, Mounted Volunteers, Illinois Militia in Black Hawk War. He died on 13 March 1853 at the age of 49 in Pulaski County, Missouri.41,69,75

Born, possibly Monroe County, KY

In Monroe Co KY in 1820, on the same page of the census as Archibald Poindexter, father of Dorothy can be found Claybourn, Fleming, and William Jones. Fleming is on the same page as Pointdexter in Tompkinsville in 1830 with a Lemuel two pages away. Dorothy & Richard use Clayborne, Fleming, and William in naming their children.

The Casstevens book has a particular date of July 7, 1821, for the marriage of Dorothy Poindexter and Richard Jones - I've not seen it elsewhere and no reference cited.

In History of Sangamon Co, Illinois, 1881, p.815. "Roland Shepherd settled on section three, township sixteen, range seven in 1819. He sold his claim to Clayborn Jones in 1821, and moved to Adams County, Illinois. Clayborn Jones came in 1821 and remained until 1833 when he sold his farm and removed to Henry County, Iowa; from thence to Lynn County, Missouri, where he died about 1845.".

1824 Morgan Co IL Voter List has Richard Jones in Indian Creek Precinct; his brother-in-law Isaac R. Bennett is also there. "Caleb" Jones in Center Precinct, was this possibly Claybourn Jones?

1830 Morgan Co IL Census, p.62. Richard Jones with 2m -5 [Claybourne & Thomas]; 1m 20-30 [Richard]; 1f -5 [Ally]; 2f 5-10 [Rebekah & Elizabeth]; 1f 20-30 [Dorothy]

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Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database
Richard Jones, Sangamon Co, E2NE of S10 T16N R07W Purchased 20 Oct 1830
Patent is dated 16 May 1831 and issued to Richard Jones of Sangamon Co IL and is for the East half of the NE 1/4, Section 10, Township 16 North, Range 7 West in the district of lands subject to sale at Springfield, Illinois.

Richard Jones served as a private and color bearer in Capt. Abraham Lincoln's Company, 4th Regiment of Whiteside's Brigade, Mounted Volunteers of the Illinois Militia. He entered service 21 Apr 1832 at Richland, Illinois, and was mustered out at the mouth of Fox River, 27 May 1832. He was promoted to color bearer on May 2nd. Black Hawk War.

Came to Missouri by late 1833.
St. Francois DB A, p.551
21 Dec 1833 Thomas E. Burnham to Richard Jones, all of St. Francois. $400. Land in Murphy's Settlement on waters of River of St. Francois purchased by Isaac Burnham dec'd of William Murphy Senr dec'd. Begin ...John Murphy's line, South to side of William Murphy's old line. Signed: Thomas E. Burnham. Rec. 20 May 1834.
DB B, p.159
13 Apr 1837 Richard Jones and Dorothy Amos Jones his wife to Jepthat D. Bradley of Scott Co KY for $700. Tract in St. Francois Co in Murphy's Settlement on waters of St. Francois River purchased by Isaac Burnham dec'd of Wm Murphy Senr dec'd. Begin at oak on John Murphy's line ...stake side of Wm Murphy's old line. Signed: Richard Jones, Dorothy Amos Jones. Rec. 13 Apr 1837.

Marriages performed by Richard Jones, ordained minister of United Baptist Order, in St. Francois County MO:
p.2 22 Jun 1836 Daniel Williams & Sally Jones
p.10 6 Mar 1837 Hudson Davis & Elizabeth Brewin
p.20 31 Oct 1838 William A. McFarland & Elizabeth H. Vance
p.30 12 Jul 1840 Edward ?Butler and Mary J. ?Slam [too faded to read]
p.35 19 Nov 1840 Isaac N. Bradford of Pulaski Co. & Frances Mary Vance
16 Dec 1840 Jess. J. McFarland & Sarah Jane Vance

The State Historical Society of Missouri has many reels of microfilm from the various Baptist Church associations. Not all years exist and some of the minutes are in poor shape - many have been transcribed. Elder Richard Jones was active in the wider church both while he lived in St. Genevieve County and later in Pulaski Co.
From 1834-1840, his name appears often in the yearly meetings of the Bethel Association of United Baptist Churches - he was the delegate from Wolf Creek Church, most often in the company of Samuel Vance, who was the father of the Vance young people he married. He work often with two other Elders - Elder James Halbert, who had come from Old Pendleton, SC to the Pendleton Church at Doe Run in St. Francois Co and had performed some of the Brown family marriages; and Elder William Polk who married Murphy Brown and Richard Jones's daughter Rebekah. Thomas Burnham, from whom Richard had purchased his property, appears in the minutes about the time that Richard disappears. During the minutes we find Richard serving as Clerk, Moderator, organizing the business agenda, serving on the finance committee to receive funds, writing letters of correspondence, and preaching the introductory sermon when the sessions began or at the Sunday morning service. In 1839, he corresponded with the Little Piney Association and along with James Halbert and William Polk, met with them. Perhaps that led to his move to serve the church at Dry Fork which was in that Association.

