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Fifth Generation

88. Raleigh DODSON Jr was born (date unknown).

These could be records of either father or son of the same name.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.600 28 Nov 1785 Joseph Terry to David Dodson. 100£. 150 acres on waters of Sandy Creek of Banister River. Signed: Joseph Terry.
Wit: Rawleigh Dodson, Thomas Madding, Thomas Shaw. Prove by witnesses 17 Apr 1786
p.612 28 Nov 1785 Joseph Terry to Rawleigh Dodson. 100£. Waters of Sandy Creek. 100 acres. Thomas Maddings line, James Conney line. Signed: Joseph Terry
Wit: Thomas Madding, David Dodson, Thomas Shaw. Proved 17 Apr 1786.

Raleigh apparently did not go to Tennessee with his father.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.334 1 Feb 1796 John Creel to Thomas Madden. 30£. pd by sd Thomas Madding. 100 acres Waters of Sandy Creek. Begin oak in Lazarous Dodson's line, pointers in Henry's line, Rawley Dodson's line, sd Maddings line. Signed: John Creel
Wit: William Creel, Peggy (X) Dodson, George Dodson. 18 apr 1796, Ack by Creel

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.255 9 Dec 1979 James Henry to David Dodson. 90£ Land on watercourse of Bear branch where Wm Ingram formerly dwell. Begin Rawleigh Dodsons line, Shaw line, Bear Creek at the Rocky ford - 100 a that side. 15 acres on NE side of said branch to include Ingrams clearing. 115a. Signed: James Henry Wit: Thos. Hill, Abel Newby, Fortun Dodson, John Fulks, Rawley Dotson 16 Apr 1798 proved by three witnesses
p.265 18 Dec 1797 Rawley Dodson & David Dodson to Edmund Fitzgerald Junr. 70£ Tract both sides of Bear branch of Sandy Creek 141 acres Begin David Dodsons line, crossing said branch Signed: Rawley Dotson, David Dotson Wit: Billey Holloway, Gardner Mays, Thos. (x) Blake 16 Apr 1798 Ack by Rawley Dodson & David Dodson
p.278 23 Dec 1797 David Dodson & Fanny his wife to Rholy Dodson [Rawleigh] 25£ On Waters of big Sandy Creek 150a Begin branch being Edmund Fitzgeralds corner & with his line, David Dodsons corner, his line, Thomas Shaw corner, Robt Cloptons line, Silvang Garners line, William Lewis & Lazarus Dodsons line, Thomas Madings line Signed: David Dodson 16 Apr 1798 Ack by David Dodson

Pittsylvania Co DB 14
p.410 2 Nov 1805. David Dodson & Francis Dodson his wife to Elisha Madding. 100£ 115 acres on waters of Bear Branch. Begin Rawleigh Dodson's line where it crosses Bear branch and with his line to Shaw's line, Bear Branch at the rock ford, 100 acres on that side and also 15 acres Northeast side of said branch, piece of ground call'd Ingrums Clearing. Signed: David Dodson, Fanny Dodson. Wit: Joshua Hardy, William Lewis, William Shelton 18 Feb 1805, proved by oaths of two of witnesses. 16 Sept - proved by third witnesses.

Pittsylvania Co DB 15
p.281 15 Nov 1806 Rawley Dodson & Peggy his wife to Hardin Wilson. $330.. Tract on branches of Bare branch, 165 acres. Begin Ingrams line, Cloptons line, Maddings line, Fitzgeralds line. Signed: Rawley (x) Dodson, Peggy (x) Dodson. Wit: J. M. William, Champness Terry, Edmund Fitzgerald, W. M. Williams. James M. Williams, Champness Terry & Daniel Coleman, Gent. Justices sent to get Peggy's dower release, which was done 15 Nov 1806. 16 Feb 1807 proved by witnesses.

Raleigh DODSON Jr and Margaret "Peggy" DODSON were married. Margaret "Peggy" DODSON1, daughter of ELISHA DODSON and SARAH EVERETT, was born about 1750 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Married Fortune Dodson 1st; Raleigh Dodson Jr. 2nd.

Raleigh was the son of Greenham according to Rev. Elias Dodson. The Dodson book places him as the son of Raleigh who was a son of George & Margaret Dagood Dodson.

Children by Fortune were Lydia, Sally & David; children by Raleigh were Nelly, Unity & Bird.