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Fifth Generation

103. John CREEL31 was born (date unknown).

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.334 1 Feb 1796 John Creel to Thomas Madden. 30#'s. pd by sd Thomas Madding. 100 acres Waters of Sandy Creek. Begin oak in Lazarous Dodson's line, pointers in Henry's line, Rawley Dodson's line, sd Maddings line. Signed: John Creel
Wit: William Creel, Peggy (X) Dodson, George Dodson. 18 apr 1796, Ack by Creel

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.501 1 Jul 1799 John Creel to Garland Ingram. 40#'s. 100a on waters of Birches Crk. Begin white oak in Terry's Order line, to a branch, etc. Signed: John Creel Wit: John Shelton, William Ingram, Elijah Creel. 15 Jul 1799 Ack by Creel

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 13
p.382 30 Jul 1803 Rosanah Creel, adminx of John Creel Dec'd, Micajah Creel, John Creel & Elijah Creel and Abel Wilson of Rockingham Co NC and Ransdal Petty of Halifax, all legatees of sd John Creel to John Shelton, a legatee of sd John Creel. 50#'s. Tract of 166 acres on waters of Birches Creek. Henrys Mill pond, old order line, near old Adams house, to the said Sheltons corner, Henry's mill, up the creek. Signed: Rosanah (x) Creel, Micajah (X) Creel, John Creel, Wm Creel, Elijah Creel, Ransdale Petty, Abel Wilson. Wit: Geo Dodson, James Shelton, John Shelton Junr, Walter Goodwin. 19 Sep 1803 proved by three witnesses

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.278 22 Nov 1804 John Creel to William Ingram. $100. 63 acres, both sides of Birches Creek. Begin in the branch on Sheltons line, Wilsons line, Henry's line. Signed: John Creel. Wit: Samuel Walker, John Shelton, Elisha Madding, George Ingram, James Shelton, George Dodson. 17 Jun 1805; proved by three of witnesses.

p.332 21 Nov 1805 John Creel to John Shelton. 15#'s 30 acres North side Burches Crk. Begin pointers in Terry's line, pointers on the branch, Henry's line. Signed: John Creel
Wit: Samuel Walker, George Ingram, Elisha Madding, Garland (x) Ingram, James Shelton, George Dodson. 17 Jun 1805, proven by witnesses.

John CREEL and Margaret DODSON were married on 17 April 1797 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.82 Margaret DODSON82, daughter of Lazarus DODSON and Alice "Alcy" DODSON, was born (date unknown).

Margaret married John Creel, probably the son of John Creel & Rhoda Dodson. John Dodson was bondsman. Lazarus Dodson, father, gave permission. George Dodson was the minister.