1840 St. Genevieve Co MO Census has a Richard Jones with 2m -5 [Francis & Robert]; 2 m 10-15 [Claybourne & Thomas F.]; 1m 30-40 [Richard]; 3f 5-10 [Ally, Sarah, & Polly]; 3f 30-40 [no doubt error - one is Dorothy], Elizabeth age 16, baby Lucy age 2 may have died young, Rebecca was married but could have been counted - likely Richard's family]

10 Apr 1843 Land Patent to Richard Jones of St. Genevieve Co, MO. SW quarter of Section 4, Twp 36 North, Range six East, lands subject to sale at Jackson, MO. 160 acres.
10 Apr 1843 Lant Patent issued to Dorothy A. Jones, St. Genevieve Co - SW quarter of Section 3, Twp 36 North, Range sic East. 40 acres.

Although these patents were issued in Ste Genevieve Co in April of 1843 - I suspect the Joneses had already moved. On 20 May 1842, Richard Jones, an ordained preacher, and his wife, Dorotha A. Jones, were received by letter into the fellowship of the Dry Fork Regular Baptist Church (The United brothers had by now adopted the name "Regular Baptists". They were a church based on the scriptures and did not approve of missions, Sunday School, the Masons, etc. believing they were too secular in nature.) The Dry Fork church was located at Lake Spring, MO, now in Dent County near the Phelps Co line - but then in Pulaski County. The Dry Fork church belonged to the Little Piney Association. Monthly minutes exist for Dry Fork, yearly minutes for the Little Piney Association. Richard Jones again can be found as an active participant. He ordained other ministers and was appointed to aid in starting a church at Cherry Valley. He was often the delegate to the yearly meetings where he serve as clerk, or Moderator. He had a very close association with Elder David Lenox. Nancy Jones - probably his daughter-in-law and wife of his son Clayborn - was admitted on 20 Oct 1843, but was granted a letter of dismissal on 19 Nov 1846. Richard Jones himself was granted a letter of dismissal from the Dry Fork church on 15 May 1847, but he continued to appear in the Little Piney Association minutes in 1847 and 1848. The surviving minutes for 1849 and 1850 did not survive and there are only fragments for 1851. In 1852, no meeting was held because of a smallpox outbreak and by the meeting of 1853, Richard Jones had died.

Married second time to Hannah, surname unknown. [Date based on death of first wife]

1850 Pulaski Co MO - Richard Jones age 46, merchant worth $1500, born KY; wife Hannah L. age 36 b. TN; Thomas F. age 22 b. IL; Polly J., age 16 b. MO as were remaining children; Robert age 13; Richard age 10; Zadock W. P. age 7; Dorothy age 5. All children were Dorothy's.

1 Sep 1851
For value received I Thomas W. Greene do hereby sell and assign unto Richard Jones all my right and title to the within Certificate of Warrant No 59972 for 160 acres of Land Witness myhand this 25th day of Jun 1849. Thomas W. Greene
Acknowledge on the same day before T. C. Harrison, Justice of the Peace
Land patent issued. Thomas W. Green, private in Capt. DeKorponay's Company, 3rd Regt, Missouri Mounted Volunteers, a warrant numbered 59972. There is granted to Richard Jones, Assignee of said Thomas W. Green, the East half of the SE 1/4, Section 22, NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 16 and the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4, Section 27, all in Twonship 37 North, Range nine West, District of Lands subject to sale at Jackson MO, containing 160 acres.
Note: although in three sections, the property was contiguous and formed an "L" shape in the corner where the three sections came together.

From Goodspeed. History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps & Den Counties, MO. "The next one [second marriage record in Dent Co] records the marriage of John B. Harrison of Miller Co, and Martha Hyer of Dent, by Richard Jones, an elder of the Old School Baptist Church." Dent County was formed in 1851.

