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Fifth Generation

85. Rhoda DODSON was born (date unknown).

Rhoda DODSON and William DODSON were married. William DODSON, son of Samuel DODSON, died about 1830 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 13
p.87 20 Sep 1802 William Dodson to Thomas Worsham. 60#'s. Waters of Fall Crk, part of track where said Dodson now lives. Signed: William Dodson, Rodae Dodson. 20 Sept ack to William Dodson & Rhoda his wife, she relinq dower.

p.176 30 Jul 1802 John Akin to William Dodson. 90#'s. Waters of Birch crk, tract formerly belonging to Robert Walters. 175 acres. Begin pine Weatherford's line, crossing a branch, dividing line of sd tract. Signed: John Akin, Frances Akin. Wit: Nathan Pearman, Micajah Dodson, Henson Geesling. 17 Jan 1803 proved by witnesses.

p.222 17 Dec 1802 William & Rhody Dodson to Thomas Sutherlin. 132#'s. 134 acres on NE side of Fall Creek. Crossing the creek from Thomas Worshams corner, Bas'd Wilsons corner, Signed: William Dodson, Rhody (x) Dodson Wit: Thomas Duncan, John Haskins, Micajah (x) Dodson, Larkin Dix, Alexander (x) Lee, Daniel Worsham, William Harper. 18 Apr 1803, proved by witnesses.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.158 10 Oct 1803 John Winter to William Dodson. 45 #'s. Tract on water of Double Creek, 100 acres. Line formerly Jno Bennett dec'd. Signed: John Winters. Wit: Joseph Hall, John Bennett, John Walters, Joseph Flippin, Wm Wright. 17 Oct 1803 proved by one witness. 17 Sep 1804, proved by another witness, 15 Oct 1804, proved by 3rd.

p.526 10 Jan ____ Jesse Gwinn to William Dodson. 120#'s. Tract on Sandy River. 157 acres. Begin Rocky Branch, George Stones Gwinn's former line, Wilson's line, along Savoy Shelton's line, along the river. Signed: Jesse Gwinn Wit: William Sutherlin, Foushee C. Caswell, Samuel Flippen. 17 Feb 1806, ack to said Jesse.

p.527 17 Feb 1806 William Dodson to Creed Tanner. 120#'s. Tract on Walters Fork of Birch Creek. 175 acres. Begin sd Tanner's corner pine, on Walkers line, Pine on Geislins line, Cornwells line, sd Tanners line. Signed: William Dodson. 17 Feb 1806, ack by William Dodson and Rhoda his wife relinq dower.
Bought from John Akin in 1802
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 16
p.488 9 Nov 1809 John Shelton to Thomas Shelton. 20 acres on Waters of Birches Creek. Ingrams line; Thomas Shelton's corner. Signed: John Shelton. Wit: Benj. Watkins, William Dodson, Geo Dodson, Ezekiel Chaney Jr.
21 Nov 1809 ack. By sd John Shelton

William Dodson had a will in Pittsylvania Co VA dated 18 Jan 1830.