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Sixth Generation

146. Burwell FLYNN was born in 1816 in North Carolina.

The marriage bond shows that Benjamin Pettit was Bondsman - he was Burwell's brother in law, married to Burwell's sister Nancy.

For the 2nd marriage, John H. Shamell served as Bondsman. He had been married to Burwell's deceased sister, Delpha.

1850 Census. Richmond District, Stokes Co NC, Hh 604
Burwell Flynn, age 34, farmer, b. NC
Matilda, age 21
Thomas J. age 2
William H., age 1 month

1860 Census. Stokes Co NC; P.O. Danbury, Hh 1076
Burrel Flynn, age 39, farmer
Mary, age 21
Thomas 12, William 10, James 8
Jane Flynn, age 65
John Hawkins, age 22, hireling

Burwell and George Barr appear to have had a land swap.
Stokes Co DB 20, p.120
24 Aug 1867 George W. Barr and wife Charlotte to Burrell Flynn. Sum of $1000 a tract of land in Stokes Co on the waters of the Little Yadkin River. Begin on a birch south side of the Little Yadkin in Flynn's line; to Melton's corner; Dosses line; crossing the River on a line agreed upon by Horn and Kirby; to Matthew Phillip's line on the Ridge Road; meanders of the River. 175 acres. Signed: George W. Barr, Charlotte Barr
Wit: R. F. Petree
George & wife Ack. same and she released her rights. 18 Oct 1867
DB 20, p.121
4 Aug 1867[I suspect this should have been the same day - 24 August but it reads "fourth"] Burwell Flinn and wife Mary to Geroge W. Barr. Sum of $1000. Tract in Stokes on the south side of Little Yadkin. Begin black walnut stump on the river bank; a line agreed on between David Milton and his son John; said Milton's north lin; birch at the mouth of a branch on the river bank; meanders of the river. 150 acres, except 52 1/2 acres the tract whereon Ally C. Barr now lives [Burwell's sister Jane's husband] and 1/2 acre including the grave ward. Another tract adjoining the above, 100 acres conveyed to Thomas Flinn dec'd by F. C. Meining, deed registered in Book 10, p.289, except 50 acres conveyed to Thomas Flinn to James Hunt and on which Hugh Philips now resides. Signed: Burwell Flinn, Mary Flinn. Witness R. F. Petree
Burwell & Mary acknowledged and Mary was privately examined. 18 Oct 1867. Deed proved on the same day by the oath of R. F. Petree.

Stokes DB 21, p.57
28 Feb 1871 Burwell Flynn sold to Geo. W. Barr, 26 acres on the waters of the Little Yadkin for $155. No wife signed this deed.

Stokes DB 21, p.351
23 Dec 1872 Burwell Flynn to Geo. W. Barr. For $150, a tract on the southeast of teh old tract gormerly belonging to Thomas Flynn, deceased. 30 acres. Begin at Pettitt's & Doss's maple corner; steep bluff near the Yadkin; up the Yadkin to the mouth of the branch; said Geo W. Barr's line to Melton's corner in Pettit's line, with Pettitt's lin to the beginning. Signed: Burwell Flynn [again, no wife signed]
Wit: R. F. Barr, A. H. Stone

Stokes DB 24, p.85
18 Feb 1878 Burwell Flynn and wife Mary E. to Geo. W. Barr for $500. Tract of 55 acres on waters of the Little Yadkin. Doss's line; steep bluff; line between Burwell and Barr. Signed: Burwell Flynn, Mary E. Flynn. Wit: J. Calvin Newsome.
Deed acknowledged and Mary E. examined separately, 20 Apr 1878.

Stokes DB 25, p.125
___ June 1880 John A. Barringer, Assignee of the Estate Burwell Flynn, bankrupt, of the County of Stokes to Mathhew Phillips. Burwell Flynn did file a petition for bankruptcy on 31 Aug 1878, praying for discharge from all his debts and liabilities.On 18 Nov 1878, the said Barringer was appointed assignee of said Burwell Flynn, bankrupt. After due advertisement he offered for sale at the Court House door in Danbury, the real estate and property at public auction to the highest bidder, 13 Mar 1880. Matthew Philips became the last and highest bidder at the sum of $75. Barringer hereby conveys to him a parcel in Stokes Co. Begin at poplar on bank of Little Yadkin on Matthew Philips line, to his corner, Martin Doss' line to the Little Yadkin and up the river as it meanders. 75 acres. Signed: John A. Barringer, Assignee of Burwell Flynn
Wit: R. R. King.
10 May 1881, proved by R. R. King.

Burwell FLYNN and Matilda ROBERTS were married on 1 January 1847 in Surry County, North Carolina. Matilda ROBERTS was born in 1829 in North Carolina.

Burwell FLYNN and Matilda ROBERTS had the following children:



Thomas J. FLYNN was born in 1848 in Stokes County, North Carolina.



William H. FLYNN was born in 1850 in North Carolina.

Burwell FLYNN and Mary "Polly" WAGNER were married on 7 May 1860 in Stokes County, North Carolina. Mary "Polly" WAGNER was born (date unknown).