A list of Civil and Criminal Cases appeared in the April 1992 edition of the Pulaski County Genalogical Society Quarterly. They were from Pulaski County, around the Little Piney River and Mill Creek.
21 Jul 1849 Richard Jones plaintiff - five cases against William Hudgens Jr., George Malone, David P. Bryant, William Wood, and John Cordal for "Note of hand" or IOU for amount owned to him.
18 Jan 1851 Richard Jones, plaintiff - John Roach, defendant for Note of hand.
Stray Notices:
5 May 1848 - Richard Jones of Little Piney, Skaggs Twp, Pulaski Co
12 Feb 1853 (a month before his death) - Richard Jones of Little Piney, Pulaski Co.

Will dated 16 Feb 1853.
Know all whom it may concern that I, Richard Jones, being in my right mind, and in fear of the Lord, witness since of my soon having to depart this life do on this sixteenth day of February in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and fifty three, make this as my last will and testiment as follows, to wit: I do first will and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Hannah, my mansion house and farm attached thereto as long as she lives and remains my widow, and I do further will that she have six or eight head of milk cows as she thinks best to choose. And that she have as many slaughter hogs as shall be necessary for own use and the family and her ___ and further that she have five head of horses for the use of the family and herself to work and farm with. And I do further will that all of my remaining portions of my personal property estate be sold at twelve months credit at public sale to the highest bidder except my beef cattle that I am now feeding. I wish them to be taken and sold in the St. Louis market as soon as circumstance will admit, all except seven or eight of them which request to be kept and fed untill they get in good market ____ and then to be taken and sold at St. Louis and proceeds of my cattle as well as the proceeds of my other personal property be applied first to the payment of my just debts, secondly, that the remainder of the proceeds be equally divided among all my legal heirs, except that the four oldest children, to wit: Rebecca P. Elizabeth, Claybourn, and T. F. Jones, shall be subject to a deduction of fifty dollars each of their part of legacy for property already received. And I do further will that at the execution of the will in ____time to wit the death or marriage of my said widow, that the land and other property be sold and an equal distribution of the proceeds be made among all my legal heirs. And I do appoint T. F. Jones as my executor to carry into effect this, my last will and testament, all of which I do declare to be my last will and testiment in the testimony whereof I here unto set my hand and seal, this day and year above written.
Signed: Richard Jones
Witnesses: W. C. York, Napoleon Wilson

[Died in Pulaski County MO - the part that became Phelps Co] Buried Jones Cemetery, Arlington, MO.

Richard Jones was apparently remembered many years after he died.
Rolla Weekly Herald, 29 Aug 1895
Mr. T. A. Roach of Benton Co Ark., is in our county on a visit to his two younger brothers, H. W. & Q. P. Roach on Pea Ridge & Beaver. These old gentleman, now, came to this section in 1840, when only one or two settlers could be found. Mr. Roach cradled wheat on the ground now occupied by Newburg, in 1851, for uncle Dick Jones, a Baptist minister.

Letter from granddaughter Lula Bertha (Jones) Pauley to Marlene Jones, [about 1971] stated the following.
"Your great-great grandfather was Richard Jones and his wifes name was Poindexter. ... They lived in Newburg, Missouri. He had a general store and a mill in Newburg and a farm. ... He was a Baptist minister and had three sons and two daughters that I heard my father speak of..... Grandfather and Grandmother both passed on when my father was a little boy and his oldest sister, took him and his youngest sister to raise. She married Uncle Murphy Brown.... Her husband had been dead a long time when I seen her ....She was a widow and lived at Rocky Comfort, McDonald Co MO. I never remember her speaking of but one girl of hers. She married Tom Comstock, part Indian, and a wealthy man."

DOROTHY AMOS POINDEXTER and Rev. RICHARD JONES had the following children:



REBEKAH POINDEXTER JONES79,80,81,82,83 was born on 4 November 1822 in Morgan County, Illinois.41,69,75,77,79 She died on 10 February 1912 at the age of 89 in McDonald County, Missouri.41,77,79

Rootsweb Archives: St. Francois County MO Marriages (1819-1836)
30 Jun 1836 Murphy Brown to Rebecca Jones

Microfilm of Marriages Volume 1 1836-1852; p. 2. 30 Jun 1836. Murphy Brown and Rebecca Jones each of St. Francois Co MO were married by William Polk, Elder

During the Civil War, Rebecca is said to have ridden a mule, carrying food to relatives in need. She also had to bury her husband and son, and take the rest of her family to Texas until the war ended.

1870 Census. McDonald Co, Richwood Township, Pineville P.O;. p.6, Dwelling 44
Rebecca Brown, age 48, Keeping house, $2500 of real estate, $600 personal, b. Illinois. She can read but cannot write. John R., age 24, farm labor, b. MO. Samuel [Lemuel] G. age 15, farm labor, b. MO. Isabel, age 8, b. MO.

In the 1876 MO State Census, Rebecca has Lemuel & Belle still at home as well as her granddaughter Isabell Brown, daughter of William, and a 4 year old boy named Robert Lee Wilson. [I have no idea who he might be.] Rebecca has 3 horses, 8 cows, 5 sheep, and 28 hogs; she produced 66 bu wheat and 700 bu corn.

Rebecca Brown purchased from Tom Comstock for $100: E1/2 of SE qtr of S7T23R29 80 acres. 18 Oct 1865.
12 Apr 1870, Rebecca P. Brown sold this tract for $500 to George C. Duncan. McDonald Co Deed Book D, p.137.

Deed Book G, p.603. 20 May 1879. Rebekah P. Brown and John R. Brown and his wife Margret E. and Lemuel G. Brown and his wife Isabell, and Beverly C. Barnett and his wife Eliza sold to Laura I. Brown of Barry County the following tracts: the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 in S8, T23, R29 containing 39.14 acres and 6.53 acres in the SW corner of the SE 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of the same section. For $100. Maranda J. Comstock and her husband Thomas were also listed in the deed but a margin note states that their names were erased. Another deed follows, dated 30 May 1879, from Miranda and Thomas Comstock of Crawford County, Arkansas, to Laura I. Brown, the same tracts of land for $1. [This must be land inherited from Murphy. Laura is a granddaughter, daughter of deceased son William Clayborn. However, it should have also included the daughter Sarah F. and her husband John Davidson ...unless another deed is recorded in the following Deed Book.]

1880 Census. Richwood twp. An 8-year-old child, Robert E. Lee Wilcox [his named appeared to be Wilson in the 1876 state census] lived with Rebecca. Daughter Belle, and sons Lemuel Green & John R. all lived right in a row.

20 FEb 1889 Mrs. Brown, the grandmother of R. Comstock, and Miss Fannie Davidson, his cousin, came home with that gentleman and remained a few days visiting their relatives.

Deed Book 31, p.159-165
Land patents of Murphy Brown's from the 1850's were filed for record. Rebecca P. Brown, John R. Brown & Maggie his wife, L. G. Brown & Isabel his wife, Laura Brown, and Bevy Barnett & Isabell his wife all of McDonald Co for the sum of $1 quit claim to Thomas Comstock: SW1/4 of SE 1/4 S8 T23 R29, 40 acres. 1879. Filed for record 27 Aug 1900.
And John R. Brown & Margaret E. Brown his wife and Lemuel G Brown & Isabell his wife, and Eliza I. Barnett & Bevley C. Barnett her husband and Rebeka P. Brown of McDonald Co and Laura I. Brown of Barry Co for $100 paid by Marandia J. Comstock of Crofford Co AR. SW1/4 of SE 1/4 S8 T23 R29 - 40 acres. 20 May 1879. Filed for record 27 Aug 1900.

1900 Census. Rebecca had grandson Harvie and his family living with her and farming. She stated her occupation was "Interest on monery". She owned her farm free of any mortgage.

1910 Census. McDonald Co; Richwood Twp, p.150b. Rebekah Brown, age 87, living with son Lemuel G. Brown.

Not only did "Becky" bury her husband and son Ezekiel: most of her 15 children pre-deceased her. Miranda, my ancestor, died 5 days before Rebecca died. Only Sarah Frances, Lemuel Green, and Eliza Isabel outlived their mother. Rebecca is said to have moved around in her later years, living with each child for awhile. She lived with Miranda and Tom Comstock for a time, but died at the home of her youngest child Belle.

McDonald County Library lists the following obituary:
Newspaper: "Pineville Herald"
Buried: Rocky Comfort Cemetery, Rocky Comfort, Missouri (Actually buried Chitwood Cemetery
Brown, Rebecca P. Died: 02-10-1912
When I received the above it said:
"Independent" Rocky Comstock, Feb. 16, 1912
Rebecca Brown
Mrs. Rebecca P. Brown was born in Ill. November 11, 1822 and died at the home of her youngest child Mrs. John Carter, Feb. 10 1912, age 89 years, 3 months and 6 days.
She was married to Murphy Brown in 1836 and to this union were born 15 children and she survived all but three, these living are Mrs. John Davidson; Mrs. John Carter, and L. G. Brown together with 43 grandchildren and several great grandchildren.
Aunt Becca as she was called by her friends and neighbors had lived in and near this vicinity for 70 years and during this time she maintained a character above reproach, and by her unceasing ambition she made a living and raised her family to be honorable men and women, three of whom were constantly at her bed side during her late illness and lovingly and faithfully administered to her comfort as only loving hands can do.
Aunt Becca won the confidence and responect of all her neighbors because was was honest and faithful in all her dealings and in old age almost to the 90 mile-stone in the journey of life; her eyes were dim yet her mind strong and active and all through her sickness and suffering she portrayed the spirit of mirth and cheerfulness. She was patient and forbearing until the last, realizing the end of human strength is the beginning of God's power.
Aunt Becca never identified herself with any church but several years ago professed her faith in Christ and since that time she said she had trusted in His promises and looked to Him for strength in all her trials and disappointments.
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. E. W. McCracken at the Methodis church. A large crowd of friends and relatives was present. The body was intered in the Chitwood cemetery to await the resurection. While we know there is a voice that is stilled, a chair that is vacant, the loving companionship of a mother gone. Yet, we feel sure that if we live right we will died right and this being true we can look forward to a reunion beyond the grave where there will be no more sorrows; no more heartaches sighing or separation.
And if thru patient toil,
we reach the land
Where tired feed with
sandal loosed may rest
When we can clearly see
and understand
I think we then can say
God knew the best



Elizabeth JONES was born on 11 September 1824 in Illinois.69,72 She died before 1865 at the age of 41.



Claybourne JONES20,84 was born on 6 September 1826 in Illinois.72,77 He died in 1859 at the age of 33 in Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri.72

1850 Census; Crawford Co MO. Household 374. Claborn Jones, age 23, Farmer, born IL; wife "N." age 25, born KY. Children were "R." age 4, male, and "S" age 1, female, both born in MO.

Isaac Brown appointed administrator of estate of Clabourn Jones 4 Oct 1859.
Inventory admitted on 15 Oct 1859. Nancy Jones, widow. Minor heirs: Elizabeth Frances Jones, James Moses Jones, Robert Claborne Jones - Nancy appointed Curator for the heirs 4 Feb 1864. Richard would have been 18 & Susan 15 - why are they not mentioned? They would have chosen their own Curator and may be listed separately. Also Polly has been omitted.



Thomas Fleming JONES20,72,85,86 was born on 17 April 1828 in Illinois.69,72 He died on 6 April 1862 at the age of 33 in Phelps County, Missouri.45,69,72

Married Mary Margaret Duncan of Little Piney MO; she died 6 months later and he never remarried.
Paul Barker found Thomas Fleming in 1860 Phelps Co Census. Household 309. Richard, Zadoc and Dorothy living with him.
T. F. Jones, 32, b. IL, Farmer
Richard, 20, b. MO
Z. A., 18, b. MO
D. A., 14, b. MO

William T. Freeman was Administrator of the Estate of Thomas Fleming Jones. 12 Jun 1862. Inventory was taken 8 May 1862. Heirs were listed as: Robert Jones, Richard P. Jones, Z. Wright Jones, and Dorothy Jones of Phelps Co., Thos. Flemin Dabbs residence unknown, and a sister whose name is unknown living in St. Francois Co. [Sister Rebekah living in McDonald Co was not named? Maybe they didn't know about her.]
There is a tradition that Thomas was serving as Sheriff of Phelps Co and was murdered while he was in office. The County Court records show that late in 1861 the sheriff was T. F. Jones and that on 7 Apr 1862, the sheriff was Chestine Miller.



Ally M. JONES75 was born on 15 April 1830 in Missouri.69

Died between 1840 and 1850.



Sarah JONES75 was born on 29 January 1832 in Missouri.69,72

Died between 1840 and 1850.



Polly J. JONES was born on 28 July 1833 in Missouri.69,72



Francis M. JONES75 was born on 8 May 1835.69 He died before 1840 at the age of 5.75

Died between 1830 and 1840.



Robert JONES78,87 was born on 9 January 1837 in Missouri.69,72 He died on 14 April 1923 at the age of 86 in Dixon, Pulaski County, Missouri.72

The Jones Bible belonged to Robert - On one of the pages is written "Robert Jones his hand and pen this the 27 of July 1859"

1860 Census, Rolla Twp, Phelps Co MO. Household 171. Robert, Martha, and M. J. - also Nancy Duncan, age 53, born in Kentucky. Surely Martha's mother? Also the following children: John Duncan, 16, W. B. Duncan 14 [male] and N. J. Duncan 10 [female]. I would assume these to be Martha's brothers and sister.

Robert Jones was born Janury 9, 1837 in Southern Missouri, died April 14, 1923, aged 86 years 3 months and 5 days. He was married to Martha Duncan Oct 18, 1855, who died May 1, 1862. To this union were born three daughters, only one who survives him, Mrs. Mattie Norwood of Houston, Texas.
He never united with any church but had many times professed his faith in Christ. He said he was prepared to go when God called him. He was the oldest Mason of the Arlington lodge. He died at the home of Harry. L. McMakin where he had made his home for fifteen years and was greatly loved by them and will be sadly missed in their home.
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Romine at Dixon Christian Church Sunday April 15. A large crowd attended the funeral. After the service by Rev. Romine the Masonic Lodge took charge and he was tenderly laid to rest in the Dixon cemetery with the impressive services of Masonic Order.
[Source unknown]
Card of Thanks
We desire to thank those of our friends and neighbors who so kindly assisted us during the sickness and death of our dear friend, Mr. Robert Jones. We wish to thank the Masons for their help and loving kindness during this time. Harry L. McMakin and wife.

The 1920 Census for Pulaski Co MO shows Robert Jones living with Henry & Elizabeth McMakin, age 37, and 33. A niece whose given name is obscured by torn paper was also living with them. In 1910, Robert was not in their household, it was just the couple Henry & Elizabeth - they had been married 5 years and had no children.
A letter from Mrs. J. Amos West of Dixon, MO to Marlene Jones [probably in 1971], states that "Robert Jones lived with Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. McMakin, my aunt and uncle, and died in their home, where I live. He died April 14, 1923 and is buried on the McMakin lot in Dixon cemetery. He was not a relative but lived with my grandfather Bryant and helped him farm after the death of his wife. His brother Wright Jones [Zadock] married my great aunt Martha Hart who is buried on the old Bryant place near Arlington, MO."



Lucy Ann JONES was born on 7 October 1838 in Missouri.69,72 She died before 1840 at the age of 2.75

Lucy's middle name may be Amos like her mother's, instead of Avon. Actually I read it as Ann.



Richard Polk JONES20,88 was born on 10 May 1840 in Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri.69,72 He died on 11 January 1920 at the age of 79 in Haskell, Muskogee County, Oklahoma.45,85,89

Lived with older brother Thomas in 1860.

1880. Auglaize, Laclede Co MO. Richard Jones, age 40, Henriett age 24, Zadock age 5 and William age 1. Lived next door to Levy Fulbright, age 69, Nancy age 54, and their son Samuel age 21. Daniel [age 23] & Josiah [age 25] Fulbright and their wives and families were all listed on the same page.

1900 Census. Auglaize, Laclede, MO, Hh 211
Richard Jones, b. May 1840, 60, married 26 years, b. MO, father b. KY, mother b. IL
Henrietta, wife, b. Apr 1853, 47, 6 children - 5 are living
Fred A., son, b. Nove 1883, 16
Richard L., son, b. Jan 1888, 12
John R., son, b. Jan 1881, 9
Eula, M., dau, b. Apr 1892, age 8

1910 Census. Newby Twp, Creek Co, OK, Hh 116
Richard P. Jones, age 69, married once for 35 years, Farmer
Ellen, wife, 56
Richard L., son, 21. John R. son, 18, Laborers, General Farm
Fred A., son, age 24, widowed, Laborer, Odd Jobs

A brief obit in "The Haskell New" of 15 Jan 1920, states:
"Richard Pope Jones, aged 79 years, 8 months, died at the family home 5 miles south of Haskell last night of Bright's Disease. He leaves a widow and several children, all grown. The funeral services will be held at the house tomorrow at 11 with burial in Haskell cemetery."

The graves of Richard and Henrietta are in the Haskell, OK Cemetery. Old markers have been left as footstones; someone has placed new headstones.

Richard Polk Jones
Pvt. Co H
13 MO Cav.
Civil War
May 10 1840 Jan 11 1920

In Loving Memory
Henrietta Ellen Jones
Apr 24 1853 Apr 2 1928

A roster online of Company H, 13th MO Cavalry doesn't include anyone named Jones. However, the list is taken from those that surrendered at the end of the war; no other muster rolls are known to exist. This unit was commonly called Wood's Cavalry and was originally the 14th Missouri Cavalry Battalion. Commanded by Col. Robert C. Wood, it served primarily as an "unattached" or independent unit, although it was assigned to Marmaduke's Cavalry Division. It saw action in the following battles: Pine Bluff, Ark. (Oct. 25, 1863), Jenkins' Ferry (April 30, 1864) and in the numerous engagements of Price's 1864 Missouri raid. The Regiment surrendered at Shreveport, LA and was paroled in June 1865. At the time of its surrender it was part of the 1st Missouri Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Trans-Mississippi Department.



Zadoc Wright JONES20,78,85,90 was born on 6 April 1843 in Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri.69,72 He died on 9 January 1905 at the age of 61 in Stoutland, Camden County, Missouri.72 He was buried in Hooper Cemetery, Laclede County, Missouri.

Lived with older brother Thomas in 1860.
From the Phelps Co courthouse: Deed from Zadoc W. Jones, child and heir of Richard Jones to Thomas C. Harrison, his undivided 1/9 interest in his father's land. 25 Nov 1865.

1870 Census. Hooker Twp, Laclede Co, MO, Hh 15
Zadock W. Jones, 26.
Mary L. E., age 22

1880. Arlington Twp, Phelps Co MO, p.287d.
A. W. Jones, age 37. Wife. M. L. age 31 [Mary L. Fulbright - 2nd wife], her father b. NC, mother b. TN.
Children: Martha, 9, Robert R. 7, J. H. 5, Lulu B. 2, and S. B. 1 [female].

1900 Census. Auglaize Twp, Camden Co, MO, Hh 44
Zadok Jones, b. Apr 1843, age 57, married 30 years
Mary E., wife, b. Mar 1848, age 52, 8 children - 5 are living
Lula B., dau, b. Feb 1878, age22
Lea W., son, b. Nov 1881, age 18
Bertle R., son b. Oct 1888, age 11

From: "Billy Jones" <>
To: "Kay Haden" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 17:57:42 -0600
As for our connection: my husband:
Billy Joe Jones
His dad: Robert Ernest Jones
His dad: Joseph Harvey Jones
His dad: Zadok Wright Jones
His dad: Richard Jones
His dad: Clabourne Jones
His dad: Charles Jones
Keep up the good work!

Lulu, daughter of Zadoc, stated in a letter that her parents had 2 girls and 5 boys. Ten in all, but the 7 was all that lived to be grown.

Letter written by Zadoc's widow.
Zadok Wright Jones was born April the 6th 1843 in Phelps Co, Mo, near Rolleigh [Rolla] on dry fork he lived with his parents, his Mother died when he was 2 years old his Father then moved to little piny and there his Father died when he was 9 years old. he then went Mcdonel Co Mo to live with his Sister. he come to Laclede co in Jan 1868 and in Nov 29 1868 was married to Mary Fulbright. they moved to Camden Co Mo where he died in Jan the 19 1905 and he was buried at the hooper grave yard. he died of pneumonia fever which lasted 8 days. farewell dear husband it is hard to give thee up, but tho art gone to rest. gone to god and their is no Sickness nor Sorrow in heaven but all is joy and peace and happiness around the throne of the majesty on high eternally in the heavens. O how we miss thee. while me and my poor children are left alone in this lonesome world, but we trust in our Blessed Savior who will be with us in all our trials on earth and when we are done with the trials of earth we hope to meet on that Beautiful Shore where parting will be no more sorrow it be delightful when we all arrive at home. many are the lonely hours spent without you
your own, Mary



Dorothy A. JONES20 was born on 18 March 1845 in Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri.69,72 She died on 23 December 1908 at the age of 63 in Oolagah, Rogers County, Oklahoma.75,89,91

Lived with older brother Thomas in 1860.

Henry Burger was "of" Dixon, Missouri

The Bible record gives Dorothy's date of death as 22 Dec 1907.

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